How to Make a Wig with Bangs Look Natural

How To Make A Wig With Bangs Look Natural

What are wigs with bangs? It is a wig that has a bang in the front. And it is non-lace wig which can be worn without glue. The bang makes the wig a unique hairstyle. And you can use the bangs to cover your hairline to make a natural hair look. It is fashionable and popular hairstyle.

Wigs with bangs have become popular recently and are being tried on by many girls and women looking for natural wigs. So how do you make your wigs with bangs more natural? This has something to do with choosing high-quality wig with bangs, choosing a wig with bangs that suits you, trimming bangs correctly and maintaining the wigs correctly. Now, you can get more information about how to make your wig with bangs natural from the following of blog.


How to Choose suitable wig with bangs to make it natural

  • 1. Suitable size
  • You choose a wig with bangs that suits your head size, or the hair look will give an unnatural look.

  • 2. Human virgin hair  
    • You should buy wigs with bangs made by 100% human virgin hair.
    • Your human hair wigs with bangs can get much more natural than other hair textures.
  • 3. A bangs shape that suits you.
    • Wigs with bangs come in many types and shapes, such as straight bangs side-swept bangs curtain bangs updo styles accessories and so on.
    • You should choose the most suitable bangs shape for your overall appearance according to your favorite and actual situation, and then get a more natural appearance.
  • 4. The length of bangs that suits you.
    • The length of bangs is related to the length of bangs.
    • You should make sure that the length of your bangs matches your face, otherwise it will look unnatural.
  • 5. Wear Wig cap before wearing it
    • When you install a wig with bangs, you can wear a wig cap on your head.
    • This can ensure the flatness of your head, then wig will give you a more natural outlook after the installation.

    How to cut the bangs to make it more natural

    If you want to make your wigs with bangs more natural, you can create and cut your own more natural bangs according to your face shape. Here are some tips:

    • An angular face:

    You can choose round or side sweep bangs to soften the angle of the face and make your wig look more natural.

    • Round face:

    You can choose a blunt cut of bangs to make more angles for the nature

    • Heart-shaped face:

    You can choose thin bangs to make your wigs with bangs softer and more natural.

    How to care your wigs with bangs to make it more natural

    1. Storage skills

    • If you don’t wear wigs with bangs for the time being, you can put it on the wig head to keep your wigs with bangs in a natural state.
    • If you don’t use this wig for a long time, you can put it in a wig bag and store it in a cool and dry place to keep your wig natural.

    2. Cleaning skills

    • You should remove the tangles from your Wigs with bangs in time. You can gently comb it with a wide-toothed comb or fingers. 
    • You should regularly clean your wigs with bangs to make them more natural. The frequency of cleaning your wig should depend on the number of times you wear it and how dirty it is. Too much or too little cleaning is not good and will affect the nature of your wig.
    • You should use high-quality shampoo and conditioner, and maintaining your wig can make your wigs with bangs natural for a long time.

    Some popular wigs with bangs in our hair shop

    • Red Bob human hair Wig with Bangs

    It is a red wig with bangs, which has a bob straight hairstyle. It has no lace and the wig is made by the machine. The hair of wig is 100% human virgin hair and red color. The density is 180% and the length is 10inch. The price of this wig is very great in the promotion.

    • 99J Burgundy Bob Wig with Bangs

    It is a burgundy wig with bangs. It has a short loose deep Human Hair. The hair density is 180% and the length for you is 12inch. There are 4combs and an adjustable belt in your wig to help you do the installation. It is glue-free and non-lace wig. The price is usually lower than other lace wigs.


    Final thoughts  

    Hope these three methods can make your wigs more natural: the skills of choosing wigs, the skills of installing wigs and the skills of maintaining wigs. Our shop has many great wigs, all of which are 100% human hair wigs. Welcome for your consultation and order.

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