Is A 4×4 Or 5×5 Lace Closure Is Better

It’s everyone’s hope that ladies wearing hair wigs would appear natural. Unquestionably, the area of lace space offered distinguishes a 5×5 lace closure from a 4×4 lace closure. Both the 5×5 closure and the 4×4 closure are components that are very necessary for natural human hair wigs. They both belong to the 100% human hair closure. For fans of human hair, the terms 5×5 lace closure and 4×4 lace closure are not uncommon, but for others new to the hair industry, they are weird ideas. But what makes these lace closures different from one another? In this blog, information regarding 4×4 and 5×5 lace closures will be presented.


Lace-closure wig: what is it?

When you sew in hair weave, a frequent accessory is the lace closure, which gives your wig a more realistic appearance. A 4×4 lace closure denotes a piece of lace that measures 4×4 inches and was hand-sewn onto the lace. Lace closures typically come in three varieties: free part, middle part, and three-part. While using free part lace closure, you can part your hair as you like if you’re unsure about which part to select.

Typically consumers won’t buy lace closure separately. Together, they buy closure and hair bundles. Depending on how thick and long you want your hair, there may be 3 or 4 hair bundles with one lace closure. If you want a long hair weave, you may get 4 bundles with closure if it is longer than 20 inches; if it is less than 20 inches, you can buy 3 bundles with closure. Because each hair bundle weighs 100 grams fixed, the hair weft gets thinner the longer the hair is.

Hair knots should be present on the lace; however, if you wish to bleach the knots, please be cautious not to damage the lace. The hair should be loose or shedding from the lace, or the hair knots were harmed. As all of the hair we offer on Recool’s website is Remy human hair, virgin hair, and chemically free, you are free to color, bleach, or cut it.

You may choose from many different lace closure hairstyles. Such as straight wave lace closure, water wave lace closure, loose wave lace closure, loose deep wave closure, body wave closure, curly lace closure, kinky straight wave lace closure, and so on. We provide lace closure wig of any color you can imagine in addition to natural black, which may enhance the vibrancy and attractiveness of your hair color.

What exactly is 4×4 lace closure?

It has nothing to do with the hair on the closure; a 4×4 lace closure is constructed of lace and hair (often human hair). The 4×4 and 5×5 lace closures are equivalent. At the centre of the top of the head, a 4×4 closure is also positioned. When combined with human hair bundles, this closure may help people achieve a hairline that is both natural and beautiful. The 4×4 lace closure is 4 inches long and 4 inches wide, which is different from the best 5×5 lace closure in size.

Glueless 4×4 Lace Closure Wig Install | Short Water Wave Bob Wig | Recool Hair

Do 4×4 lace closures have a unique quality?

Because there is less lace to maintain, the 4×4 lace closure is a style of closure that is suitable for beginners. When colored, styled, plucked, etc. repeatedly on the lace closure, the hair will eventually fall out. So, those who are new to wearing wigs and those with limited time to care for the hair closure will find the 4×4 lace closure to be ideal. Moreover, you may make a side part or centre part appearance using this closure.

5×5 lace closure: what is it?

Understanding a 4×4 lace closure is equivalent to comprehending a 5×5 lace closure. The lace is a bigger 5×5 inch size than a 4×4 lace closure. Transparent lace closure and light brown lace closure are the two hues of hair lace. A recent innovation is the translucent lace closure, which is a more covert and unnoticeable lace closure. Any skin tone may use the translucent lace closure, which is especially common among African American women. Only free part closures are offered for the 5×5 lace closure; after you receive the closure, you can part it to whichever side you like. Such as sideways, in the middle, or in three parts.

As compared to a 4×4 lace closure, a 5×5 lace closure covers a larger portion of the forehead and is therefore more natural and undetectable. The method for attaching the hair is the same; experts manually stitch the hair strands to the lace. The hair is virgin human hair, free of chemicals, split ends, lice, and unhealthy ends.

The baby hair lace closure has strands of hair that you may trim and put to your forehead to hide the lace, giving your wig a more natural appearance and making it look more like your own hair.

As the hair is genuine human hair, it is exceptionally silky, lustrous, and shiny.

What similarities do the 4×4 and 5×5 lace closures share?

There are numerous parallels and benefits between the two lace closures. In order for you to have a basic comprehension of them, we shall list them in the sections that follow.

