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How To Choose Lace Color For Wigs

Lace wigs is the most common wig type. There are many kinds of lace wigs, and lace wigs with different lace color are the key to choose a wig that suits you. So how do you choose the right lace type? You will learn about different lace colors and the differences between them in today’s blog. This blog will also analyze some tips to help you choose and some popular lace wig recommendations.

Types of lace color in wigs

There are mainly three kinds of wigs with different lace colors on the market, one is normal swiss lace, the other is transparent lace, and the last one is HD lace. You will often encounter these three kinds of lace when buying wigs. If you don’t know enough about them or know how to distinguish them, you can read on to get answers to these questions.

What is normal lace?


Normal lace has three kinds of lace colors. You can know the three: light brown, medium brown and dark brown. Light brown suits the light skin tone. Medium brown suits the light and dark skin tones. Dark brown suits the dark skin tune. And the normal lace is durable and a little rough. It is a low maintenance lace type.

What is transparent lace?


Transparent lace is not true transparent lace. It is lace color, which is like the light brown, but the lace is more transparent and lighter than the light brown normal lace. It can suit almost people to do the natural hairline. The price is higher than the normal lace and the material is soft.

What is HD lace?


HD lace is the true transparent lace. It is the most transparent lace color and suits all the skin colors. The lace can melt with your skin perfectly and give you the most natural hairline. The HD lace is delicate and easy to hurt that you need to care it in good condition. And the price is high. It is not good for beginners. The HD lace is also breathable and comfortable.

Difference between normal lace and transparent lace

  • Price: Normal lace is cheaper than transparent lace.
  • Durability: Normal lace is more durable and can be worn and used for a long time.
  • Thickness and weight: Normal lace is thicker and heavier.
  • Transparency: Transparent lace is more transparent, which can meet most of the requirements of direct wearing.
  • Nature: Transparent lace can make a more natural hairline.
  • Comfort: Transparent lace is more comfortable to wear than normal lace.
  • Handle: Transparent lace is silky, finer than normal lace, and feels softer.
  • Protection: Transparent lace has lower scalp irritation than normal lace.
  • Air permeability: Transparent lace is more breathable.
  • Maintenance: Normal lace can be maintained with lower maintenance.

Difference between transparent lace and HD lace

  • Price: Transparent lace is cheaper than HD lace.
  • Durable: Transparent lace is less likely to be damaged.
  • Thickness: HD lace is thinner and lighter.
  • Transparent: HD lace is more transparent.
  • Nature: HD lace can give you the most natural wig look.
  • Comfort: HD lace is the most comfortable to wear, very soft and finely made.
  • Touch: The touch of HD lace is smoother, delicate and comfortable.
  • Protection: HD lace can protect your scalp to the greatest extent, because its exquisiteness and smoothness will cause minimal irritation to your scalp.
  • Breathable: HD lace is more breathable.
  • Maintenance: Transparent lace is easier to maintain and not easily damaged.
Differences 1=Best choice 2=Better choice 3=Good choiceNormal laceTransparent laceHD lace

How to choose the lace color wigs among them?

To sum up, these three kinds of lace wigs are all very good, and anyone can meet the needs of most women. If you want to find the most suitable one for yourself, you can consider it from the following aspects.

1. Budget

You can choose the right lace wig according to your budget. If the budget is tight, choose normal lace or transparent lace. If the budget is sufficient, choose HD Lace

2. Wearing frequency

If you need to wear a wig often and don’t want to spend time on maintenance, you can choose normal lace wigs or transparent lace.

If you need to wear a wig for a short time and pursue the most natural hairline, you should choose HD lace wigs.

3. Skin color

You should choose the appropriate lace color according to your skin color. If you choose normal lace, you need to consider the shades of lace brown. If you choose transparent lace, this is usually suitable for most women. If you need HD lace, this is suitable for all women.

4. Nature

You should choose HD lace wig if you pursue the ultimate natural appearance. You can choose the transparent lace as well which is enough to create natural hairline. If you choose the normal lace, you should take care of the lace colors.

5. Comfortable

If you are looking for the most comfortable wearing experience, HD lace is light and soft, very breathable and comfortable to wear. Secondly, transparent lace. And finally, normal lace.

6. Protect

If you are very sensitive to the health of leather clothes, then you can choose HD lace, which has the least friction on the skin and the best protection.

7. Maintain

You can choose normal lace to get the lowest maintenance wig. The lace of this wig is very durable. HD lace, on the other hand, is easily damaged and needs careful maintenance.

Three popular lace color wigs in our hair shop

13×4 13×6 Straight Lace Front Human Hair Wigs with Baby Hair Natural Hair


The lace color is medium brown normal Swiss lace that suits the light and dark skin tones. You can get the natural hair look and you can do the baby hairstyle easily. The wig is in length 10~30inch and density 150%/180%/200%. You have many choices to do the order. The lace area is two:13×4/13×6.

613 Blonde Bob Wig Straight 4×4 Transparent Lace Wig Human Hair 150 Density


The lace color is transparent lace that can suit most women for the transparent hairline. And the lace area is 4×4 with hair density 150% and the length from 10inch to 14inch. You can get the hairstyle is straight hair.

13×4 HD Lace Wig Brazilian Body Wave 13×6 Invisible Lace Human Hair Wigs 180% Density


The lace color is HD lace that suit all the skin colors and you can get the most natural and transparent hairline. The density is 180% hair. And the length is 16~30inch. You can choose the two kinds of lace front:13×4/13×6.

The conclusion

There is a big promotion in our hair shop. You can get all the wigs in our hair shop with big discounts and many coupon codes for your use. The wigs are all human virgin hair in 10A quality. The human hair wigs are more natural hair and durable than synthetic hair wigs. Welcome to our website and make orders.

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