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Which Is Better Full Lace Or Front Lace

The front lace wig and the full lace wig are two classic wig types. Many girls always struggle to choose full lace wigs or lace front wigs when choosing a wig. You should know about these two wigs and their differences first, so that you can make a better choice. The front lace wig and the full lace wig are different in natural appearance, price, maintenance and installation. Today’s blog will take you through these two kinds of wigs and analyze their differences. Please go on to get more useful information.

What is lace front wig


The lace front wig is a kind of wig, which is in the front of the wig cap and can be composed of human hair or synthetic hair. The front lace wig can provide you with a very natural hairline and is one of the most popular wig choices among wig wearers.

Characteristics of lace front wigs

Lace front wigs are more suitable for beginners than full lace wigs because they are easier to install, easier to maintain and cheaper. Its shape is relatively less and heavier than the full lace wig.

What is full lace wig


For full lace wigs, the back and sides of the wig are also made of lace. Thick hair cap materials used in front lace wigs are not used in full lace wigs. So, a full lace wig can create a lot of hairstyles. However, due to the large amount of lace, the cost is high, and the production of full lace wigs is also difficult, requiring more hand-made. So, its price is on the high side.

Characteristics of Full lace wigs

Compared with lace front wigs, full lace wigs can design more shapes, have a more natural hair appearance, and are very comfortable to wear. The whole wig is very light and breathable, allowing your scalp and natural hair to breathe freely. However, the price of full lace wigs is on the high side, and the installation is more complicated and the maintenance is more difficult.

Differences between them

1. Gas permeability

In terms of air permeability, full lace wig has better air permeability than lace front wig, allowing more air in and out. The whole base is made of lace, which is suitable for all seasons.

2. Price

Generally, the price of all-lace wigs is more expensive than that of lace front wig, because all-lace wigs have more lace and need more cost.

3. Natural appearance

The whole lace has a more natural appearance, which creates a more natural hairline compared with lace front wigs.

4. Diversity of styles

Full lace wigs can be designed in any way you like, from high ponytails to braids. There are more styling designs than lace front wigs.

5. Maintenance

Full lace wig is a high-maintenance wig, which is more difficult to maintain than lace front wigs. The maintenance cost is often higher than lace front wigs.

6. Installation

The front lace wig is easier to install than the full lace wig, which is more complicated and takes more time.

7. Lace area

The lace front wigs have only the lace in the front of the wig while the full lace wigs have the full lace entirely on the wig.

8. For beginners

The lace front wigs are better choices for the beginners.

9. Save time

The lace front can save you more time in your life than full lace wigs.

DifferencesLace Front WigFull lace front wig
GasNot as good asBetter
NaturalnessLess natural hair lookMore natural hair look
Lace areaSmallerLarger
For beginnersBetterNot as good as
Save timeMoreLess

How to do the choices

They are both very nice choices that can give you natural and pretty hair look. But they also have their own features. You can get a well-known for the features above. And then, you can get the ways to consider how to choose one between them.

1. For beginners

If you are beginners, the lace front wigs are more suitable for you. Because the lace front wigs have easier installations and low maintenance.

2. Diverse shapes

If you want to design a variety of styles, you should choose a full lace wig. Lace can give you more operations to design the hair appearance.

3. Comfort level

You can get the best comfort. If you choose a full lace wig, it is more breathable and lighter than lace front wigs.

4. Budget

If you have a sufficient budget, you can choose a full lace wig, which is undoubtedly the best choice.

If your budget is not enough, you can choose lace front wigs first.

5. Living condition

If your life is fast and busy, you can choose lace front wigs, which can save you more installation and maintenance time.

If you like sports very much, you can choose full lace hair, which is very breathable, and your full lace wigs can be worn for a long time without getting tired.

Final thoughts

You can choose the one that suits you best according to your specific situation. In our nearest wig shop, many wigs are selling like hot cakes, such as lace front wigs, HD lace front wigs, and full lace front wigs and so on. They are all long-lasting lace wigs because they are 100%human virgin hair which is much better than synthetic hair. Waiting for your orders.

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