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The Most Popular Black Wigs Are Here

Black wigs have a healthy and beautiful hair color and a strong sense of weight, which can provide you with a more textured hair appearance. Recently, black wigs are selling like hot cakes, and many customers are shocked by the beauty of black wigs. What fashionable and plump hair it is. Do you want to have a beautiful start in 2023? One of your best choices is the hair appearance that black wigs. black wigs can change quickly. Today’s blog will introduce this wig and some of its popular styles. I hope it can help you get the hair look you like.

What are black wigs?

Black wigs mean one wig color with black color. Some people’s natural hair color is black, but because of grade or other reasons, their hair has changed from black to other colors, so they want to restore the black hair. Some people are not born with black hair color, but they like black and choose to dye their hair black.

Advantages of black wigs

  • Black wigs can quickly achieve the appearance of your favorite black hair, and you can avoid using dyeing tools to dye your natural hair and avoid hurting it.
  • Black color has a unique aesthetic feeling, with a very good temperament such as calm, elegant, noble and melancholy.
  • Black wigs can make you look younger. Most people’s natural hair is black. Black wigs can give you a thick black hair appearance, which looks healthy and has a natural luster.
  • Black is a very good background color. You can dye the black wig freely and choose other favorite colors.
  • Black wigs are usually natural black color, that is 1B hair color. This color is closest to the black of our natural hair and can give you a very natural appearance.

How to make the black wigs in the high quality?

You need to make sure that your black wigs are made of human virgin hair, which determines whether a wig is the most basic standard for high-quality wigs. Human hair can make your black wigs more natural and make your wigs last longer than synthetic hair. Only when your black wigs are made by human hair can your black wigs be of high quality, easy to maintain, less hair problems and have a real and beautiful appearance.

Popular styles of black wigs in our hair shop

1. Straight wigs

Black straight hair wig is very silky, and the hair is easier to maintain. Straight hair can make your conditioner and shampoo more effective. Straight hair is not easy to tangle, and it will be easier for you to disentangle it. There are many styles of black straight hair wigs, such as short straight bob black wigs.


2. Curly wigs

Black curly wig can give you fluffy hair appearance, increase hair volume and give you unique visual effects. Curly hair wig is not more durable than straight hair because of its bending, but the style of curly hair is more fashionable and wilder, which straight hair does not have. Black curls wig styles are also very diverse, such as short curly pixie cut black wigs.


3. Headband wigs

Black wig with headband is very popular, which is a kind of non-adhesive wig. You can use hair bands, hairpins and adjustment bands to fix the wig, which is also very stable and your wig will not fall off easily. You can change the color or pattern of the headband to match the appearance you need. Here is a good headband wig, that is, body wave black headband wigs, which is not expensive and well worth your try.


4. HD lace wigs

Black HD lace wig is also very good. You can use HD lace to create a very natural hairline and give you the best natural appearance. Make your wig look exactly like your own natural hair. HD lace black water wave wigs are good choices for you in our hair shop.


5. U/V-part wigs

You can also have a look at the black U/V-part wigs. This wig can mix your natural hair with your wig hair, and then you will get a unique natural hair appearance. Moreover, this wig is also a kind of non-adhesive wig, and there is no lace. This wig is inexpensive and breathable, which is suitable for novices to buy and use. Black color kinky straight U-part wigs, which is popular in stores recently, is worth your try.


6. Wig with bangs

The black wig with bangs is also very good. This wig can increase the latitude and volume of your wig appearance, and at the same time provide more modeling methods to cover the flaws on your forehead or highlight the beauty of your face. You can try the black body wave wigs with curtain bangs, and you will never be disappointed.

Hairstyles with bangs sewn in

How to choose the suitable black wigs for you?

1. Wig length

You can choose the appropriate wig length according to your height. If you are tall, the appropriate wig length is relatively long. On the contrary, if you are short, the wig you are suitable for is also short.

2. Wig cap size

This is a point that must be considered when choosing a wig. You should choose a more suitable wig size according to the size of your head circumference. There are usually three sizes of wig caps for wigs, one is a small wig cap, the other is a medium wig cap and the other is a large wig cap. Most wigs have adjustable straps to help you fix your wig, but you should try to choose the appropriate wig cap size. Usually, the average wig can meet the needs of most people.

3. HD lace

When you choose a wig, you can choose whether to buy HD lace black wigs according to the budget and the pursuit of natural appearance. Black wigs made of HD lace have the most natural hairline, but the price is a little expensive.

4. Glueless installation

If you are allergic to glue or very tired of using glue to install, you can choose a glue-free wig, and you can install this wig well without glue. This is also a very suitable wig choice for novices.

5. Density

Usually, a hair density of 150% can meet the requirements of most women’s hair appearance, but if you need a fuller hair appearance, you can choose a hair density of 180% or 200%. Usually, if the hair length you need is between 8inch and 16inch, you can choose 150% hair density. If the hair length you want is between 18inch and 24inch, you can choose 180% hair density. If the hair length you need is between 26inch and 30inch, then 200% is your best choice.

Why trust our hair shop?

Recool Hair has rich experience in wig making, and our wig products are all 100% human virgin hair. Most importantly, our stores often carry out some high-quality promotional activities, and many products will be greatly reduced in price to give back to customers. You can come to our website at any time to check and choose wigs. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult our customer service.

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