Watercolor Easiest Way to Color 613 Blonde Human Wig

Watercolor Easiest Way to Color 613 Blonde Human Wig

We will talk about 613 blonde human hair wig. There is a removable

adjustable strap, you can adjust the cap size. You can use adore platinum color, just going to go ahead and add it straight to this bin, then poured it into the water you used bottles, when you poured it into the water, it turned the water purple. You know you never really know what colors because sometimes they they look different until you wash the hair and then you see the actual color that it is, you need hot water to boil it. Then you need to go ahead, added both of the bottles in and just mixed it together, it didn’t stay in the bucket. But a lot of people said that it stains your hands so of course you can use cleaning gloves, just gonna go ahead and use those cleaning gloves and then dip the hair or right into the water, went straight forward and complete submerge the entire unit inside of mixture. You can pull hair out after 30 seconds, then pull the hair in and swirled it around a bit. Going ahead and use your tangle teezer and just brush it out. Just dip it again so ended up dipping it a few more times. Ending up taking a total of six minutes which is not long. It’s way quicker than it would’ve took you if you would have like did it section by section on the wig head. Then pouring them directly into the bucket as well just so you can get all of the color out. Then go ahead and ringed it out and ringed it out. Blowing dry it and straighten it out and added a few curls to it and this is how it ended up coming out.

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