How to dye your human hair

Every woman wants to be beautiful, no matter young or old. So hear comes a beautiful thing which can help women to be more beautiful. It’s human hair wig what can make you change the style you want. As we all know, most kinds of human hair is natural black, some people like this color, but some people are not, they may want to find some color differently, so they choose pink, blond or any other kind colors. You may also want to have a different color, but how to dye for your human hair? Follow me and get some suggestions.
First, you should buy good quality human hair(remy hair extensions or virgin hair). If you got not good human hair which is fulled with chemical substances, it can’t be dyed, because it will make your hair damaged. I had told what’s remy and virgin hair which can help you to look more beautiful and how to choose the hair between this two kinds. In the human hair website and market, the remy and the virgin hair is the best. So, choose good quality hair is the most important in the dyeing process.

Second, you should prepare the tools what can help you dye the hair. The tools include hair developer and the color you want to dye, a brush, color bowl, plastic wrap, a pair of gloves, a towel, aluminium foil and a wide tooth comb. Once you had prepared these tools, you can ready to start to dye the hair. Put all of them on the table and make sure everything you prepare is good.
Third, the steps to dye your hair. Use your wide tooth comb to disentangle the hair. Then make the hair into a bowl with some worm water and wash the hair. After the hair get dried, make the color mixture ready, and now you can put the color onto the hair. You should make sure the area where you want to dye before. Later, you can cover the area with aluminium foil when you finish the dyeing. Wait for some time, the color will be sent into the hair. When you put the color onto the hair, you’d better to use a fast and smooth way to ensure the color is all the same. After the dyeing finished, shampoo the extension and apply a conditioner. Now, you need use the color water to get rid of the conditioner, not only can make the hair look shiny, but also seal the color. At last, you should dry the hair naturally in air.
After these steps, your hair will be dyed and have a new color. The dyed hair will give you a new look to make you look different and gorgeous. Anything you don’t understand, please contact with me.
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