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What Is The Distinction Between Ginger And Auburn Hair

Warm and energetic hair color is the most popular hair color in autumn and winter. If you don’t want to dye one of these colors yourself, you can also choose a color wig to help you shape quickly. In these warm colors, people often talk about red. Are you ginger and auburn hair? They are both based on two hair colors of red, and some are similar. Many customers have difficulty distinguishing them and don’t know how to choose. You will learn more about these two hair colors and their differences in today’s blog. Hope this blog can help you get your favorite vibrant and warm hair color in autumn and winter.


What color is a ginger hair?

Ginger is a very light red, which is between strawberry blonde and classic red. It is like strawberry blonde with orange color. It is a warm and eye-catching color.

Features of ginger hair color:

  • Ginger hair is not red or orange, but a spectrum containing two colors.
  • Ginger color can is suitable for almost any skin color, and it matches the autumn well.
  • Ginger hair is very suitable for autumn, and the yellow type of autumn is very natural, beautiful and warm.

What color is an auburn hair?

Auburn hair is a hair color, which is darker in the red spectrum. The most common color is reddish brown or dark ginger. Hair color varies from light to dark. 

Light and medium colors are warm, close to dark ginger, with some golden tones. The dark color is a little cold, close to brown, and has a simple aesthetic feeling.

Features of auburn hair color?

  • Auburn hair has warm colors and cool colors according to different colors. You can choose more colors, which are suitable for various colors.
  • Auburn hair can give a warm and steady feeling, which is suitable for girls who like to be calm and quiet in autumn.

The similarities between ginger hair and auburn hair

  • They both have reddish hues.
  • You can have a warm-toned hair look with ginger or auburn hair.

The differences between auburn and ginger hair

1. Different applicability

Ginger hair is suitable for what skin color, but it may not be suitable for some eye colors, such as green. And auburn hair is suitable for almost all skin tones and eye colors.

2. Different tones

Auburn color and ginger have different red hues, the latter has brighter and warmer hues, while the former is darker.

Auburn hair’s warm color is not as bright as ginger color, and its warm color is equivalent to the darker ginger color.

3. Suitable for seasonal differences

Ginger is more suitable than Auburn color in summer, while auburn color is more suitable than ginger in autumn and winter, because it is too bright to feel strange, and auburn color’s simple warm color is very suitable.

4. Differences in style

Ginger gives people a lively and lovely feeling, the hair color is warmer and brighter than auburn hair color, and it can make people younger.

Auburn color is more of a mature and steady feeling. The hair color is warm and a little darker at the same time, which is suitable for calm, quiet and mature personality.

5. Different ages are suitable

Ginger is more suitable for the temperament of young girls, while auburn color is more suitable for older women.

6. Suitable for different lifestyles

Ginger is suitable for a lively lifestyle that likes sports and exercise. Auburn hair is more suitable for a quiet and steady lifestyle.


How to choose between ginger and auburn hair?

1. Eye color

If you have special glasses color, you can consider whether the hair color you choose matches. Auburn hair color is suitable for various skin tones and eye colors.

2. Different tones

Ginger hair color has a warmer tone, while Auburn hair color has a darker tone.

3. Different color choices

Ginger hair color can only be provided with warm colors, while auburn hair has warm colors and cold colors.

4. Life style

If you are a lively woman who likes sports, you can choose ginger hair color.

If you are a woman who likes quiet and calm personality, you can choose auburn hair color.

5. Age

If you are a young woman, you can choose ginger hair, which is more suitable for your temperament.

If you are an older woman, you can choose auburn hair, which is more suitable for your temperament.

Some popular ginger hair color.

Final reminder

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