Why Do I Have Such Thin Hair?

Why Do I Have Such Thin Hair?

Why Do I Have Such Thin Hair?
Thin Hair, We Care
When most of us think about hair goals, “thick and long” always come to mind!

In the society we live in now, if your hair is thin, then that means something is wrong with you. The world also believes there is no way you can have beautiful hair if it’s thin.

Most people think that if their hair is thin, then it’s nothing they can do. But not many people have sat down and researched to find out exactly why their hair is thin. I believe the best way to solve an issue, is first to dig the root up and go from there.

There are many reasons why people experience thin hair. It could be the hair product they’re using, specific styles they wear, or it can even be hereditary. Whatever the reason is, I am here to go over it with you.

Please continue reading as I explain why your hair may be thin.

Why Do I Have Such Thin Hair?
Water Deficiency
Did you know that water is the best moisturizer you can give your hair? Whether you drink water or spray it in your hair, it’s beneficial to healthy hair.

So if you’re someone who shy’s away from water, then that’s a big red warning as to why your hair might be thin. Your hair needs to ‘watered’ just like the rest of your body, for it to function properly. Now, not drinking water may not exactly cause thinning directly, but it causes other effects that then lead to thinning.

Such things are dryness, and then breakage occurs. You don’t ever want to get to the point of hair breakage because it’s no returning from that. You would have to cut all of your hair off to start over. Also, your hair may only break off in specific areas, which would be thinning.

So, each day of your life, make sure you are drinking enough water and or spraying your hair with it often.

Why Do I Have Such Thin Hair 1

Check Water Temperature
Do you ever use hot water on your hair? If so, how hot is it? Hot water is another reason why people experience thin hair.

Hot water does have some benefits when it comes to your hair; however, you have to be careful because too much of it will dry it out. That’s why when some people wash their hair; they use ‘cool’ or ‘warm’ water. As mentioned earlier, dry hair causes breakage.

Hot water is useful when you want to rinse residue from your hair or even to open your pores, but be sure to close your cuticles with cold water, so no potential damage happens.

Why Do I Have Such Thin Hair 2
Are you someone who always has their hairstyles pulling at their hair? If so, this is a sure sign as to why you have thin hair.

It’s important to remember that our hair is a little tiny follicle that is very fragile and when they aren’t taken care of properly, it’s not a pretty sight.

For example, let’s say you wanted to get micro braids styled in your hair; those are tiny individual braids. Now, I’m not saying that one should never get that style, but you have to be careful. Any method that is pulling the individual hair strand is high risk for breakage, which leads to thin hair.

If you find yourself with tension-based styles, it’s best to leave them alone as soon as possible.

Overdue Hair Styles
Overdue hairstyles are another sign as to why people have thin hair. Have you ever seen someone wear a ponytail every single day?

If so, it’s a high chance their hair is thin around the edges and middle section. It’s important to know that you must change your styles, often. Leaving a style for too long or even in the same spot for some time is not good. What you’re mostly doing, is training your hair to stay in the same place.

That’s why it’s good to change your styles because you’re giving your hair a break.

Why Do I Have Such Thin Hair 3
Too Much Heat
Do you apply too much heat to your hair, too often? Heat isn’t a bad thing.

However, if used excessively it can cause thinness to your hair. The best way to describe it is to think about when you’re cooking an egg on the stove. If the furnace is on low setting, it’s going to take longer for the egg to cook but you can take your time and watch it, so you don’t make a mistake.

However, once you turn the heat higher, then you risk burning the egg. Although it’s not a guarantee the egg will get burnt, you open yourself up to more risk.

Your hair is essentially that egg. The higher the heat setting, the higher the risk of breakage will be. Also, remember, the damage is the warning sign before hair begins to fall out or even begins to thin. However, you never want to have hair that is breaking off either. Plus, there are now so many different types of flat irons that help protect your hair from any damage.

Of course, it doesn’t prevent it, but at least it helps!

Why Do I Have Such Thin Hair 4
Too many people think stress ruins their day or mood, but it actually can destroy a lot more.

What’s not talked about is the fact that stress is energy that is flowing through your body. It’s important to be happy as often as you can so you project good power to yourself. Stress interferes with your nervous system, which then triggers certain parts of your body to react differently. Some believe it’s a stress hormone, and we know hormones can be tricky! You may experience your hair fall out in certain places or even contract a scalp condition called alopecia.

Stress can do significant damage to your hair and other parts of your body as well. So although we can all find something to stress over, it’s always best to breathe and find happiness, instead.

