13x4 Lace Frontal

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    HD lace details
    hd lace frontal
    Skinmelt Real HD Lace 13×4 Frontal Closure 1 PCS Straight/Body Wave Human Hair
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    (43 Reviews) $ 94.90
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  • -20%Limited
    10A Brazilian Body Wave Frontal 1 PCS Online Sale
    recool hair frontal body wave
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    Brazilian Wet and Wavy Frontal Water Hair Extensions
    recool water wave wig
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    Hot Selling Brazilian Deep Wave 13x4 Lace Frontal Closure
  • -20%Limited
    10A Brazilian Loose Wave Frontal Closure Human Hair
    recool hair loose wave frontal
  • -20%Limited
    10A Loose Deep Human Hair Extensions 13x4 Frontal
    recool hair loose deep frontal
  • -20%Limited
    Hot Selling Brazilian Curly Wave 13x4 Lace Frontal Closure
    Recool Hair Curly Wave Hair

Explore our exquisite collection of lace frontals at Recool Hair, now available at discounts. Crafted with precision, our lace frontals come in 13×4 and 13×6 sizes, offering natural-looking hairlines and versatility in styling. Whether you seek human hair lace frontals for daily wear or special occasions, we have a diverse range to suit your needs. Shop conveniently online and elevate your look with our premium lace frontals that blend seamlessly with your natural hair. Don’t miss out on these exclusive deals – buy now!


Lace frontals offer versatility and natural-looking hairlines, allowing for various styling options. They provide full coverage from ear to ear, enhancing the appearance of natural hair. Additionally, lace frontals protect the edges of your hair and offer a seamless blend with your natural hair, making them ideal for creating flawless hairstyles.

To install human hair lace frontals, start by preparing your natural hair, then secure the frontal using adhesive or tape along the hairline. Carefully trim the lace to fit your hairline, ensuring a seamless blend. Style the frontal and natural hair as desired, and use heat protectant when using styling tools. Regular maintenance, including washing and conditioning, helps prolong the lifespan of the frontal.

Yes, lace frontals can be suitable for beginners, especially if they prefer versatile hairstyles. With proper guidance and practice, beginners can master the installation process. Opting for frontal pieces allows for natural-looking hairlines and various styling options, making them a popular choice among both beginners and experienced wig wearers.

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