How To Tame Frizzy Hair 16 Ways To De-Frizz Your Hair Fast

How To Tame Frizzy Hair: 16 Ways To De-Frizz Your Hair Fast

Having frizzy hair is tough. Not only is it not silky smooth, but it also makes you fear the rain or humidity. Whatever you do with it, you simply cannot tame it and make it look sexy and sleek. However, there are some solutions you could try that will certainly help you get shiny locks even on the rainiest of days..
16 Ways to Tame Frizz Hair
First, you must really think about what you’re currently doing with your hair. Sometimes, it’s better if you just let it relax and stop over processing it. If you keep adding products to it, or if you love to maintain your hairstyle with hot tools, you’re in danger of going out with untamable flyaways.

  • 1. Change Your Hair Routine
  • 2. Keep Your Hair Hydrated
  • 3. Use Relaxers
  • 4. Buy the Right Products for Your Frizzy Hair
  • 5. Buy the Right Shampoo and Avoid Overwashing Your Hair
  • 6. Buy the Right Hydrating Conditioner
  • 7. Deep Condition Your Hair
  • 8. Add Hot Oil to Your Hair Care Routine
  • 9. Use Anti-Frizz Styling Products
  • 10. Should you brush your frizzy hair?
  • 11. Brush Frizzy Hair Only When It’s Wet
  • 12. Use the Right Brush
  • 13. Brush Bristles Matter Too
  • 14. Leave Over-Processing to Professionals
  • 15. Avoid Using Hot Tools on Frizzy Hair
  • 16. Avoid Blow-Drying All Your Hair

Here are the 16 things you can do to prevent and tame frizzy hair.

1. Change Your Hair Routine
Do some experimenting and try doing something different to your hair if your routine is not working. If you usually shower in the morning, try doing it the night before. That way, your hair won’t be damp once you leave your house.

Furthermore, after you get out of the shower, apply less product than you’re used to. There are many conditioners and anti-frizz agents you can try. Experiment with them until you find the perfect combination and improvement.
In addition, wrapping the hair in a towel or a clean T-Shirt overnight is a fantastic way to achieve sleek locks. After you finish adding products to it, wrap it as smoothly as you can and enjoy the results in the morning.

2. Keep Your Hair Hydrated
Frizzy hair often lacks moisture, and it’s vital to care for it properly. This is especially true during rainy months and when there is more humidity in the air. If you do not give it what it needs, it might look for hydration somewhere else. Therefore, remember to use the correct products that will nourish it and keep it healthy.

In addition, you should try to use hair masks at least once a week. Most of them have nourishing and hydrating properties that will help your hair get a smoother texture. Apart from that, they will also strengthen the follicles and revitalize your locks.

3. Use Relaxers
If you find yourself reaching for your flat iron nearly every day, then it’s maybe time to consider using hair smoothers. There are two kinds: long-term and short-term relaxers. The short-term ones give you results that can last for as long as six months. Furthermore, there are many options – you can pick to have straight hair or smooth hair that retains a natural wave. The latter also enhances your curls and gives you more shine.

However, this is a process that can also damage your hair, so it’s essential to keep your hair in top-notch condition. Apply masks, hot oil treatments, and other nourishing products to prolong the results and keep frizz at bay.

4. Buy the Right Products for Your Frizzy Hair
Many brands you can find in the drugstore or supermarkets have too much alcohol in them. Alcohol can dry your hair and cause breakage. In addition, it can also make your hair even frizzier.

Because of that, try to find specific products that will help you get that smoothness you have always wanted. Salon-grade products are your best option.

5. Buy the Right Shampoo and Avoid Overwashing Your Hair
Shampoos and other hair care products lead to product buildup. Hence, you first have to remove it by using a clarifying shampoo or getting a haircut. Clarifying shampoos will help you clean the hair thoroughly, but they will not cause any further damage.

However, if you do not have any issues with the buildup, then opt for gentle shampoos that have less harmful chemicals. In addition, look for those that have organic moisturizers in them, or even oils.

Still, even if you have the perfect shampoo, try not to overwash your hair. Two to three times a week should be enough. Meanwhile, you can always use dry shampoo or baby powder to combat oils that build up during the week. Additionally, you could also use just the conditioner while you are showering.

6. Buy the Right Hydrating Conditioner
To avoid frizz, you have to lock in the moisture into your hair. Therefore, the best conditioner for your hair should have keratin, protein or oil in it.

