What is the Best Way to Determine the Quality of a Wig

What Is The Best Way To Determine The Quality Of A Wig

Every woman who loves beauty wants thick and healthy hair. You can choose a high-quality natural wig to realize your beauty. Nowadays, there are many kinds of wigs in the wig market, and the quality of wigs is also high or low. Many customers are worried. What is a high-quality wig and how can they choose a high-quality wig? In fact, high-quality wigs are often related to the material of wigs, the technique of making wigs and excellent merchants.

High-quality wigs can last for a long time and give us the best wig wearing experience. Today, we will discuss how to determine the quality of a wig. Firstly, we need to know the different types of human hair wigs.


Types of human hair wig

  • Virgin hair:

It refers to human hair that has never been chemically treated or colored. It is kept clean and has the best quality, the best persistence and the least possibility of tangling and hair loss. The price is expensive.

  • Remy hair:

It is made of human hair, and its epidermis is complete in one direction. But may have been stained or chemically treated. This is the second quality wig.

It refers to 100% human wig, which has no synthetic hair and animal hair, but its hair quality requirements are not as good as those of Remy and virgin hair, and it may come from different donors, combs and so on. This is the third quality wig.

  • Synthetic hair:

It is made of synthetic fibers. Synthetic hair wigs are lighter than human wigs, but have the worst quality and are easy to tangle. The wigs need more maintenance and have a short duration. The price is cheap.

Then, we will introduce you some ways to do the determination of the wigs’ quality. 

1-4:High-LowQualityPriceTangle and hair lossLife spanBe designed
Virgin human hair11411
Remy human hair22322
100% human hair33233
Synthetic hair44144

Ways to determine the wigs’ quality

  • 1. Life span
  • A good wig will last a long time. If you take good care of your wigs and then it just starts to tangle or fall off in a month or a week, it must not be a high-quality wig.

  • 2. Observe carefully
  • As we all know, synthetic hair wigs are the worst quality wigs, and their flaws can be identified by eyes or touch, so you can directly find out whether they are synthetic hair wigs.

    In the light, synthetic hair will have an unnatural luster.

    Synthetic hair feels impetuous, not a good wig.

  • 3. By price
  • The price of high-quality wigs is not very cheap. If they are very cheap, they are definitely not high-quality wigs.

  • 4. Comfortable and breathable
  • You can try on a wig. If its hair cap is highly skilled and its hair is of high quality, you will feel very comfortable and breathable when you wear it.

  • 5. Burn with a lighter
  • High-quality wigs are made of human hair, not synthetic hair. You can burn a strand of wig hair with a lighter. Human hair wigs will have the burning smell of natural hair, and synthetic hair wigs will have obvious plastic smell.

  • 6. Good seller
  • Where you buy your wig is very important. You can buy it in big shops with good reputation. The wig you buy will be the high-quality wig you want. They don’t have to cheat you.

  • 7. Ask your professional friends or hairdressers.
  • If you are not sure whether a wig is of high quality, you can consult your experienced friends or hairdressers, who will give you great help.

Which one has the best quality?

100% human virgin hair is the highest quality wig. But its price will also be relatively high. So, do you want to choose this wig or not? There is no doubt that it is. High quality wig means longer use and better appearance. A high-quality wig can be used for at least 2 years after good maintenance. And a synthetic hair can only be used for half a year at most, even after good maintenance.

Why choose 100% human virgin hair wig?

  • 1. The highest quality and long service life.
  • 2. The best appearance.
  • 3. Tough and excellent texture, which can make the most wig designs.
  • 4. It is not easy to tangle and fall off.
  • 5. The most authentic and natural appearance.
  • 6. There are many types, styles and colors of wigs.
  • 7. The price is reasonable, and our store is promoting activities.
water wave wig

Final reminder

All wigs in our hair shop are made by 100% human virgin hair. They are all 10A grade of international standard. We are doing a great promoting activity and there are many high coupon codes waiting for your use.

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