How To Prevent My Curtain Bangs from Separating?

Now more and more people are starting to design bangs. A simple and fashionable bang can add a lot of charm to your hair. The curtain bangs can highlight your facial features, balance your facial contour, make your hair and face combine perfectly, and create a natural and beautiful appearance.

When you build and use bangs, especially curtain bangs, your bangs are easy to separate and affect the overall beauty. Are you troubled by this problem? Please don’t worry. Today’s blog explains the reasons for this phenomenon, how to design your curtain bangs, and how to avoid separation.

Why do curtain bangs separate?

1. Not heavy enough

Your curtain bangs are sparse and light. If you don’t put the bangs area at the front when creating bangs and don’t give bangs enough hair, then this area will be light and easy to separate.

2. Hair is too soft

Your bangs are too soft to keep their shape, and the bangs will be easily damaged and separated. It’s easy

3. Bad weather

You need to avoid the influence of some bad weather on your bangs, such as windy weather, high temperature weather and so on. Windy weather will blow away your bangs, and hot weather will make you sweat a lot and hurt your hairstyle.

4. Too much grease

Your hair and scalp have accumulated too much grease, which can easily separate your bangs.

5. Too dry hair

If your hair is too dry, it will cause some static electricity, and it will be easy to separate. You need to ensure the moisture of bangs to keep your hair in good condition.

6. Uneven bangs

If the hair of the curtain bangs is unevenly distributed, your bangs will easily start to separate under the influence of external forces.

7. Wrong use of mousse

When you use mousse to shape your bangs, be careful to apply it when your hair is wet, then adjust the details of bangs with a brush and use the wind-dryer to dry it.

How to prevent your curtain bangs from separating?

1. Wash your faces


Your bangs will often touch your face, and your face will make your bangs oily, which will lead to changes in shape. So, when you are doing bangs style, you should clean and treat your face in time to remove excessive oil.

2. Wash your hair and bangs


You should wash your hair and bangs in time to reduce the accumulation of grease. Grease will make your bangs easy to disperse.

3. Use mousse to shape correctly


You can use a good mousse to ensure the shape of your curtain bangs. You should apply some Mu Si bangs to your curtains when your hair is wet, then set it with a brush and dry it. Usually, a small amount of Mousse is enough to keep your curtain bangs fixed for a long time.

4. Use the right brush


You should make sure that the curtain bangs are evenly distributed, which can reduce your bangs and avoid separation later. You can use a big round brush, and the combination of a round brush and a hair dryer can make your bangs more evenly distributed and more closely connected. When you brush and dry your hair, make sure it is wet and easy to shape.

5. Use dry shampoo


You can use dry shampoo, which is easy to carry, and can help you remove and clean the excessive grease and dust in your bangs at any time. You should make sure that your hair is dry when you are using dry shampoo.

You should know that wet hair will reduce the effectiveness of dry cleaning, which will not only greatly reduce the effect, but also lead to hair follicle blockage or scalp allergy.  

6. Protection in terrible weather


Bad weather, such as hot, rainy and windy, will have some bad effects on your curtain bangs. You can protect your curtain bangs by wearing a hat or headscarf.

Tips to notice when your operations on avoiding bangs separating

  • When you use a hair dryer to dry the curtain bangs, you can use a low-grade hair dryer, which can better avoid thermal damage.
  • You should avoid using gel, mousse or oil on your curtain bangs at the same time, which will make your bangs stick together, become uneven and unsightly, and make your curtain bangs easier to separate. Because these are more likely to produce sticky hair.
  • If you use anti-curl essence to protect your curtain bangs, you should avoid using it too much, because the essence has a lot of oily components, which will easily lead to the separation of curtain bangs.

Final thoughts

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