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Looking For A New Look? Try Bob Wigs!

Bob’s hairstyle is a frequent visitor in the fashion industry. Many women, including female stars and celebrity ladies, are experimenting with bob hairstyle, which is clean, neat and diversified in style, giving you a richer appearance and bringing various conveniences in life. If you’ re going to change your hairstyle, bob’ s hairstyle makes a great choice.

Why choose bob wigs?

Bob wigs is a kind of wig style, with short hair style, so called Bob wig. So, what are the benefits of choosing bob’s wig to create your own bob hairstyle?

1. Time-saving

Compared to your own bob hairstyle, choosing a finished bob hair wigs saves you time and you can quickly get the look you want.

2. Avoid cutting off your natural hair

Some people treasure their hair so much that you can wear bob wigs to create your bob hairstyle without having to cut your natural hair.

3. Reduce modeling damage to natural hair

Some bob hairstyle is more complex, you need to curl or dye your hair, but this operation will also hurt your natural hair, you can wear a bob wig or modeling your bob wig to avoid damage to your natural hair.

4. Novice friendly

Bob wigs are easier to install, sculpt, and maintain than long hair, making them more wearable for novices.

5. Protection effect

Bob wigs has the general benefit of a wig that your natural hair can protect from air pollutants, ultraviolet light and cold winds.

6. Healthy and natural hair

If your natural hair is not very good in quality and density, you can choose bob wigs for a healthy and better look.

Different types of bob wigs

There are many types of bob wigs, and you can definitely find your favorite type from them. Here are some categories of Bob wigs.

  • According to the material of hair, bob wigs can be divided into two categories, one is human hair wigs, and the other is synthetic hair wigs.
  • According to the hair style, bob wig can be divided into straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair, water wave hair, and deep wave hair etc.
  • According to the length, bob wig can be divided into chin length, cheek length, neck length and shoulder length.
  • According to the types, bob wigs can be divided into bangs wigs, pixie cut wigs and so on.
  • According to the glue, bob wig can be divided into glued wigs, glued wigs etc.
  • According to the color, bob wig has various colors of hair, so you can choose freely.
  • According to the division of lace, bob wig can be divided into HD lace wig, ordinary lace wig, transparent lace wig and lace-free wig, etc.

Why are bob wigs so popular?

1. Young

Bob wigs can make your whole person look more energetic and make your hair younger.

2. Price

Bob wigs are usually cheaper because of their short hair length.

3. Maintenance

Bob wigs has less hair, and your maintenance will be simpler, saving time and money.

4. Unique style

Bob wig has a unique bob hairstyle, which is very fashionable and attractive.

5. Suitable for all seasons

Bob wig is suitable for all seasons, especially in summer. Bob wig can give you a great wearing experience, which is light, breathable and comfortable. 

6. Practicability

Bob wig is a classic and popular hairstyle, which is suitable for all occasions and women of all ages. It is very practical. You can choose Bob wig at home, at work, at parties, etc. It is comfortable and never out of date.

How to make your bob wigs natural?

1. High quality

You should choose a high-quality bob wig to make sure your bob wigs have a natural look. Human hair wigs have a natural hair quality. You should choose human hair bob wigs.

2. Natural style

You can use hair bands, or design baby hair to give your hair a more natural look. You can also choose to create a bang hairstyle to make the hairline more natural.

3. Natural installation

When you install a wig, you can use a wig cap to make the top of your head flat, so that your wig will be more natural after wearing.

4. Suitable for your face shape

You should choose bob’ s wig to match your face shape so that your whole head will have a balanced and natural look.

5. Proper hair cap size

You should choose the appropriate size of the wig cap, the average hair cap is generally suitable for most women, you can also choose small hair cap or large cap according to their actual situation.

6. Hair color suitable for skin tone or dressing-up

You should choose bob’s wig with appropriate hair color according to your skin color or dress to make your appearance more natural and beautiful.

7. Correct maintenance

Proper maintenance can keep or restore your bob wigs to nature. You should clean your wig correctly and use correct maintenance techniques to maintain it, such as using sulfate-free shampoo, paying attention to thermal protection, and avoiding hair dryness.

Why trust Recool Hair?

All wigs, including bob wigs, are 100% human hair in Recool Hair. The hair quality is high in 10A grade. You can use the bob wigs for very long time with proper care at least 2 years. Recool Hair has its own wigs-making factories for 15+ years. You can choose our wigs with confident.

Here are some bob wigs that are selling hot in Recool Hair:

Short Bob Wig Brazilian Straight 13×4 HD Lace Front Human Hair Wigs 150% Density


The short bob wigs have a straight hair style with HD lace. The HD lace can make your hairline vert natural. And the hair length is 8~14inch. You must try the Brazilian hair texture wigs which are very durable and last long. The lace areas are two kinds:4×4/13×4.

Glueless Short Bouncy Loose Wave Wig 5×5 13×4 Undetectable Lace Front Wig


It is a stylish hairstyle with short bouncy loose wave hair. You will be attractive by this wig. It is lace front wig with lace area 5×5/13×4. You can choose the hair length 12~14inch with hair density 180%. Please not miss the wigs for natural and fashionable hair look.

Pixie Cut Side Part Short Wigs Straight Hair Glueless Lace Front Wigs


The hair style is special for the pixie cut side part straight hair. There are two lace areas for your choices:13×4 side part lace/13×4 lace. It is a glueless lace wig that you can wear the bob wig without glue. And the hairstyle is really special that you will catch lots of eyes.

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