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  • Brazilian Body Wave Virgin Human Hair 1 Bundles 10-30 Inch
    4.8333333333333 out of 5
    (18 Reviews) $ 25.95
  • Brazilian Deep Wave Hair Sales 1 Bundle 10-30 inch
    4.9285714285714 out of 5
    (16 Reviews) $ 35.44
  • Brazilian Loose Deep Wave 1 Bundles Sale
    5 out of 5
    (5 Reviews) $ 35.44
  • Brazilian Wet And Wavy Bundle Water Wave Hair
    5 out of 5
    (12 Reviews) $ 35.44
  • -14%Limited
    Long Cheap Hair Bundle Deals Brazilian Straight Hair
    recool hair long straight hair

Explore the versatility and quality of a Single Hair Bundle from Recool Hair, currently available at an incredible discount. Perfect for those who need just a touch more volume or length, buying one bundle of hair online offers the flexibility to customize your hairstyle precisely to your liking. Whether you’re complementing existing weaves or creating a new look, this single bundle provides the perfect amount of high-quality hair to meet your styling needs. Easy to blend and available in various textures and lengths, it’s the ideal choice for enhancing your natural hair or adding that extra special touch to your hair extensions.


One bundle of hair offers versatility and is cost-effective for those needing minimal volume or length enhancement. It's ideal for adding fullness to your existing hairstyle or for small custom wigs and hairpieces. This single bundle is perfect for blending with natural hair or completing a look without buying excess hair. It allows for targeted, strategic placement, giving a natural, seamless finish. Using just one bundle can also serve as a practical solution for trying new textures or colors, minimizing waste and investment.

Installing 1 bundle of hair involves sectioning off the area where you want to add volume or length. Begin by creating a clean horizontal part, then cornrow your natural hair or prepare it for the weft attachment. Sew the weft onto the braids or attach it with clips, ensuring it lies flat against your head for a natural look. Cut the weft if necessary, but avoid cutting too close to the stitches to prevent shedding. Blend the installed bundle with your natural hair or existing extensions, styling as desired for a seamless finish.

Yes, single bundles are suitable for beginners. They offer a simpler, more manageable introduction to hair extensions, allowing newcomers to practice installation techniques without being overwhelmed by too much hair. A single bundle is easier to handle, making it perfect for those learning how to blend extensions with their natural hair or create subtle enhancements in volume or length. They provide a low-risk option for experimenting with different styles, textures, or colors, making them ideal for beginners looking to explore the world of hair extensions.

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