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Do You Know What Is 613 Hair Color?

613 wigs usually refer to wigs composed of blonde or light blonde hair. The wig is warm in color, just like sunshine, very bright and charming, with a golden background. Nowadays, colored wigs are very popular, and pure black hair can no longer satisfy people’s pursuit of fashion and beauty. Many women begin to try to dye their hair or choose to buy a dyed wig. If you have questions or are interested in 613 blonde hair color, you can get enough knowledge about 613 blonde hair color through this blog.

What is 613 hair color?


The first number, which establishes the color’s brightness, stands in for the basic color of color coding. The numbers 1.0 denote black, 5.0 light brown, 6.0 dark gold, 7.0 medium gold, and 10 the lightest gold. Thus, the hair color code for 613 is blonde/light blonde, commonly referred to as baby blonde. Your hair will seem really unique and appealing if it is blonde.

What are 613 blonde wigs


Wig is a wig or a headpiece composed of synthetic, animal, or human hair. Various hair materials result in varying hair quality. A wig can be worn to hide hair loss or improve the appearance of your hair.

Wigs marked as 613 blonde hair color indicate that they have been dyed and have the 613 blonde hair color. This color is trendy and appropriate for various types of celebrations. You are able to select your preferred blonde hair wigs from a variety of styles.

Dye your own hair or buy a human hair wig

Some customers are asking themselves if they can dye their hair into 613 blonde hair color, which is of course possible. But there are some risks you need to know. Dyeing is not an easy operation. If you are a novice or not very skilled, you must do it under the guidance of professionals, otherwise it may do irreparable damage to your hair style. Your dye choice is better to be semi-permanent, not permanent, because permanent dye protection will do great harm to your hair, and the effect may not be permanent.

You can also try to buy a 613 human hair wig, which can save a lot of time and energy. And of course, you can choose a black ordinary human hair wig and then dye the wig, which can avoid causing damage to your natural hair. Because of its soft, elastic texture and natural luster, high-quality human hair can create a perfect 613 hair color for you, and create a stunning and charming hair appearance for you.


Benefits of 613 human hair wigs

1. Use it for a long time

You can use 613 human hair wigs for a long time. If you take good care of it, it can last at least one year.

2. Beautiful colors

613 hair color makes your appearance very charming, with unique attraction, very bright and warm, which makes people feel happy and gives you a confident, gentle and enthusiastic temperament.

3. Be protective

Human Hair Wigs can protect your hair from pollutants in the air and ultraviolet rays from the sun. And you don’t have to dye your natural hair, you can get this beautiful hair appearance and avoid the risk of dying your hair.

4. Natural appearance 

Human hair has a natural and healthy color, which will make your 613 color more amazing and real.

5. Various styles

613 human hair wigs have a variety of styles, and you can freely choose different lengths, densities and hairstyles.

6. Save time

Without dyeing your natural hair, it will undoubtedly save time. You can use 613 human hair wigs to get your favorite appearance quickly.

7. Various parties

You must admit that 613 human hair wigs have very attractive and eye-catching hair color appearances, which can meet any queuing needs.

How to maintain your 613 human hair wigs?

1. Keep from overheating

Make sure the hair is dry and clear of tangles before applying the heat treatment. In order to safeguard the wig, you may also use heat protection, but first you need to let your blonde wig dry and comb out.

2. Avoid combing your hair while it’s wet

You don’t comb your 613 blonde hairs while it’s damp because it isn’t as elastic as natural black hair.

3. Perform some suitable conditioning

To keep your blonde hair wig healthy and moisturized, you should use conditioner effectively. Conditioner is essential for moisturizing the hair and preventing stratum corneum formation, which keeps blonde hair in place and lessens discoloration. A conditioner made specifically for wigs is one option.

4. Profound nursing

Your blonde wig receives thorough treatment once every week. Your hair will receive deep repair, your scalp will receive excellent moisture, and fracture will be entirely prevented with depth adjustment. Last but not least, employing a deep conditioner typically results in very clean hair.

5. Avoid the sun’s rays

You would seem nice and more dazzling outside in a blonde wig, but too much sun can harm your skin and the blonde wig by producing too much ultraviolet radiation. Your hair will dry out under ultraviolet radiation, and your blonde wig will eventually turn orange. When you walk outside, you can wear a hat to lessen the impact of the sun on the wig or select a UV shield to shield your blonde wig.

6. Choose shampoo devoid of sulfates

You shouldn’t select shampoo that contains sulfates because these chemicals will strip your hair of its natural oil and protein and cause bubbles and damage. You should thus get a sulfate-free shampoo if you want to keep your hair in top shape.

7. Keep away from the friction

When you sleep, you should take off your wig, otherwise your hair may rub excessively with the pillow and become dry and tangled. Of course, you can choose to wear a silk nightcap and a silk pillow to reduce this friction, so that you can sleep with a wig.

Final reminder

613 human hair wigs are great color wigs, which are loved by many women, and many female stars and online celebrities are trying it. If you want to find a reputable shop with high-quality wigs, you can try Recool Hair. Recool Hair has its own wig making factory and has more than 10 years of wig making experience. You can buy it at Recool Hair with confidence.

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