What is a Lace Front Wig

What is a Lace Front Wig ?

As the lace front wig becomes more and more popular, people need it more and more. So why do so many people like the lace front wig ? Because the wig is easy to handle and convenient, and it does not need to go to the salon to deal with the wig like the hair bundles with closure, and then to wear it. Wig is convenient to wear, and economical and affordable.

How to wear a lace front wig ?

Most people maybe think lace is dedicated favric materrials with a mesh appearance. In the world of the hair, the lace mean it is a meticulous transparent grid mesh, the hair is tied to it separately. The front of the lace wig marked refer to the front of the cap tranaparent lace is located at.

The hair is tied at the front of the lace to creat a natural look. The lace front hair can stay away from face design, because the hairline is almost invisible and the scap can be seen by the mesh . You can pull the scap back or put it behind your ear, and you wont see a wig cap. This provides multifunctional and very realistic appearance for you.

The lace front cap also contains other type structural element, for example, a single-wire top, a hand-strapped hat, a hat-free style, or a classic mechanical hat.Because lace front wig will give you a natural hairline,the most of the wig wearers need a cap link the front of the lace with a monofilament or hand-tied cap, which aimed to achieve the most realistic appearance and versatility, because there types caps also have multiple directions.

When you receive hair firstly, maybe you will notice the extra lace extend from the lace front wig. You need to cut the extra lace by using sharp scissors to achieve the shape of the natural hairline.Dont cut your lace excessiverly You need to cut hairline without cutting the actual hair. The lace front wig need to be sewed in the natural hairline. You need to hold the ear-hanging wig, then plade upside down the wig, make the inside of the cap up and the back of the wig is farthest from the body. Put the wig cap on the forehead, then the forgery is returned to the head. Once you install your wig, you can adjust the position of the wiig to achieve the look you want.

How to care lace front wig ?

The front area of the wig is very exquisite. Dont hold the wig by the lace. If pulling the lace, it will tearing the lace, so you need to be careful when you adjust the wig, you need to hold the wig by using earplug or the side area of cap. The lace front wig can wash by hair shampoo like other hair. You need to be sure that you dont grab the wig by the lace, or rinse the lace when you wash hair. It will make hair loose if you put the conditioner on the lace front wig. When you comb hair, you can care hair by hair styling products, but we suggest you can care it by using a wide tooth comb. This type of the comb is the softest on the hair, it is impossible to pull lace front wig out or damage the wig.

Which is better full lace or front lace?

When you purchase hair, maybe you want to know lace front or full lace which is better. Let us talk what a lace front wig is again. If you head is five inch lace frontal , but then when you flip it on the inside you see the weft back now,these are typically a little less expensive all right and these are just as effective you can still create those parts in the front you can still part it on the side, you can still do top knots and ponytails everything It was a little less expensive than a full lace front wig unless you want to part it all over the place you want to put side part up part you want to put a pony tail up in the back you want to pull everything up,then you go for full lace front wig some.people want to do a full on two ponytails from the front all the way to

the back and this is a perfect remedy.

A full lace front wig looks like on the inside, because sometimes they get loose over time and that’s the difference between a full lace and a lace frontal wafted back.

We can choose our hair according to our own needs. Summer has arrived. We recommed to try our bob wig. They are cheap and easy to wear.

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