Malaysian Hair VS Peruvian Hair

Malaysian Hair VS Peruvian Hair: Which One Is Better

With the increase of the number of women who want to change their hairstyles and the improvement of people’s living standards, hair extension products such as wigs and hair bundles are more and more popular. In order to better find the best hair products, people are interested in hair types with different textures.

Virgin Malaysian Hair and Peruvian Hair are important hair raw materials for making wigs or other hair extension products. Do you know their characteristics and differences? Knowing them can help you better choose wigs and get a better wearing experience. Today’s blog will provide you with a study guide about these two different wig textures, hoping to help you.


Characteristics of Malaysian Hair

  1. Healthy silky luster
  2. Hair is supple, natural, healthy, shiny and silky.
  3. No Peruvian’s hair curls tighter.
  4. Hair is usually a beautiful dark brown.
  5. It lasts longer.
  6. Because of poor heat resistance, there are fewer designs to do.
  7. If you take proper care, Malaysian Hair will last for a longer year or longer.
  8. Tough hair, very durable, can make you low maintenance.
  9. Poor heat resistance, need to pay attention to thermal protection, less wig design.

Characteristics of Peruvian Hair texture

  1. Peruvian hair weight is light, though it looks thick and heavy. It is comfortable to wear.
  2. Bigger and fuller volume.
  3. Very suitable for African-American women, like natural hair.
  4. It can be light brown or dark brown.
  5. Hair quality is coarser than that of Malaysia.
  6. Naturally grows straight, wavy and curly, and has a good curly feeling.
  7. More maintenance, because it is easy to tangle.
  8. Usually more than Malaysian hair
  9. The hair is curlier and has better heat resistance, which can do more designs.

Similarities between two kinds of hair texture

High-quality Peruvian hair and Malaysian hair products are 100%virgin human hair. Both of them are good choices.

Malaysian Hair and Peruvian Hair are all virgin hair, with plump wig appearance, good quality and beautiful curly patterns.

Differences between two kinds of hair

DifferencesMalaysian HairPeruvian Hair
Luster   MoreLess
Fullness  LessMore
Toughness   MoreLess
Hairstyle   WavyCurly
Texture  More SilkyCoarser
Weight   HeavierLighter
Color   Dark brownLight/Dark brown
Heat resistance   WorseBetter
Tangle   BetterWorse
Maintain   LessMore
Hairstyle designMoreless
Degree of crimp   Less curly wavierCurlier Tighter
Duration   LongerShorter
African-American womenNot as good asBetter

You can get a short brief by the form. The following is a detailed description:

1. Luster

Malaysian hair has a better-looking healthy and shiny luster, compared with Peruvian hair.

2. Fullness

Peruvian hair has fuller and more fluffy hair than Malaysian hair.

3. Toughness

Malaysian hair is tougher than Peruvian hair.

4. Hairstyle

Malaysian hair’s hairstyle is mainly wavy, while Peruvian hair is mainly curly.

5. Texture

Peruvian hair’s hair is rougher than Malaysian hair’s, which has a silky texture.

6. Weight

Peruvian hair’s weight is very light, and it feels more comfortable to wear.

7. Color

Malaysian hair is mainly dark brown, while Peruvian hair is mainly light brown and dark brown.

8. Heat resistance

Malaysian hair has worse heat resistance.

9. Tangle

Peruvian hair is easier to tangle.

10. Maintain

Malaysian hair is a low-maintenance hair texture, but it has poor heat resistance. Peruvian hair needs more maintenance because it is easy to tangle.

11. Hairstyle design

Malaysian hair has poor heat resistance, more difficult hair design and fewer design styles. Peruvian hair has better heat resistance and can design more wigs.

12. Degree of crimp

Peruvian hair is more curly and tighter than Malaysian hair, while Malaysian hair is wavier.

13. Duration

Malaysian hair will last longer than Peruvian hair if it is well cared for because of its tough hair texture and less false design.

14. African-American women

The texture of Peruvian hair is more suitable for African-American women and more natural than that of Malaysian hair.

How to choose Malaysian hair VS Peruvian hair

  1. If you want low maintenance, you can choose Malaysian hair.
  2. If you want to do your hair often, you can choose Peruvian hairstyle.
  3. If you need more curly, plump and rough hair, you can choose Peruvian hair.
  4. If you want more shiny, wavy and supple hair, you can choose Malaysian hair.
  5. If you want a lighter wearing experience, you can choose Peruvian hair.
  6. If you want a longer duration, you can choose Malaysian hair.
  7. If you want more color options, you can choose Malaysian wigs.
  8. If you want natural hair suitable for African American women, you can choose Peruvian wigs.

Final thoughts

Hope this blog can help you know the ways to choose the most suitable hair textures. Our hair shop has many wigs and other hair extensions which made by Malaysian hair or Peruvian hair in stock for sales now. They are in nice prices. Welcome to come and make an order.

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