The Best Kept Secrets About Malaysian Hair

Malaysian hair styles are a new trend and many women are wearing it for smooth, straight hair with great hair quality. Hair extensions in Malaysia can create a variety of hairstyles. Due to its popularity, there have been many questions about this particular wig. This article will let you know about this wig.

What is Malaysian Hair

Malaysian hair has an unparalleled unique texture. Malaysian straight hair is thick, deep in color and soft in texture. Compared with other hair, Malaysian hair bundles are easy to dye. You can also use heating tools such as curlers and straighteners to change the texture of Malaysian hair, which is very convenient for styling.

Benefits of Malaysian Hair:

  1. The straight hair texture of the Malaysian Hair Extension is affordable, easy to use and helps to add bouncy curls to smooth hair.
  2. Unlike other hair, Malaysian fabrics generally do not curl when wet. After shampooing, the hair may be wavy, but its texture will remain straight.
  3. With its smooth and luxurious texture and the right amount of shine, Malaysian hair blends well with most hair types. Malaysian hair comes in different styles to suit different needs.
  4. Malaysian hair keeps all cuticles intact and every virgin hair has natural ends.
  5. Malaysian hair is not as thick as Brazil and Peru. It blends natural and relaxed hair lines.

Tips for Wearing Malaysian Hair

Growing Malaysian hair is easy. The bundle needs to depend on the length and volume of the hair. I like long bouncy hair, and the dosage is as follows:
10 to 14 inches – 2, 3 strands of Malaysian hair
16 to 22 inches – 3 strands of Malaysian hair
24 to 30 inches – 4 strands of Malaysian hair
When installing the Malaysian hair braid rail, do not cut the Malaysian hair rail. Don’t sneak onto the rails. Instead, weave around them. Braiding loosens some hairs, and over time, they fall out.


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