What Is The Best Density For a Wig

What Is The Best Density For a Wig

More and more people are wearing wigs. The beauty, nature and comfort of wigs are closely related to the density of wigs. The density of wigs is varied, such as 150 density wig, 180 density wig and 200 density wig and so on. Generally speaking, the higher the density of wigs, the fuller the wigs. But the best wig density is not only related to the density of the wig, but also related to whether it suits you well.

Today’s article, we will take you to know: 

  • 1. What is wig density?
  • 2. Why is wig density important?
  • 3. Classification of wig density
  • 4. How to choose the best wig density for yourself
  • 5. How to make wig density more suitable for you?
  • 6. How to maintain wig density

Please read on and get the useful wig density knowledge you need.


What is wig density?

The density of wig refers to the density of hair on lace wig, which is often expressed by percentage. The density of wig affects the fullness of wig after wearing. Wigs with lower density look thinner, while wigs with higher density look fuller.

The importance of hair density

The density of wigs is very important. Here, we will briefly analyze the influence of different densities.

  • 1. Appearance design
  • Different wig densities have different styling abilities.

  • 2. Wig wearing experience
  • Different false densities have different wearing experiences.

  • 3. Hair density affects price.
  • The price of different wig density is different.

  • 4. Different maintenance
  • Different wig density, its maintenance cost is also different.

  • 5. Fullness
  • Different wig density and hair plumpness are also different.

    The following is a specific analysis of different densities, in which you can find the secret of wig density and the answers to all questions, and find the best wig density that suits you best.


Classification of wig density

If you want to fully understand the classification of wig density, you need to know that there are many ways to classify it. Here, there are three main popular ones that are reasonable: one is direct percentage density, the other is low-medium-high density, and the other is light-medium-heavy density.

1. Direct percentage density

  • 60-90% density: the lowest wig density. Common in hair bundles, rare in wigs.
  • 100-110% density: Very light wig density. Common in hair bundles, rare in wigs.
  • 120-130% density: This is the lowest standard density of hair extension products, which is common in hair bundles and wig closures/frontals in hair extension products.
  • 150% density wig: 150% density refers to the minimum wig standard of a wig, which means that this wig is enough to satisfy the pursuit of hair fullness and naturalness of most customers. Common in short wigs.
  • 180% density wig: fuller than 150% density wig. Common in short wigs and long hair.
  • 200% density wig: a very plump wig with large volume and high thickness. Common in longer wigs.
  • 250% density wig: 250% density wig is the fattest and densest wig. It is heavy and plump, giving people the greatest visual beauty and impact. Common in long straight hair over 30inch.

2. low-medium-high density

  • Low-density wigs (50-110%): Wigs with thinner hair are suitable for older women, and their hair is naturally sparse.
  • Medium-density wig (120-150%): It is fuller and larger than low-density wig, and is suitable for injured or middle-aged women.
  • High density wig (180-250%): The hair is thick, dense and plump, suitable for healthy or young women.

3. light-medium-heavy density

  • 50% extra light density: The hair is very sparse.
  • 80%light density: very little hair, very light.
  • 100%light density: less hair, suitable for people with naturally thin hair.
  • 20% Medium density: the standard density of wigs, neither too thick nor too thin.
  • 30% Medium density: Close to the standard hair density, and a little plump.
  • 50% density: It meets the demands of most women for the density of wigs, and is plump enough to approach the natural appearance.
  • 180%-Heavy density: It’s heavy and plump. It’s recommended to take a long wig.
  • Extra heavy density of 200% or more: heavy, relatively dense, very plump and may lose its natural appearance, which does not match my own. The length of the wig is preferably 26 inches or more.

Tips to choose the best and suitable wig density for a wig

When you choose the best suitable wig density, you need to consider many factors, such as hair style, hair texture, hair material, hair length, weight and fullness of the wig, your age, lifestyle, your health, etc. The following is a detailed analysis.

  1. Hair style:
    • Different hair styles suit different hair densities.
    • For high-density wigs, you can choose long hair wigs and straight hair wigs.
    • For low-density wigs, you can choose a wig suitable for short hair and a wig with curly hair.
  2. Hair texture:
    • Curly texture can give a person the feeling of fullness, so you can choose a lower density of curly hair wig is enough.
    • The straight hair wig looks thinner, so you need to choose a higher density straight hair wig as far as possible.
  3. Age:
    • Your hair will naturally become thinner as you get older, so you need to wear the same thin and low-density wig to suit your age, so as to make your hair look more natural and real.
  4. Lifestyle:
    • If you exercise or sweat regularly, you can choose a wig with lower density to keep you cool.
    • If you often take part in various activities, you should choose a high-density wig, which will give you a more beautiful and plump hair appearance.
  5. Hair material:
    • If you want the most natural and realistic appearance of your hair, you should first choose a wig made of 100% virgin human hair, and then choose the appropriate density.
  6. Health condition:
    • When you choose the wig density to start wearing a wig, you need to make the hair appearance of the wig conform to your physical condition, otherwise it will be easily detected as a wig.
    • If you have an injury or illness that affects your hair loss, you can choose a low-density wig. 
    • If you are healthy, you can choose a normal wig with higher density.
  7. Wig length:
    • You can choose your wig density according to the length of the wig you need.
    • Short (6inch~10inch): you can choose a density between 120% and 150%. These densities will make it natural.
    • Medium (12inch~16inch): You can reach a density of 150% to 180%, which is enough to give you a natural and full appearance.
    • Length (18inch~22inch): you can choose 180% to 200% density. The size and fullness are great and natural.
    • Ultra-long (24inch~30+inch): you can choose a density of 200%-250%. This will ensure that your long hair is full.
  8. Weight and fullness of wig:
    • You can choose your wig density based on the weight and fullness of the wig.
    • 50%~90%: ultra-light, suitable for people with very sparse hair, rarely sold in the market.
    • 100%-110%: Light, suitable for people with sparse hair, hoping to imitate their own natural texture. The market rarely sells.
    • 120%-130%: light, true, and normal density; It is neither too thick nor too thin. For short hair wig.
    • 150%: heavier, fuller, fuller and more beautiful density, which is the pursuit of most women and can meet the pursuit of plump wigs of most women.
    • 180%~200%: heavy and full, suitable for women who want more fluffy and full hair of wigs.
    • 250%: very heavy, the most plump, suitable for long hair wig, the most suitable for long straight hair.

Final reminder

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