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Bob Wigs That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Bob wig is a classic hairstyle, which lasts for a long time. Up to now, many women like bob shot hair wig. Bob wigs have various shapes and types, and maliciously meet your various needs. Moreover, the unique hair length is worth trying, which can give you a brand-new hair style. Moreover, short bob wigs can save your installation and maintenance time and expense.

Bob wig has always been a popular wig style. Today’s blog will introduce this fashionable classic bob wig and some popular bob wig recommendations for you in detail.

What is a bob human hair wig?

Bob wig is a human hair wig style with short hair style, and the hair size is often between 6inches and 16inches. This is a unique short hair style, clean and confident, and it can also be cute. bob wig can give you all kinds of temperament needs. Bob wig is also relatively cheap, because his hair is short, so the production cost is lower. This wig has always been very popular and suitable for women of all ages.

Main types of human hair bob wigs

  • Bob lace front wigs  
  • Full lace bob wigs
  • Glueless lace bob wigs
  • Headband bob wigs
  • U-part bob wigs
  • HD lace bob wigs
  • 360 lace bob wigs
  • Short bob wigs
  • Shoulder bob wigs
  • Different hairstyles bob wigs
  • Different colors bob wigs

Advantages of bob human hair wigs

1. Popular time

Bob wig has been popular for decades and has its own unique position in the wig market, and various styles and styles are rich and diverse. You can freely choose your favorite bob wigs in different colors and shapes.

2. Strong applicability

Bob wig is a style suitable for everyone. No matter what age group or face shape you are, you can completely fit Bob wig, which is not abrupt and natural.

3. Cover hair loss

Bob wig can help you cover up hair loss and thinning, and you can get a natural and plump appearance with Bob wig.

4. Gain time

You can save a lot of time with bob wigs. bob wigs are easy to wear and maintain, and you can install and maintain them with less effort compared with longer wigs. This is the best choice for lazy and busy women.

5. Conducive to sports

If you are a woman who likes to exercise regularly, bob wig can give you a fresher exercise experience. It is more breathable and lighter, and most importantly, it won’t disturb your exercise.

6. Budget savings

Bob wig is relatively cheap because of its short hair length and less hair material, which can save your budget. This is one of the best choices for women with tight budget.

7. Long life

Human hair bob wigs are very durable. You can use it for a long time. If you take good care of it, you can use it for at least one and a half years.

8. Easy modeling

Because of the short hair, it will be easier and save more time to design and style your bob wig.

9. Suitable for various occasions

No matter what occasion, bob wigs can be used. You can choose more suitable bob wigs according to different occasions.

Ways to style bob wigs

  • Headband
  • Bangs
  • Layered
  • Dye
  • Pixie cut
  • Side part
  • Wavy hair

How to choose a suitable bob wig?

1. Face shape

  • Heart-shaped face: It should not be shorter than the chin length, and the hair should be wavy at the end.
  • Round face: Bob hairstyle that does not exceed the chin.
  • Long face: Short and fluffy Bob hairstyle.
  • Oval face: All bob wigs
  • Square face: bangs bob wigs.

2. Hair texture

You should choose human hair bob wigs. Your wig will be more durable than synthetic hair wigs, you can do more styling, and human hair wigs has fewer hair problems, so you can use it for a long time without worry.

3. Lace type

You can choose HD lace if you pursue the most transparent and natural hairline. If your budget is insufficient, you can also choose transparent lace and normal Swiss lace.

4. Budge

You should pay attention to your budget when buying wigs. bob wigs also come in different lengths. The longer the hair length, the more expensive the wig price. You can consider your budget and buy a suitable wig when buying.

5. Hair color

You can choose the appropriate wig color according to your own preference or skin color and color matching of clothes. Bob wig has a variety of hair colors, and you can choose freely.

6. Choose an excellent wig shop

When you buy a wig, if it is offline, you must try it on. If you buy wigs online, you should choose a regular wig manufacturer with good reputation and run a rich wig shop. If you buy this way, remember that the quality of bob wig will not be defective.

Hot-sale styles of bob wigs in our hair shop

Our hair shop is a big wig brand with 15+ wig-making experience. All wigs are 100%human virgin hair in 10A. You can get the affordable prices in our hair shop. And there are various styles of bob wigs for your choices. Here are some popular styles of bob wigs:

1.Water Wave Highlight Color Short Bob Wig 13×4 Lace Front 180% Density


Hair length:12inch, 14inch

Hair density:180%

Hair lace: Normal Swiss lace

The hairstyle is water wave with highlight color that you can get the full and plump hair look. It is fashionable hair style. And the lace front area is 13×4 which is a large area that you can do more styles.

2. Blonde 613 Bob 13×4 HD Lace Front Human Hair Lace Frontal Wig 180% Density


Hair length:12inch, 14inch

Hair density:180%

Hair lace: HD lace

The hair color is 613 blonde. You can get the warm and confident feeling in the winter by wearing this wig. The lace is HD. You can get the very natural hair look.

3. Glueless Short Bob Wig Straight 5×5 13×4 Invisible HD Lace Closure Wig 150% Density


Hair length:10inch,12inch, 14inch

Hair density:180%

Hair lace: HD lace

This wig is glueless lace wig. You have two ways to do the installations. You can wear this wig without glue easily. If you are allergenic for the glue, these wigs will suit you best.

4. Short Curly Pixie Cut Bob Glueless Lace Front Wigs Brazilian Curly Human Hair Frontal Wigs


13×1 13×4

Hair length:8inch, 10inch

Hair density:180%

Hair lace: HD lace

The hair style is unique for the pixie cut. It is very pretty and stylish. This curly hair can make you wonderful and attractive. You will be the one which is the most eye-catching.

5. Yaki U-Part Bob Wig 100% Human Hair Kinky Straight Short Wig 180%Density Quick Easy Install


Hair length:10inch,12inch, 14inch

Hair density:180%

Hair lace: Non lace

This wig is a kinky straight hair style made of 100% human hair. Hairstyles for African American women are great. This is a classic hairstyle for African American women, and you can get a very natural look.

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