Is Brazilian Peruvian Or Malaysian Hair Better

Wigs have different hair textures, such as Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair and Malaysian hair and so on. Different hair textures have similarities, but there are also some distinctive features that can be distinguished. Wigs made from them are also different. These three hairstyles are very popular and popular hair textures. Knowing this difference can help you make the most appropriate choice when you buy a wig. Today’s blog will help you get a more detailed introduction and characteristics of these three hair textures, as well as their differences from each other. Hope it will be beneficial to you.

Features of Brazilian hair

  • Brazilian virgin hair is obtained from Brazilians.
  • It has natural texture and luster.
  • It is thick, soft and silky.
  • It can keep curly hair and waves well.
  • This kind of hair is soft and smooth.
  • Brazilian hair is the most durable.
  • Brazilian hair is denser and fuller.

Features of Malaysian hair

  • Malaysian Hair is the virgin hair of a woman from Malaysia.
  • This kind of hair is softer and smoother than Brazilian hair.
  • When wet, it will show gorgeous and elegant waves.
  • It can keep curly hair and waves well.
  • It’s similar to African-American hair type.
  • Malaysian virgin hair is very strong and can be styled many times.

Features of Peruvian hair

  • Peruvian hair is coarser and thicker than Brazilian hair.
  • The curly texture will become curlier when wet or washed.
  • Peruvian hair is shiny, soft and light, with little tangles.
  • Peruvian hair can be designed in many ways.
  • Peruvian hair has a big volume, but it’s still light weight.
Differences 1~3=Best~GoodBrazilianPeruvianMalaysian
Texture (soft and smooth)312
Hold Curls132

Difference Between Peruvian hair and Brazilian hair

  1. Texture: Brazilian hair is thinner than Peruvian hair.
  2. Price: Peruvian hair is usually a little more expensive than Brazilian hair, because Peruvian hair is harder to find.
  3. Volume: Compared with Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair is fluffy and lighter.
  4. Styles: Brazilian hair can do the most styles among the three ones among the three ones.
  5. Weight: Peruvian hair is lighter than Brazilian hair.
  6. Maintenance: Brazilian need less maintenance than Peruvian hair.

Difference Between Malaysian hair, Peruvian hair

  1. Weight: Compared with Peruvian hair, Malaysian hair is heavier.
  2. Gloss: Malaysian hair is shiny, but Peruvian hair is silky.
  3. Texture: Peruvian hair is fluffy and softer than Malaysian hair, but its luster is not as good as Malaysian hair.
  4. Keep curly: Malaysian hairstyle has better curly hair retention effect.
  5. Maintenance: Malaysian hair is easier to dry and needs more maintenance than Peruvian hair.
  6. Style: Peruvian hair is more suitable for styling than Malaysian hair.

Difference Between Malaysian hair and Brazilian hair

  1. Texture: Malaysian hair is softer and smoother than Brazilian hair.
  2. Gloss: Malaysian hair is more luxurious and beautiful than Brazilian hair.
  3. Keep curly: Brazilian hair can best keep curly hair.
  4. African-American: Malaysian hair is more suitable and natural for African-American women than Brazilian hair.
  5. Maintenance: Brazilian hair is lower maintenance hair, compared with Malaysian hair.
  6. Weight: Compared with Malaysian hair, Brazilian hair is heavier.
  7. Styles: Brazilian hair can do more styling than Malaysian hair.

Which is better to choose?

Now that you know all the three kinds of hair addresses, how do you choose the hair that suits you best? What should you consider? Please read on, and we will give some reference factors to help you think.

1. The quality of hair

First of all, no matter which address you choose, please make sure it’s 100% human hair, not synthetic hair. Synthetic hair is of poor quality, easily damaged and causes tangles and falls off. It doesn’t last as long as human hair. Human hair is the guarantee of hair quality, providing you with the most natural hair appearance and the best wearing experience.

2. The price

Due to the small amount of hair in Peru, wigs or hair weaves with Peruvian hair are usually more expensive. If your budget is limited, you can choose the other two kinds of hair.

3. Soft and Smooth hair appearance

If you want the softest and smoothest hair look, you can choose the Peruvian hair.

4. The fluffiest hair looks  

If you want the fluffiest hair look, you can choose Peruvian hair.

5. The most Styles you can do  

You can choose Brazilian hair for more styling design.

6. The weight

If you want a very light feeling, you can choose Peruvian hair and Malaysian hair besides Brazilian hair. The lightest is Peruvian hair.

7. Maintenance

If you are after low-maintenance hair, you can choose Brazilian hair. Malaysian hair is relatively high-maintenance hair compared with Brazilian and Peruvian hair.

8. The gloss of hair

Malaysian hair has the brightest and most beautiful hair luster, and you can choose Malaysian hair to get the most vibrant hair luster.

9. Held curls

Brazilian hair can best keep curly, compared to the other two kinds of hair.

10. For novice

For novices, you can choose Brazilian hair, because it can keep curly hair well, has low maintenance cost, is very durable, and can carry out more styling redesigns, which is why Brazilian hair is the most purchased hair texture. Compared with the other two, you can be proficient in hair extensions with Brazilian hair first, and then change to another hair texture.

Final thoughts

Human hair Brazilian, Peruvian and Malaysian hair are both excellent choices. They can all give you very great hair look. Their differences are not large. You can choose different hair textures according to your actual situations.

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