18 inch straight lace wig

How Long Is A 18 Inch Wig?

Wigs usually come in different lengths. You can choose the wig length that suits you best according to your own preferences. So which wig length is very common and suitable for most women’s needs? That’s 18inch wig. 18inch hair wigs are medium-length wigs, and the price is moderate. 18inch is also a good excessive wig, the excess between short hair and long hair wig. Do you know it well? My friends, you can get a more comprehensive understanding of 18inch wig in today’s blog.


  • 1. What is a 18inch wig?
  • 2. How to measure 18inch wig correctly?
  • 3. Different styles of a 18inch hair wig
  • 4. Why are 18inch wigs so popular?
  • 5. How to choose a suitable 18inch wig?
  • 6. Popular 18inch wigs in our hair shop
  • 7. Final thoughts

What is a 18inch wig?

An 18inch wig refers to a wig with a hair length of 18inch hair. This length refers to the length of the hair from the top of the head to the right end of the back hair when it is straightened. This means that the curlier your hair is, the shorter your visual length will be. 18inch hair with straight wig will reach the middle of your back, between your waist and neck. The hair length of the straight wig reaching the waist is 26 inches.

How to measure 18inch wig correctly?

When you measure an 18inch wig, straighten your hair and measure it from the top of your head to the end of your hair just behind you. You can distribute the fake on a flat surface, or put it on a wig rack and measure it with a ruler. The wig must be straight before you measure; else, the measurement will not be correct.

Different styles of a 18inch hair wig

18inch wigs has a variety of styles. Apart from the basic hairstyles, such as different direct hairstyles, curved hairstyles, body wave and loose deep wave, etc., 18inch wigs also has a variety of other advanced and fashionable hairstyles.

1. High ponytail hairstyle

Classic hairstyle that will never go out of style, suitable for all kinds of occasions.

2. Layered hairstyle

Make your wig more beautiful, plump and layered.

3. Highlight hairstyle

The highlight color makes your hair attractive.

4. Bangs hairstyle

18inch wigs with bangs can make your hairline natural and give your more options of styling.

Why are 18inch wigs so popular?

1. Unique length

You can get a hair wig of medium length, which is neither short nor long, giving you a gentle and unique aesthetic feeling.

2. Convenient design

The length of 18inch allows you to make many types of shapes, not only for short hair, but also for long hair. You can choose to straighten your hair and do other styles of long hair, or curl your wig and do some styles of short hair.

3. Comfortable to wear

The 18inch wig is neither heavy nor too light. The weight is just right for most people and it is very comfortable.

4. Low maintenance

Compared with longer hair, the 18-inch wig is not easy to tangle and more convenient to maintain. You only need proper care, and you can take good care of your wig, saving you maintenance cost and time.

5. Various wig choices.

There are many kinds of wigs for 18-inch wigs, which are very popular and common types of wigs. 18in wigs has many wig styles and colors. You can easily find your favorite wig that suits you best.

6. Suitable for various occasions.

No matter what the occasion, the 18inch wig is a good choice, and it won’t be abrupt. You can easily design your hair and then take part in various activities.

7. Favorable price

The price of 18inch is not expensive, and it has various functions. It is a wig worth buying.

How to choose a suitable 18inch wig?

1. Hair Material

When buying an 18inch wig, you must buy human hair instead of synthetic hair Human hair is unprocessed, and its life is longer and more natural. While synthetic hair is made of fiber, with short life, poor quality and unnatural luster.

2. Your preferences

You can choose your favorite 18inch wigs according to your preference 18inch wigs have many styles, such as straight hair, curly hair, etc.

3. Wig Length

If you want your 18inch wigs to reach your middle back, you can choose 18inch straight hair. If you want your 18inch wigs to reach your upper back, you can choose a curly hairstyle.

4. Wig Color

You should consider the color of the 18inch wig. You can choose the most suitable skin and hair color, which will give you the most perfect wig appearance, the most harmonious and natural.

5. Size of wig

It’s crucial that the wig cap fits properly. You should choose a wig that suits you according to your head size. If the wig is too big or too small for you, it will affect the beauty of the wig.

6. Your face shapes

You need to consider whether your face shape matches the 18inch wigs you want to buy. You can refer to your friends’ opinions or imagine your appearance after wearing it. Choosing a wig that fits your face will make your appearance more natural.

7. Lace of wig

You can choose lace according to your budget. HD lace can give you the most natural hairline, followed by transparent place, and finally normal place

Popular 18inch wigs in our hair shop

13×4 13×6 Straight Invisible HD Lace Wig Pre Plucked Human Hair Wigs 180% Density


The lace is HD lace. You can get the most natural hairline. And the hair density is 180% density. The straight hair is silky and smooth.

Recool Hair Body Wave Hair 13×4 13×6 Lace Front Wig Brazilian Pre-Plucked Lace Wig


The lace is normal lace with lower prices. And the styles are varied in hair length and density and lace frontals. You can get a elegant hair look under the body wave hairstyles.

360 Lace Frontal Wigs for Women Curly Human Hair Wig 180 Density


The lace is 360-lace, for which you can do more styles of wigs. You can get lighter, more breathable and comfortable feelings by 360 lace wigs.  And the hairstyle is unique cool curly.

Deep Wave 13×4 13×6 Lace Front Human Hair Wigs Pre-Plucked Brazilian Hair Wig


Deep wave can give you more natural curly hair look and the hair is pre-plucked. It is made of Brazilian hair. You can get an attractive hair look.

Highlight Water Wave Wig 13×4 Lace Front Wig Colored Human Hair Lace Wig


The hair color is highlight 1b/30 color. It is gorgeous and mysterious. You can try it to get a special hair look in the fall.

Final thoughts

All hair wigs in our hair shop Recool Hair are 100% virgin human hair which is 10A quality and in the discounts. And you can use many great coupon codes in our hair shop. Welcome your consultation and orders.

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