How to make your better appearance

How to make your better appearance

Having the same look over the years can be boring, and that usually occurs when you are afraid to get out of your comfort zone and experiment with your whole appearance. There are countless ways to upgrade your look and we have singled out a couple of them.

If you can’t change your surroundings, change your hairstyle. Think of a celebrity that has a similar face shape and feels free to copy their hair cut. Be bold enough to replace your long locks with a fresh, shorter cut. Short or long bob hairstyle is always in, and plus your hair bundles always look elegant and maintained. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should keep the bob sleek and straight all the time.

Occasionally, use the hot tools to make those trendy loose wave hair, or go for the slicked back style which is super sexy. Since girls get each other very well, I’m pretty sure you’re going to cry for your long hair at some point in the future.

To lessen the stress, you can buy human hair wigs or weave hair to grow back your confidence. Hair extensions are amazing, because they give you volume and length, and you can always find them in your natural hair color. Also, changing your hair color would be great, but it’s best to consult with your hair stylist first. Go through the hair palette together, opt for a shade that flatters your complexion and own it.

Get rid of the expired makeup, ’cause it’s time for a mini update! Refresh your look with some bold new lipsticks and an everyday eyeshadow palette. If you are having second thoughts about the lip augmentation, then leave it for some other time. Learn how to make your lips look fuller with a lip pencil and lipstick only. If you already have full lips, but you want to make them even plumper and sexier, you’ll basically need two products to master the lip contour like a pro.

Just take a darker lip liner and simply draw a fine line outside your natural lip line to create the illusion of fullness. But, be careful not to overdraw your lips ’cause you don’t want to look messy. Afterward, apply a lipstick that’s a bit lighter than your lip liner. Some girls like to tap the lipstick with a finger, which is a helpful trick for achieving the natural look. Oh, and invest in some clothes to compliment your new image.

Every makeup product you own is useless if you don’t take care of your skin. For the ultimate makeover, you have to get rid of bad habits and everything that ruins your skin texture. We often end up with clogged pores and premature age spots which are not welcome at all.

Overexposure to the sun is one of the reasons we get sunburn spots that make us look older. In Australia, where girls are aware of the intense sunshine and the country’s high skin cancer rate, applying an SPF on a daily basis is normal and highly recommended. Also, the pigmentation removal is a common procedure for removing the brown, unattractive spots. So, better start taking good care of your body, which your future self will be thankful for.

Now that you have flicked through these ideas, you can start reinventing your look and create a new and improved version of yourself.

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