How To Keep Body Wave Hair Weave Wavy

How To Keep Body Wave Hair Weave Wavy

What is body wave hair weave  

Body hair is a kind of curly hair texture, which is soft and natural, and looks fluffy and fashionable. Human body waves weave human hair with natural waves. Hair Weave looks like a deep “S” pattern, which is a natural and comfortable visual experience.


Why choose body wave hair weaves

  • 1. Long duration
  • The curl of Body wave hair weaves is very smooth and neat, and the degree of curl when making hair is very little. So, the nature of hair is tougher, and it can last longer and be styled more times.

  • 2. Suitable for various occasions
  • Body Hair Weave is a popular and attractive hair style. You can wear body hair weave no matter what kind of occasion.

  • 3. The price is cheap.
  • Body hair weave has a cheap price. Compared with other human hairstyles, body wave weaving extensions are easier to make. If you want a stylish, young and energetic wig that is budget-friendly, then body hair weaves are your best choice.

  • 4. Unique style
  • Wavy hair has a natural beach wave, and you will look younger. Moreover, body hair can is thick in texture and volume, and you can get a plump hair appearance.

  • 5. Easy to straighten
  • Compared with other curly hair weave, the body hair weave can be straightened easier. You can freely change new styles at any time.

  • 6. Easy maintenance
  • Human hair Body wave weaves is a lower maintenance hair weaves compared to synthetic hair weaves. You can save more time and money on maintaining hair weaves.

  • 7. Various types
  • Body hair weaves can be made to a wig with the help of closures and frontals. And there are many kinds of body hair weaves you can choose. You can make your hair look freer by using the body hair weaves than using a body wave wig.


    Tips to keep your body wave hair weaves wavy

    1. Higher Hair quality

    1. You should make sure that the hair you weave is 100% human hair. This hair material is the best, with the original hair cut directly from the head of the same donor, with the cuticle intact and oriented in the same direction, almost free of tangling and peeling, and your body wave weaves can be used for long periods of time while maintaining the wavy with proper maintenance.
    2. The higher the quality of your hair, the longer your wavy hairstyle will last. If you use synthetic hair, your wavy hair won’t last long.

    2. Clean your body wave hair correctly.

    You should keep your wavy hair clean, and proper cleaning can keep your wavy hair healthy and wavy. The following are some cleaning advice:

    1. You should wash your body hair with warm water or cold water, but not hot water, which will damage the hair quality and lead to no longer wavy.
    2. You should Use mild sulfate-free shampoo and hair care products. This mild shampoo and conditioner can better protect and maintain your body wave hair.
    3. In the drying process after washing your hair, you can first gently dry the water with a clean and dry towel. Then let your body wave hair dry in the air. When your hair is 80% dry, apply hair oil to wavy hair, apply it evenly, further maintain your body wave and keep its wavy.
    4. If you want to use a hot hair dryer to help you dry your wig, you can use the lowest temperature and power, while using a thermal protection tool.

    3. Deep care

    You can seek professional help and go to some hair salons to give your body hair wave an in-depth care, which can provide nutrients to your body hair, keep it in good wavy, and better reduce tangles and shedding.

    4. Recur your body wave hair weaves

    If your body wave loses its wavy, you can use a heat setting tool such as a curler to re-curl your body hair weaves. Love to keep the wavy of your hair. In the process of heat setting, you should pay attention to avoid high temperature damage to your hair.

    5. Treat wigs correctly when you sleep.

    When you sleep, you can wear a silk nightcap to reduce the friction between your body wave hair weaves and bedding, which will lead to tangles and loss of wavy. Proper sleep protection can keep your body wave hair wavy.

    6. Extreme weather

    When you go out in extreme weather, be sure to protect your body wave hair. You can wear a hat in hot weather and a headscarf in strong wind to better protect your hair and keep it wavy.


    FAQs about body wave hair weaves

    1. How long can human hair body wave weaves last?

    If the body hair weaves are 100% human virgin hair, they can last for at least 2 years with your careful care.

    2. What is the most popular body wave hair styles?

    Brazilian body wave weaves are a popular choice for this style because it requires very little effort to maintain this look. In our hair shop, the Brazilian body wave bundles with closure is the hot-selling for the great hair quality and affordable price.

    Final reminder

    There are many body wave hair weaves in our hair shop, which has different styles, colors and textures in stock for sales now. They all have affordable prices in our promotion. You can get a satisfied shopping here. Welcome to buy wigs in our hair shop.

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