body wave hair for sale. " Body Wave"is popular hair style, it is called Body Wave beause the hair texture is like the waves of the sea. It is just like a beautiful lady with Light and elegant profile.
Body wave can modify all face types. It appeared and promoted many times in various fashion magazines, so the texture is popular among women. The key you want differentiate is how to make hair look more bouncy and natural. If you have a narrow face, you can try middle part baby hair, which will be the first choice to creat the feminine.

  • Round face type - usually look more lively, but it will give a childish feeling. The round face with long hair taboo messy curly hair, which will extended face and make the facial contours vertical stretching.
  • Long face type - long body wave make the face look more sleek and reduced face will make Hair style is more full and airy.
  • Square face shape - profile discinct. The body wave make the lady look more charming amd make the contours of the face look more round.
  • Triangle face type - also known as "pear-shaped face" is not easy to match. For example, the straight hair style is easy to leave an impression of irregular face and big face. That will amplification the defect of the face. The body wave can cover busty crotch and wide chin

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