Natural oils are the best because your hair absorbs them. In addition, protein-infused conditioners restore shine and keep frizz to a minimum. However, synthetic ones can actually make your hair look greasy and dirty.

You can use a combination of both rinse-out and leave-in conditioners. Still, make sure you are not using too much if you have fine hair. Rinse-out conditioner should be left in the hair for about two minutes, while leave-in ones should be used sparingly.

Finally, these types of conditioners are also great to touch up during the day. If you see some frizz forming, use your hands, a bit of conditioner and water, and apply it to the tips. That way, your locks will stay shiny and frizz-free all day.

7. Deep Condition Your Hair
Hydrating treatments and masks are key when it comes to frizzy hair. You should use them once a month, and leave them in for a full hour. If you want additional results, then you could also apply the mask in the shower and rinse it off after five minutes.

Still, remember to use a plastic shower cap when you apply the treatment. It will help the hair absorb the product more efficiently.

8. Add Hot Oil to Your Hair Care Routine
If you want elasticity and natural shine, then hot oil treatments are the way to go. You can apply them a few times per month – it depends on how frizzy your hair is. After covering your hair with oil, protect it with a shower cap or a plastic wrap, and add heat to it. You can sit in the sun, use a hot towel or even a blow dryer. Afterward, let it cool down and use cold water to rinse it off.

However, bear in mind that using too much oil can lead to greasy hair.

9. Use Anti-Frizz Styling Products
After you get your hair to be as smooth as it can, you do not want all your hard work to go to waste. Finish your routine with frizz-taming products like a shining gloss or gel. Additionally, you can also lightly spritz it with hairspray.

During the day, you can smooth any flyaways with a few spritzes of detangling spray.

10. Should you brush your frizzy hair?
It’s important to understand why your hair keeps getting frizzy. The main reason is the fact that brushing makes the hair layers lift. Hair has three layers and many cells. It’s sort of like a shingled roof, and many of the layers actually overlap. If you brush it when you shouldn’t, it can cause frizz. Here are some ways you can brush your hair and keep it smooth as well:

11. Brush Frizzy Hair Only When It’s Wet
Frizzy hair does not go well with frequent brushing. It disrupts the hair’s cuticle, and it can also lead to breakage and stretching. If you need to brush your hair, then use a comb or finger-comb it through. Before you do anything with it, make sure you towel-dry it well. Afterward, you can add some hydrating conditioner to it, or any anti-frizz agent you’re using.

However, once it’s dry, never comb it. Use your wet fingers instead to tame frizz and detangle.

12. Use the Right Brush
When blow-drying your hair, it’s vital to pick the right brush for it. Large brushes are difficult to use, and they do not give the desired effect. Instead, if you have short hair, opt for a small round brush. If your hair is longer than that, then a medium round brush is the best choice for you.

While blow-drying, make sure you’re gentle with your hair. In addition, dry the hair in sections so that it stays as smooth as possible.

13. Brush Bristles Matter Too
When straightening your hair, make sure you’re using a flat brush that has natural boar bristles. This kind of a brush can help you drag the natural oil that forms on your scalp onto your ends. That way, your entire hair shaft will stay hydrated. Furthermore, it also helps with oil buildup.

14. Leave Over-Processing to Professionals
Only a licensed hairdresser knows all the techniques that can help your hair look smoother and more beautiful. Applying the relaxers or coloring the hair yourself is not something that will bring you the desired results. In addition, straightening it at home using chemicals can lead to a disaster. It’s better if you leave that part of hair care to professionals, and then consult them about deep conditioning and other treatments.

15. Avoid Using Hot Tools on Frizzy Hair
Frizzy hair handles heat poorly, so it’s better to avoid hot tools as much as you can. Both flat irons and curling irons can damage your hair if you use them too liberally. Stick to a blow dryer with a diffuser and try not to style your hair every day. Furthermore, you should also avoid washing your hair with hot water. Not only does it damage the hair follicles, but it also dries your skin out.

Before using hot tools on your hair, make sure you’re protecting it by applying a heat-protectant. Also, if you happen to be straightening or curling your hair, remember not to hold the tool in one area for too long.

16. Avoid Blow-Drying All Your Hair
If your hairstyle requires you to use a blow dryer, then you should try to keep the hair as healthy as possible. Try blow drying only the roots, and leave the rest of your hair to air-dry. Moreover, whenever you’re using a blow dryer, apply a heat-protectant so that your hair does not lose the moisture.

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