Why Do I Have Such Thin Hair 5
On the back of medicine bottles is usually a long list of side effects that may occur if you take the recommended dosage.

A common side effect is hair loss. Most of us already know that when you take medicine, although, it’s helping one thing, its usually messing up something else. If you ever begin to take a lot of medication and noticing a change in your hair, consult with a doctor on switching medicine and hopefully that will work better.

If you’re someone who has to take chemo on a regular basis, then that is a reason why you’re hair is thin.

It’s not fun to have to endure chemotherapy and if you’re reading this, know that my heart goes out to you. Although there may not be much to counter the effects of chemo, make sure you eat healthily, drink lots of water and get stuffed on protein.

That way, when your hair grows back, it will be nice and thick since you did what was necessary.

Are you expecting a baby soon? If so, congrats are for you!

However, it’s also a time for your body to experience a significant change! Pregnancy affects all people differently, and no two pregnancies are the same. Hormones also play a significant role, and sometimes people can experience a lot of hair growth where others can suffer hair loss. It just all depends on how the body is reacting.

So if your hair is thinning, and you’re expecting, check your belly! Your hormones may be out of whack, temporarily.

Why Do I Have Such Thin Hair 6
Itchy Scalp Skin Conditions
Did you know an itchy scalp could cause your hair to become thin?

Most people scratch their head when its itchy without realizing they are snapping off the hair follicles. That’s why when most people scratch their head; you can find them using a rat-tail comb or some other object. Using something other than your hands is best because you’re more aware of what you’re doing and don’t want to hurt yourself. However, when you use your fingertips, you’re just scratching away at your scalp.

So next time you have a terrible itch, be mindful of how you scratch your head, so you avoid thinness.

Why Do I Have Such Thin Hair 7
Too Much Sun Exposure
Okay, I get it, we all love the sun, but it’s a significant risk when it comes to our sun.

When we decide to sit in the sun and bake away, the sun UVA rays can pierce through our hair follicles, and they can break off. Sun rays can cause thinning in certain parts of your hair. Also, if you’re someone who has hair color, the sun can dry the hair follicles out since it’s a chemical on the strand.

Since summer is soon, be very careful with the sun. Be sure to protect your tresses with a heat protectant and hair sunscreen.

Why Do I Have Such Thin Hair 8
Poor Diet
So, what did you eat for dinner, last night? Because I sure hope it involved protein!

Protein is already in our hair, and it’s essential that we know how to maintain it. If we don’t thin occurs, and you could also experience brittle and breakage.

We can get protein from many sources of food such as turkey, fish, eggs and even peanut butter and much more. If you’re experiencing thinning, that’s another sign that your hair is weak. Which means its time to focus on ways to strengthen it. Whether you completely change your diet or even buy/make a protein conditioner for your hair. Nobody wants to have thinning hair when there are ways to build those follicles back again.

So be very mindful of the food that you eat. A healthy hair journey always begins from within and works its way out.

Why Do I Have Such Thin Hair 9
And sadly, sometimes, thinning hair merely occurs because it may run in your family.

Often when things are hereditary, there isn’t much option to fix an issue. When I say ‘much’ that means, there is still room for other possible ways of correcting thinning hair. When it comes to conditions that are hereditary, one of the best causes are all natural recipes.

Natural ingredients can trigger different parts of the body and hair, which will stimulate hair growth. Trying to cure something that is hereditary may not be an option, but it doesn’t mean you can’t see what happens. Nowhere does it say you can’t just see what type of results you achieve.

Many people think that because they have a condition that runs in the family, that they have no options. Many people say that excuse, and they believe it, therefore, they miss out on all other possibilities, only because of what someone else said.

Remember that hereditary is not the end all be all, ever.

Why Do I Have Such Thin Hair 10
Growing Strong
You see, things aren’t that bad, are they?

Now you have a few reasons as to why you may be experiencing thin hair. Remember that it’s not the end of the world. There are many reasons as to why it happens and most of them are solutions that prove we have to do better.

If you find yourself stressing a lot and having thin hair, find ways to bring out more happiness from within so that can show out. If you know your hair is thin but love sunbathing, make sure you protect yourself from the sun because of all its potential damaging factors. Most times many of us don’t inspect our hair from the bigger picture. We wait until something crazy happens and then hurry to find a solution.

When in reality, we have to get in the habit of paying attention.

Thin hair is not the best, I know, but if you are experiencing it, remember it’s not the end of the world. When there’s a will, there’s a way, every time! So be sure not to settle and explore all of your options, so your hair begins to grow back healthy and full!

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