360 Lace Wig vs Full Lace Wig

360 Lace Wig Vs Full Lace Wig – Which One Is The Best Choice

Are you looking for a wig? Choosing a wig often requires you to have enough knowledge of wigs. Recently, full ace wigs and 360 lace wigs are popular in the market. These two wigs are similar, but they are also quite different. They can set you free to part your hair and make you a natural hairline. You can get a natural wig look for the invisible lace is almost unseen by eyes. Do you know anything about these two wigs?

Characteristics of 360 lace wig

  1. The wig is made of a highly elastic machine-made wig cap and round lace around the wig cap.
  2. The lace part of the hair was knotted into the lace hole by hand.
  3. Lace area is around the head. This means you can do more styles.
  4. The 360 lace wigs are free part, and you can part freely.
  5. Baby hair is all around the wig which will make your hair look natural
  6. The hairline is pre-plucked naturally.
  7. A high ponytail can be styled for the back has the lace as well.
  8. 360 lace wigs will be less expensive than a full lace wigs.

Characteristics of full lace wig

  1. Full lace wig has lace all over your head, which is the largest lace area.
  2. Full lace wig has good air permeability and diverse hairstyles.
  3. The hair of Full lace wig is tied on the lace cap by hand.
  4. Full Lace wig has the most styling functions. And high ponytail, pig tail and space bun can be shaped.
  5. You can part freely if you use a full lace wig.
  6. Baby hair of full lace wig is all around.
  7. Lace area is too large, so it is easy to be hurt.
  8. All lace wigs are hand-tied, and the price of all lace wigs is usually higher than other types of lace wigs.
  9. Our shop’s full lace wig has an extra elastic layer in the middle of the wig to protect the lace.

Differences of 360 lace wigs and full lace wigs

Differences360 lace wigsFull lace wigs
Degrees of naturalnessLess naturalMore natural
lace areasSmallerLarger
Air permeabilityNot as good asBetter
For beginnersFriendlyLess friendly

1. Different prices

Under the same specification, full Lace wig is more expensive than 360 lace wigs. Because full lace needs more hand-made parts and more lace materials, full lace wigs are more expensive, and 360 lace wigs are more budget friendly.

2. Differences in modelling diversity.

Full lace wig can create more hairstyles and provide more possibilities. Compared with 360 lace wigs, full lace wigs can create pig tail and space bun.

3. Different maintenance

Full lace is a wig with higher maintenance than 360 lace wigs. Because the lace area is too large, it is not easy to maintain it carefully. 30 lace maintenance is simpler.

4. Installation is different.

Full lace wig is more difficult to install than 360lace wig. If you are not careful, it will easily damage the wig, your natural hair and skin.

5. Handmade difference

For full lace wig, the whole wig hair is hooked by hand.

360 lace front wig only has the lace around the wig cap, and the hair is hooked by hand.

6. Different degrees of naturalness

The appearance of the wig made by full Lace wig is more natural than that of 360 Lace wig. Because the head of full Lace is covered, your wig hair will look like naturally produced hair to the greatest extent.

7. Different lace areas

As far as lace area is concerned, the front wig with 360 lace is smaller, just circling the mechanism wig cap, while the full lace wig is larger, covering the whole wig.

8. Difference of air permeability

Both full lace wig and 360 lace wigs are breathable, but full Lace wig is more breathable, and the lace covers the whole head, so you can breathe freely on the top of your head, making it more comfortable to wear.

9. For beginners

360 Lace wigs are more friendly to novices than full lace wigs, as you can see from those differences above.


How to make choices between them?

1. Hairstyle selection

If you want the most styling options, you can choose full Lace wig, 360 wig can also be made into high ponytail, but you can’t make pig tail and space bun.

2. Budget cost

If you have a sufficient budget, please choose full Lace wig, otherwise, you can choose 360 Lace wig.

3. Installation cost

You can choose 360 lace wigs if you don’t want complicated installation.

4. Maintenance expense

You can choose 360 lace wigs to get lower maintenance cost.

5. The most natural appearance

You can choose full Lace wig to get the most natural hair look.

6. The most comfortable wearing experience

You can get the most comfortable wig wearing experience if you choose full Lace wig.

7. Choice for beginners

Beginners can try the 360 lace wig first, which is cheaper and simpler to install, and then try the full lace wig.

Where to get the 10A quality full lace and 360 lace wigs?

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