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How To Get Water Wave Hairstyles

Water wave hair styles is becoming more and more popular, which has surpassed the popularity of body wave this year. You can get relaxed, stylish, sexy and natural curly hair. This hairstyle has many colors, and you can also make some unique shapes to match your water wave hairstyle, such as baby hair, bangs and so on.

If you are very interested in water wave hairstyles and want to learn how to design a water wave hairstyle yourself, you will get very good help in this blog.


  • 1. What are water wave hairstyles?  
  • 2. Why choose water wave hairstyles?  
  • 3. How to get water wave hairstyles?  
  • 4. The most convenient and safest way to get water wave hairstyle  
  • 5. Recommendations of some fashionable water wave wigs  
  • 6. How to maintain water wave hairstyles?  

What are water wave hairstyles?

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  • Water wave hairstyle is a denser and more irregular S-shaped wave, somewhat close to the shape of C. It has a natural fluffy wave feeling, which is very elegant and charming. Moreover, the volume of hair is relatively large, and your hair will look very plump and young.
  • This wig is full of mature femininity, natural and luxurious beauty, and very fashionable. Many celebrities and celebrities also like water wave hairstyles.
  • Water wave is also considered as a natural hair pattern for African Americans, with small and tight curls. Some African Americans are born with water wave hairstyle. And Their hair qualities can also easily create water wave hairstyles.

Why choose water wave hairstyles?

1. Strong applicability

No matter how long your natural hair is, you can create a water wave wigs. This wig is natural in any case and will suit you, because of its unique tight curly hair appearance, which is very great and elegant.

2. Easy to build

Water wave hairstyles is not a difficult hair style to create, you can easily create the whole hairstyle yourself at home. Hair straighteners and curling irons are very useful heat-setting tools. You can easily create water wave hairstyles by using high-quality heat-setting tools.

3. Unique curly style

The curly style of Water wave hairstyles is small and tight, with a natural fluffy feeling. The curl degree is usually lighter than curly hair and heavier than deep wave and body wave hairstyles.

4. Increase the volume of hair

You can make your hair look fuller and increase its volume by creating such a hairstyle.

5. Low maintenance

Water wave wigs can keep your curls well, and it is not easy to get loose, soft and straight. This is a low-maintenance hair style, and you deliberately save a lot of money and time.

6. Joker hairstyle

Water wave hairstyles can be worn on various occasions and is worn by women of all ages.

How to get water wave hairstyles?

You can get a basic water wave hairstyles by three methods, and you can choose the one that suits you among these three methods:

1. Use a curling iron

  1. After washing and drying your hair, you need to remove the tangles softly.
  2. Divide your hair into several parts and apply heat protection liquid to reduce the heating hurts.
  3. You can use a curling iron to curl your hair part by part carefully.
  4. You need to let it stand for a while, and the length of time is according to the instructions of the curling iron.
  5. Then remove the curling iron and spread out the hair.
  6. Apply some conditioner and essential oil to make your hair shinier and repair heat damage.

2. Make it with a hair straightener

  1. Before using hair straightener, use heat-proof agent and hair oil to protect your hair from heat damage.
  2. Then divide your hair into parts and twist it with a hair straightener to design a water wave hairstyle.
  3. You should carry out the whole operation patiently and slowly.
  4. Finally, you can use some styling gel to make your styling more beautiful and lasting.

3. Braid your hair at night

  1. Water wave hairstyles can be designed without heat by this way, which is healthier.
  2. You can bet your hair while sleeping, then twist it into braids and fix it with some silk hairband.
  3. The next morning, you can untie your braid, comb it with a wide-toothed comb, and then apply some essence and curling cream. Water wave hairstyles are basically finished.
  4. If the first day fails, you can continue to repeat this part on the second night, if the shape is successful.

The most convenient and safest way to get water wave hairstyle

  • You can choose to wear a water wave hairstyle wig to get a water wave hairstyle quickly and safely. You can also choose to buy a human hair wig, and then shape your wig into a water wave wigs. Note that you need to buy human hair wigs before redesigning.
  • Buying a water wave wig directly is the most convenient and safest way. You can see all kinds of water wave wigs in the wig market. They have different lengths, densities and colors. You will find the one that suits you best and likes best.

Recommendations of some fashionable water wave wigs

Our hair shop has wigs of various water wave shapes and colors, and they are all made of 10A-grade human virgin hair. You can buy them with confidence, and the hair quality is guaranteed. You can use wigs for up to 2 years if you take good care of them.

Here are some popular water wave wigs recommendations that are selling well in stores:

1. Water Wave Highlight Color Short Bob Wig 13×4 Lace Front 180% Density


This is a bob wig with water wave hairstyle. And the unique hair color is highlight color which shows your hair look more stylish. The hair length is 12~14inch with hair density 180%. You can do many hairstyles for the 10A quality hair and for the 13×4 lace front.

2. Water Wave Glueless Closure Wig 5×5 13×4 Clear Lace Wet and Wavy Human Hair Wig


It is a water wave natural black hair color wig. The hair lengths are various from 16inch to 30inch. And you can get the full look by the hair density 180%. The lace areas are optional: 5×5 or 13×4. And You can get the most transparent and comfortable hairline for the HD lace of this water wave wig.

How to maintain water wave hairstyles?

  • In daily life, you can use some curve curling cream to maintain your water wave hairstyle in time and keep the curl good.
  • You need to avoid the dryness of your hair, and it is essential to keep your hair moisturized and conditioner in time.
  • You should pay attention to using high-quality hair care products, such as shampoo containing no sulfate and alcohol.
  • You should try to reduce the use of heat setting tools. Every heat setting of your hair will hurt your hair more or less.
  • If you are not very skilled in setting your hair, you can consult some professionals in time to avoid hurting your hair because of ignorance and some mistakes.
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