16 VS 18 Inch Hair Extensions

16 VS 18 Inch Hair Extensions, How To Choose

Hair extension is a popular hair fashion, but many customers don’t know enough about hair extensions. Today’s blog will take you deeper into hair extensions and introduce the comparison between 16-inch and 18-inch hair extensions and how to choose them.

What are hair extensions?

Wikipedia shows that artificial hair integrations, more commonly known as hair extensions, hair weaves, and wigs add length and fullness to your human hair. You can usually clip, glue or sew the hair extensions on your natural hair by incorporating additional human or synthetic hair.  

The types of hair extensions include tape-in extensions, clip-in or clip-on extensions, micro rings, fusion methods, weaving, and wigs.

What are the hair extensions in this blog?

This blog refers to all kinds of hair extensions other than wigs, such as hair weaves, hair wefts, hair clip-in extensions, hair tape-in extensions, etc.  

Characteristics of hair extensions:

  • Increase hair density, length, and latitude to create a beautiful hair appearance.  
  • The needs of drama, acting, and other occupations need to change their hairstyles frequently, and hair extensions can be a good help.
  • One installation, lasting for a long time.  
  • Create a variety of hairstyles.  
  • There is a high degree of freedom in modeling, and you can use a variety of hair extensions to combine them to create your favorite and desired appearance.  
  • There are various installation methods, such as clip-in, micro rings, Fusion method, weaving methods, etc.  
  • There are various types. So, you can choose various hair extensions with different lengths, densities, and colors according to your actual needs.  
  • The price is high or low, which depends entirely on your needs. The longer the hair length, the greater the density, and the more difficult it is to dye. And the better the hair quality, the more expensive it will cost you.

At present, the most popular type of hair extension on the market is hair weave, which is a kind of hair extension to sew on your natural hair. Hair weaves have two types: synthetic hair or human hair, either temporarily or semi-permanently.  

What is a 16-inch hair extension?


16 inches hair extension: If it is straight, let your hair reach below your shoulders and close to your back. As for curly hair, it can make your curls reach your shoulders or below them.

What is an 18-inch hair extension?


18 inches hair extension: when it is straight, your hair length can reach below your back and be close to your waist. If it is curly hair, it can make your curly hair reach and approach your back.

Similarities of 16 inch and 18 inch clip in hair extensions

  • The installation method is roughly the same.  
  • They both can increase hair length, density, and latitude.  
  • Both are hair extensions.

Differences between 16 inch and 18 inch hair extensions


1. Lengths and weights

Typically, an 18-inch hair extension is long and weighs more than a 16-inch hair extension.

2. Extension effects

An 18-inch hair extension can achieve longer hair effects, while a 16-inch hair extension can achieve lighter, shorter hair effects.

3. Maintenance

It is more difficult to extend and maintain an 18-inch hair extension.

4. Difficulty of dyeing

It’s easier to stretch and dye 16 inches of hair extensions, while the 18 inches will be a little harder.

 5. The wearing

The 18-inch hair extension is longer and heavier, making it harder to wear naturally.

6. Levels of comfort

The 16-inch hair extension is lighter, and you can get a more comfortable feeling.

Which one is better, how to choose?

  • If you want to make your hair longer and thicker, you should choose an 18-inch hair extension.  
  • Do you want to create a short hairstyle and a light-wearing feeling? Choosing a 16-inch hair extension is a good way to make it a try.
  • As a novice in hair extension, you can choose the short 16-inch extension as a preliminary attempt.  
  • A 16-inch hair extension can give you a lower maintenance hair extension than an 18-inch hair extension.

Why should you buy human hair extensions?

The human hair extension is 100% virgin jet black human hair from one donor. So, you can see the human Hair remains in its natural state, with the cuticle intact. This type of hair is also known as virgin hair. They react well to heat, making them easier to shape and shape.  

Moreover, human hair weaves extensions are not easy to tangle and fall off, and the quality is very nice. If you take good care of one human hair extension, it can last at least 1 year, which is more durable and worth buying than synthetic hair extensions.

How to maintain your human hair extensions?

  • Avoid using heat-setting tools if possible.  
  • Use a mild, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.  
  • Use a wide-tooth comb to gently brush the hair to remove the tangles.  
  • Do not comb your hair extensions when it’s wet.  
  • Avoid sleeping when your hair is wet.  
  • Wear a silk nightcap while you sleep to reduce hair friction and dryness.  
  • Try to protect hair extensions from chlorine and salt water by wearing a swimming cap while you are swimming.

Final thoughts

Hope this blog can make you know the hair extensions better and know how to choose 16 inch or length 18 inch hair extensions. Recool Hair has various types of hair extensions including wigs. You can buy many great 10A quality hair extensions at affordable prices in Recool Hair. Welcome to try our hair and you can make orders by the way “Buy now, Pay later”. Come on and try dear.

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