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How To Make A Short Bob Wig

What is a short Bob wig? This is a short hair wig with Bob’s hairstyle. The length of this kind of hair is generally short. It can simply be divided into short bangs or short bangs without bangs.

Bob hairstyle is suitable for any hairstyle. It can easily cover up the flaws on your face or highlight the advantages of your face. The bob style can save more time when wearing. And Bob wig is more breathable and comfortable, and more convenient to maintain it than long hair wig.

Besides, the short bob wig is usually low in cost and affordable, so it is one of the wigs suitable for novices. Many people like Bob hairstyle because it makes people look younger, more energetic and more fashionable.

How to make a short bob wig?

The tools you need to prepare for making your long wig short:

A human hair wig, mannequin head, wide-tooth comb, hairpin, rubber band, scissors.

1. Fix the wig.  

You need to distribute your leave on a mannequin head and fix the wig with some pins.  

2. Remove tangles  

You can gently comb the wig with a wide-toothed comb or fingers to remove the tangles. You can make a short bob wig better to make your pruning easier.  

3. Separate the hair of the wig.  

You can divide the wig into several small parts (at least 5 parts) by hairpin, then determine the length of your short hair, and use a rubber band to determine the length of your wig.  

4. Trim the whole wig  

You need to untie a rubber band and trim your wig according to the position of the rubber band in the adjacent part. You can clip the wig between your index finger and middle finger, and then trim it. After that, according to the cropped short hair, untie other rubber bands and make new pruning until all parts are completed.  

5. Make edge and overall modifications.  

You should carefully observe the whole and parts of your wig, then cut off some missing long and messy hair, and make sure that the hair on both sides of the wig is even and the hair ends of the wig are neat.  

6. Make a styling.  

You can make a unique design for your bob style wig, such as baby hair, bangs or hair coloring, etc.

like Bob hairstyle because it makes people look younger, more energetic and more fashionable.

Ways to make your Bob cut more natural

You can make the bob hairstyle that suits you best according to your face shape.

1. Heart-shaped face 

Hair style should make the chin plump and cover the forehead. Therefore, you can keep short Bob wig longer than his chin, and then wave the hair tail of the wig to make it full. At the same time, you can also design a bang to cover your too wide forehead.

2. Round face

When you round your face, you should make the short Bob wig longer than your chin, choose straight hair, or increase the height of your hair on top of your head.

3. Oval face

Oval face is suitable for almost any hairstyle, including Bob hairstyle. So, you can try any bob style you like.

Some popular short bob wig in our hair shop:


Glueless Short Bob Wig Straight 5×5 13×4 Invisible HD Lace Closure Wig 150% Density

Lace area:5×5 or 13×4 lace area

Lace type: HD lace

Hair color: natural black bob wig

Hair length: 10inch, 12inch, 14inch

Hair density:150% density

Hair quality:10A quality

Hair material:100% virgin human hair

The bob wig has HD lace which can give you most natural hairline and you can also wear the wig without glue. The hair is made in 10A quality. You can get a cool hair look for this wig. The price is affordable after using the discounts.


Full Lace Wig 613 Blonde Short Bob Wig Brazilian Straight HD Lace Front Human Hair Wigs

Lace area: Full lace

Hair color: 613 blonde bob wigs  

Hair length:  8inch, 10inch, 12inch

Hair density: 150%

Hair quality: 10A quality

Hair material: 100% human hair virgin hair

The bob wig has special color: 613 blonde colors, which is bright and attractive. You can get more confident outlook by the color bob wig. And the full lace wig can do more styles. Though the price is a little higher, it is reasonable and affordable as well.


Red Bob Wig with Bang Human Hair No Lace Machine Hair Weft Wig 180% Density

Lace area: No lace

Hair color:  red bob wig

Hair length:  10inch

Hair density: 180%

Hair quality: 10A quality with bangs

Hair material: 100% human virgin hair

This bob wig is much fuller and the bang style can help you get more unique hair look. You can cover your facial shortages and highlight the advantages of your face. A big discount is given to you. You shall not miss it.

Final thoughts

Our hair shop has its own hair factory for more than 15 years and perfect sales and after-sales service. We have many wigs in different colors, styles, etc. If you need a high-quality short bob wig, you can choose our shop to buy it, and you will be satisfied.

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