How to care brazilian hair

As we know, many female will perm hair for beauty, but hair have life too, to perm hair will hurt hair texture. some perple may say our hair have been destroyed, how should we do to fix the problem ?

1.Use warm water to wash hair
You need to choose shampoo with repair nourishment after perming, then match with hair conditioner. In addition, water temperature cant be ignored, not the higher water temperature, the better. The low temperature water is more benificial with the closure of the hair scale. The water temperature can be higher than body temperature at the beginning, but water temperature is lower than body temperature the last time. Traditional methods are no longer suitable after perming.
2.Strengthen Nursing hair
Female friends need to attention that permed hair have been damaged, not only dry and no luster but also lack of the moisture and nutrition, we need to strengthen nursing hair. When you wash hair every time, you need to use hair conditioner. It’s also a good methods to deep conditioner every week. You need to smear Essence from the hair root to end after washing hair, we suggest smear third repeatedly. If you stick to about one months, it can make the damaged hair much better, not only can reduce the dryness of the hair, but also can improve hair shine.

Note Hair Care Mistakes
1.Perm and Dye Hair Simultaneous
Some unfrofessional hair stylist guide customer to perm and dye hair for the outstanding achievement at the same time, which is wrong practice. Even though best product also has a little chemical composition that destroy hair, it will effect hair bouncy, hair color and so on. So the perm hair should be carried out after dying hair about one week, carring on deep repair.

2.Hair Dryer Temperature is too high
The heat resistance of the hair is around 80’C. If the temperature is too high, it will blow away hair nutrient content, the hair will also become dry.

3.Use a towel to rub it hard.
Because the hair scales just like fish scales. If you rub hair scales hard, the nutrients will be lost, which will cause the hair dry.

4.Choose Incorrect Care products
For example, the family use same care products, Some people have dandruff but use anti-hair loss products, which is incorrect. We should choose correct care products depending on the circumstances.

5.Smear too much styling products
The styling products we use will make hair style stiff, these products contain alcohol, it will destroy hair.

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