1B Vs 2 Hair Color, Which Is Better For You

1b hair color and 2 hair color are selling like hot cakes recently. Many women want to try them, but the two hair color are easily confused. To help you know them better, today we wrote this blog to help you. 1B Vs 2 hair color, which is better for you?


what color is 1b

1b Hair color, the hair color closest to natural black virgin hair, is the natural color of black. It is the closest color of natural hair to black. 1b Hair color is usually unprocessed, which is stronger and more durable than other colors of hair. 1b Hair color is the most common color in wigs and hair extensions, or as the dyed ground color.

what color is 2

2 Hair color is brown, but it is the darkest brown hair color, sometimes like black, sometimes like brown. Usually, if you look at it from a long distance, it’s black; if you look at it from a short distance, it’s brown. If you look carefully, it’s brown, but if you don’t look carefully, it will be black.

2 hair color is usually dyed, and only a few people have natural 2 brown hair. 2 color is darker and colder than other browns, and it is lighter and warmer than 1b.

Differences between 1b and 2 hair color?

Difference1b color2 color
The depth of colorDarkerLighter
Is there any processingNoYes
Dyeing ability  HigherLower
Durable  HigherLower
Color change  MoreLess
Species of color are differentFrom black colorFrom brown color
ApplicabilityBetterNot as good as
Nature degree  HigherLower

1. The depth of color

1B and 2 hair colors are both darker hair colors, but 1b is darker.

2. Is there any processing

1B hair color hair is usually unprocessed, while 2 is usually colored.

3. Dyeing ability

1b Hair color is commonly easier to dye than 2 , because 2 hair color is usually dyed once.

4. Durable ability

1b hair color is unprocessed, so its hair quality will be better and more durable than that of the processed 2, and hair problems will occur less.

5. Color change

1b Hair color changes more, usually black, brown or gray. And 2 has less color change, usually brown and black.

6. Species of color are different

1b Hair color comes from black, which is a kind of black color. 2 Hair color is a kind of brown color.

7. Applicability

1b Hair is naturally black, often the color of virgin hair. This color has more applicability than 2 hair color. It can be used as the ground color to make various colors, creating the most natural color hair appearance, and making others think that your color wig is dyed from their own hair, not the purchased wig.

8. Nature degree

1b hair color Hair is a natural black color. And 2 is not natural black. If you pursue a natural black look, you can choose 1b hair wig.

How to choose 1b hair wigs or 2 hair wigs?

1. Pursue natural hair color

If your hair is black, you can choose 1b hair color wigs This will make your hair more natural.

If your hair is brown for some reasons, you can choose 2 hair wigs, which will be more natural.

If you want to have natural black hair, you can choose 1b hair color, which is the color closest to natural black.

2. Re-dyeing

If you want to dye the wig better later, you should choose 1b wig, which can give you more dyeing options, and it is more durable, and can withstand multiple dyeing.

3. Novice

If you are a novice, you can choose 1b hair wigs first. It is more applicable and suitable for various occasions, and it will be easier to dye 2 wigs again.

4. Own skin

Your skin is dark. 1b hair wigs will suit you, making your overall appearance more beautiful and natural.

If your skin color is light, you can choose 2 hair wigs, which is more suitable for you.

5. Durability

You can choose 1b hair wigs to get more durable wigs, because almost all 2 wigs have been re colored. The wig’s hair will be damaged once every time it undergoes styling or dyeing, and its life will be shortened.

How to maintain 1b or 2 hair color wigs?

  • Avoid frequent shampoo to dry hair and lose nutrients, usually once a week.
  • Use high-quality sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.
  • Use conditioner that can maintain hair color.
  • Go to a hairdresser every two weeks and have an in-depth care of your hair.
  • Sleep in a silk nightcap.

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Final thoughts

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