Recool Mother’s Day Sale UP to 25%

Recool Mother’s Day Sale UP to 25%

Time: 12th – 22th
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Recool hair Mother’s Day Sale UP to 25%

How to make hair into a wig ?

You replug hair on the front but it wasn’t plucked to your
satisfaction so youI did went in here and use tweezer and tweeze it out some more when you do order this hair you might have to do that because it would still look a little bit bulky in the front after you’ve made your wig and so you did twist out the wig in the front line and once you were happy with it you went in here to proceed to curling and styling your wig all right so for curly and styling I wanted a big voluminous bouncy body wave curls so to achieve that what you need use
was a one and a half inch curly wine I just went a hair and suction ish I’m hair section and I used two curly one wrap it around the curly one went in hair and curl the hair and then I used two clips couple of clips to hold the curl in place for it to cool off before I actually dropped it they just help your curls last longer makes the curl stay in the hair once it’s cooled off before you drop it so I just want to hear and Curt our entire week all right so once after curling the way when I got to the top of the front row I went here and I wanted to give yourself a middle part so I parked the frontal in the middle and I separate it and I noticed that the parting of front that I tweeze was a little bit wider than the back off the front toe so I wanted to go ahead and even that you can see how wide the front part looks compared so the back part you see how narrow the back part looks so I went in here and I took your tweezers and decided to twist out the part just to space it out a little bit more so it matches the front part of the hairline okay in this clip I did not realize your hands was in a way so I probably judged for that but I am using your tweezers and I’m tweezing out the parting space and widening widening it up a little bit more all right so once after plucking out a middle part on the center of the front so you can see how open and wide the
parting space looks it really looks nice it makes the hair look even more natural and really really beautiful all right so now I’m just taking your hot comb I used your hot comb on your front so I just plug in your stove and once it’s how I start to lay the hairs on the front so they just
help that right the front sole to wherever parting space she won a it helps later frontal better it just makes the hair look more natural and beautiful in the front all right so after using the hot comb too late the top of your wig I went a hair again took your curling wand and curled the rest of the hair on the top and the hair that I curled in the front I curled the hair away from your
face this just gave me a nice little dimension in the front when I put the wig on are you guys so after curling this wait this is pretty much it you guys can see how soft this hair looks on camera and does how soft it is this hair was so so pretty this hair was so so bomb okay look at the wand curls on the bottom and the front of it I curl away from your face you can see how deep and open and why your parting space in the middle is your baby hair is lay I’ve never found too many baby hair but I did tweeze it out just to make your front row look a little bit more natural after that I just went in here and add in your elastic band I tend to the lace in the front with your foundation powder and then I put the wig are you guys so this is pretty much.


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Recool hair Mother’s Day Sale UP to 25%

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