1B Hair Color

1B Hair Color – Everything You Need To Know

Hair color is a very important wig element. The color of wig is various, and the most popular wig color is 1B hair color Are you interested in this color? Today’s blog will take you to know it, so that you can better choose and buy wigs.

What is 1B Hair Color?

  1. Black has two main colors. Available in jet black #1 color and 1B black color. Jet Black #1 color is the darkest hair color, not a natural hair color. 1B color is also called soft black, which is similar to natural black and is the black closest to natural hair.
  2. The 1b color can make great efforts on the dying and make the the dying color of human hair on the wigs more natural.

How does 1B color work in the color chart?  

  1. On the hair color chart, the first three colors are named dark black (#1), off-black black (1B) and dark brown (#2) respectively.
  2. #1 is the richest and deepest black, while #2 is the deepest brown, which almost looks like black.
  3. The color between the two is 1B color. This off-black 1b color is similar to natural black hair. Therefore, if you are looking for the most natural black wig or dyeing a natural black hair, you should choose 1b color instead of #1.

#1 color vs 1b color

  1. Compared with #1 black color, 1b hair color can be applied to more skin tones, which is more natural and true.
  2. #1 color is the darkest black, which is actually pure black, with a cooler tone. 1B is called off-black, with a warm color of brown.

1b color vs #2 color

  1. Dark brown is hair color #2. Between colors #1 and #2 is color 1b.
  2. Off-black 1b color has a warmer undertone than dark brown #2, which has a dark, cool brown tint.

Skills to make your wigs 1b color

  1. You should choose a trustworthy supplier to buy 1b wigs there.
  2. With the increase of wig usage, your wig is easy to fade, and you need to color it regularly.
  3. You can use temporary dyes including semi-permanent, semi-permanent dyes or henna to dye your hair into temporary 1b color.
  4. You can also use permanent dyes. You’d better use permanent dyes that need to use ammonia-free, which can better protect the health of wig hair.
  5. You should dye your hair carefully, otherwise it will hurt your hair. You can consult a professional and ask for their help to dye your hair into 1b color.
  6. You should use dyes containing a small amount of chemicals, which can prolong the life of your hair.

Ways to Care for 1b Hair?

  1. 1B hair color requires proper maintenance to keep its health, strength, and luster, just like any other hair color.
  2. You should wash your hair regularly and use high-quality conditioner and sulfate-free shampoo to maintain the color of your wig.
  3. You should always use a wide-toothed comb to remove tangles from your hair, and then apply some moisturizing olive oil.
  4. You need to reduce the use of heat setting tools to avoid drying and tangling of wigs.
  5. When you store wigs, remember to distribute them in a cool and dry place.
  6. When you sleep, be sure to wear a hair cap to protect your wig.
  7. You shouldn’t wear a wig to swim in the sea or swimming pool.

Some FAQS about the 1B color

1. Can I dye the 1b color hair wig

Yes, if you dye your 1b color hair, the dying color will give you more natural look.

2. Is 1b color black or brown?

1B color is natural black color. It is close to jet black color with a little brown which is like natural hair.   

3. Is 1b color the most natural color

Yes, the 1b color is the most natural hair color, which is juts like the color of our healthy natural hair.

Final thoughts

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