Choosing the appropriate Lace Closure Wig

Wigs are becoming more and more popular all over the world, and wig products are becoming more and more diversified, such as closed wigs, forehead wigs, hair bundles, closed wigs and forehead wigs. Lace wig is one of the classic wigs. We will introduce this wig to you today.

What is a lace closed wig

A sealed wig usually consists of weft and lace seals. The envelope is placed on the top of the whole wig, and the lace area is much smaller than the front of the lace, usually 4×4, 5×5 and 6×6. You can choose the right option according to your need for the lace area.

Why to choose a lace closure wig:

  1. Price advantage.
    Because the lace covering the head is very small, the price is cheaper than other lace wigs, closed wigs such as full lace wigs and 360 lace front wigs are cheaper. This kind of wig will also save the time of wearing and taking off, which is more convenient.
  2. Good coloring effect.
    Compared to synthetic wigs, closed lace wigs can be colored and dyed very well, and the coloring effect is very good. However, given the specialized nature of the procedure, we still recommend finding a professional colorist for the procedure.
  3. Special manufacturing process.
    The lace part is three-dimensional, not flat. Wearing a wig allows a better fit on the head for great comfort.
  4. Good quality
    With lace closure wigs, the horseshoe lace piece is located in the closed section to provide an imperceptible hairline. Using glue or tape adhesive, the closed wig blends well on the scalp.
  5. Different styles.
    Whether it’s a deep wavy lace closure wig, water wave closure wig, curly lace closure wig or straight closure wig, 360 lace closure wig or lace closure bob wig, there are many options.

Reminder in end

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The most popular closure Bob Wig
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