1. Free part is acceptable.

You may divide the hair part anyway you wish rather than always keeping the centre part, such as the middle part and side part, because the lace part will give us a very realistic scalp look. According to your personal tastes and habits, you can style your own hair. 

2. The identical installation.

For a full wig look, they are typically used in conjunction with hair weaves. Each side of the lace closure has to have a black strap sewn on. Before purchasing a strap, please measure the length along the hairline. A hair cap should thereafter be worn. Your lace closure is now ready to be worn. You may fix it wherever on the top of your head, but make sure it fits tightly against your hairline. Then secure it by stitching it with a hook to your hairnet. 

3. Superior hair quality.

The lace’s holes are hand-sewn shut with all the hair. All of the hair in the strands is human hair. In order to get a better blending with your hair, you can create them into the texture you choose using heat tools. Moreover, bleaching and dyeing are permitted. Moreover, they have a one-year lifespan with proper care.

4. Natural appearance.

I assume you are already aware of the function of lace if you have ever purchased a lace-up wig. The top of the head is covered by both of these fasteners. They are able to generate a very realistic scalp thanks to the transparency of the lace, giving our hair a more natural appearance. If you choose a lace closure, it will be impossible to distinguish between your own hair and a wig. 

How do 4×4 and 5×5 lace closures differ from one another?

The distinctions between them will be outlined in this part so that you may get a clear and succinct response.

I. The material that components the lace.

They vary most significantly and obviously in this way. By their names, you can quickly identify them. As comparison to 4×4 lace closures, 5×5 lace closures provide greater overhead coverage. As a result, 5×5 lace closures are more natural-looking and have a greater variety of free sections than 4×4 lace closures.

II. The lace area.

They different most significantly and obviously in this way. By their names, you can quickly identify them. As comparison to 4×4 lace closures, 5×5 lace closures provide greater overhead coverage. As a result, 5×5 lace closures are more natural-looking and have a greater variety of free sections than 4×4 lace closures.

III. Comfortableness.

In general, lace wigs with greater areas cost more to produce and have more difficult manufacturing processes. As a result, 4×4 lace closures cost a little less than 5×5 lace closures. The cost of the 5×5 lace will increase if it is made of HD lace, which is more breathable and transparent. 

IV. The total cost.

The lace wig’s production procedure is often more difficult and expensive the greater the lace wig’s surface area. As a result, 4×4 lace closures cost a little less than 5×5 lace closures. The cost of the 5×5 lace will increase if it is made of HD lace, which is more breathable and transparent.

Which closure should I select between a 5×5 lace closure and a 4×4 lace closure?

Do you know which one is better for you now that you have a basic grasp of the similarities and differences between 4×4 lace closures and 5×5 lace closures? Here are some pointers if you’re still stumped. You can use them as models and make your decision based on your circumstances.

I. If money is tight, consider purchasing a 4×4 lace closure.

II. 5×5 lace closures are better for you if you desire a more cozy and natural-looking hair closure.

III. A 4×4 lace closure wig or a 5×5 lace closure wig are other options to think about if you’re looking for a more practical hair product. You can save a lot of time and effort by using a wig instead of sewing the closure and weaves, but the cost will be greater.

High quality lace closure you may like.

Body Wave 5×5 6×6 Lace Closure Wig Pre Plucked With Baby Hair.


For novices and those who work outside the home, this Recool body wave lace closure wig is ideal since it doesn’t require many installation skills and is particularly simple to install and remove. Also, it is lace that has already been pre-cut, which may save you a ton of time.

This wig will also become your favourite if you have a sensitive scalp and experience stuffiness while wearing wigs because it is made with a hollow mesh cap that allows your scalp to breathe easily.

Body Wave 99J 13×4 Lace Front Wig HD Lace Burgundy Colored Straight 5×5 Lace Wig.


One of the most popular hues right now is 99j burgundy red, which constantly emits a gorgeous and delicious flavour and exudes a passionate personality. Red wine may also be used to simply create a dazzling and joyous mood. Whether it has highlights or full colour, this looks fantastic.

Highlights will work even better if you want to give your hairdo movement. The burgundy hairdo in this photograph is one example of how it is available in a variety of highlight colour combinations and first appears amazing. This new hairstyle, which is a fully daring and reliable combination and also gives your hairdo more vitality, mixes the most popular wine red and the most acceptable brown series.

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