What is the difference between deep wave and deep curl?

What Is The Difference Between Deep Wave And Deep Curl?

Deep waves and deep curls are now the most popular fashion hairstyles. More and more women are trying these two hairstyles. Their textures are very good, with similarities and differences. The difference is mainly included: density, thickness, function, duration, applicability and maintenance and so on.

Today we will take you to better understand these two wigs and help you find out which one is suitable for you.


What is deep wave hair?

Deep wave hair is a kind of curly hair, which curls more tightly than body waves, loose waves or natural waves, and is smoother and more tidy than deep curly hair. The wave hair looks elegant, giving a shiny, gorgeous and healthy appearance.

Characteristics of deep wave hair

  • The texture of deep hair has smooth, beautiful and shiny waves.
  • Deep wave hair has a plump body and tight curls, giving people a sense of unity and charm.
  • Deep wave hair is unique in appearance, which can adapt to all kinds of faces and body shapes, and is suitable for all kinds of occasions.
  • Deep wave hair can add volume and length to your natural hair while keeping gorgeous.
  • Deep hair is usually confused with deep curly hair because it is similar to black curls. Its hair is tight and neat, and all curls are in one direction, without tangling or falling off.

What is deep curly hair?

Deep curly hair is an innovative texture that mimics the natural hair of African Americans. This hairstyle has hair products, such as braids and wigs, and deep curly hair is tighter and fuller than deep wave hair.

Characteristics of deep curly hair

  • Deep curly texture is usually fluffy and looks relatively thick. It looks more natural and looks just like the hair of an African-American woman.
  • It blends well with natural hair, which is very suitable for realizing natural appearance and increasing length and volume.
  • Deep curly hair gives your hair great weight and full curly hair style.
  • Deep curly hair is slightly harder and more curly than deep wave lines, which has a good natural appearance.

The difference between deep wave and deep curl

  • 1. Density difference
  • Although both kinds of hairstyle are made up of tight curls, the curls in deep curly hair are tighter and curlier.

  • 2. Thickness difference
  • They are all thick, but deep curly hair is thicker than deep wave hair, because deep curly hair has small and tight curls.

  • 3. The hardness difference of the curve
  • The curve of deep curls is harder, and the curve of deep waves is softer.

  • 4. Overall appearance difference
  • The appearance of deep waves is more beautiful, smooth, neat and gorgeous.

    Deep curly hair is a kind of cool and fashionable curly hair with messy natural beauty.

  • 5. Difference of function
  • Deep wave wigs can better increase your hair length, and deep curly hair can better increase your wig thickness.

  • 6. Duration difference
  • Under the same texture, if both deep wave and deep curl are 100% human virgin hair, deep wave hair will last longer than deep curly hair, depending on the degree of hair curling.

  • 7. Differences in applicability
  • The wave wig has more applicability, can be better matched with various face shapes and body shapes, and is suitable for various occasions.

    Deep curly hair is suitable for some special faces and body shapes, and it is not suitable for all occasions.

  • 8. Maintenance differences
  • The curls of deep curls are more complicated and delicate, and you need to make more efforts to maintain and care for them than those of deep wave wigs.

    DifferenceDeep waveDeep curl
    Degree of tightnessLooser curlsTighter curls
    The hardness of curveSofterHarder
    Overall appearancesmooth, neat and gorgeous.Cool fashionable natural messy beautiful
    FunctionBetter increase lengthBetter increase thickness.

    Final Thoughts

    Our shop has a variety of deep wave and deep curly wigs, such as deep wave Brazilian hair wigs, deep wave Indian hair wigs, deep curly Peru hair wigs, and deep curly Malaysia hair wigs and so on. They are all healthy, shiny and elastic, full and thick, made by high-quality 100% human virgin hair, which can be dyed, bleached, ironed and permed.

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