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How Long Is A 16 Inch Wig?

16 inch wigs are required to be the desired length of wigs, not too long, not too short, giving a sense of symmetry. Wigs of this length have been on sale recently, and many customers indicate they want a 16 inch wig. What on earth is this 16 inch wig? What are its advantages? How do you determine if its length is standard? How do you choose and buy the best 16 inch wigs. Do you know the answers to these questions? If not, you can read on this blog and get the help.

What is 16 inch wig?


16 inch wig is a wig with 16 inch hair length. The length refers to the length from the top of the head to the tip of the hair after straightening. When you buy a wig, the length marked in the shop refers to this length.

So, there is the visual effect that straight hair looks longer than curly hair at the same length, because the length of curly hair refers to the length after it is straightened, and it makes its visual length shorter due to bending.

Why choose 16 inch wig?

16 inch straight wigs are medium length wigs. 16 inch curly wig can also be called short hair bob wigs This wig has many advantages of short bob hair wigs, and it also has the advantage of medium length hair. It can be seen as follows:

1. Price

The price of 16 inch is not expensive, and the length of hair is not very long, which can meet the consumption ability of almost most women. In addition, this wig can even become very cheap in the face of promotional activities. You can buy easily, and the budget pressure is not great.

2. Breathable

16 inch is more breathable than longer hair. Compared with shorter short bob wigs, 16 inch wigs will be warmer and more comfortable in winter. 16 inch is suitable for all seasons, summer and winter.

3. Various styles

The 16 inch wig can create a variety of shapes. You can create short hair shapes or medium long hair shapes. It can give you more modeling possibilities.

4. Variability

If you have a 16 inch wig, you can cut it short at any time to get short bob wigs, which is equivalent to using an inexpensive price and owning two types of hair at the same time.

5. Maintenance

Because the hair length is not very long, you can easily and quickly clean and maintain the hair. It will be easier to clean and maintain than those long hair, which is obvious.

6. Full appearance

Compared with short bob wigs,16 inchwigs gives you a longer hair length and a fuller appearance.

7. Practicability

16ich hair length is a very balanced hair appearance, suitable for all occasions. On any occasion or activity, your hair length will not appear prominent and strange, it is appropriate, while maintaining beauty, elegance and fashion.

Different body positions for 16 inch different hairstyles

  • 16 inch straight wigs can usually reach your armpit.
  • 16 inch wavy wigs can usually reach the middle of shoulder and armpit.
  • 16 inch curly wigs can usually reach a little bit above the shoulder.

Correct tips to measure a 16 inch wig

  • 16 inch straight wigs: You can install a wig on a wig holder, comb it vertically, and measure it from the top of your head to the end of your hair with a meter ruler. Take the average value from multiple measurements.
  • 16 inch wavy/curly wigs: You should first put your hair on the wig holder and then comb your hair straight and measure it when it is straight. You can measure several times to make sure the value is accurate.

How to choose the best 16 inch wigs?

1. Wig price

16 inch wigs are usually inexpensive. If you are on a tight budget, you can choose synthetic hair and ordinary lace, which can reduce your budget pressure.

If your budget is sufficient, you must choose human hair wigs, and better transparent lace, which can give you the most comfortable and natural hair appearance.

2. Wig lace

You can consider the lace, HD lace and transparent lace you need to create a more natural hairline. If you are very concerned about the natural appearance, you can choose a better lace 16 inch wig. But the price will be a little more expensive than ordinary lace, and ordinary lace can satisfy most people’s pursuit of natural appearance.

3. Wig color

You can consider what color you like and what color you are suitable for. You can choose the most suitable wig color according to your skin color, wearing style or personality.

4. Face shape

You can choose different 16 inch wigs according to your face shape.

5. Hairstyles and visual length

If you want a 16 inch wig that reaches your armpit length, you should choose a straight hair style.

If you want a 16 inch wig to reach between your shoulder and the armpit, you should choose the hairstyle of body wave or wavy.

If you want your 16 inch near your shoulder, you should choose curly hairstyle.

6. Wig texture

If you first want your 16 inch to be very durable and can be shaped many times again, you can choose human hair wigs, which can also give you a more natural hair appearance and less hair problems. Compared with synthetic hair wigs, you can wear human hair wigs for a long time.

How to care 16 inch human hair wigs?

Tips to wash correctly:

  • You can use a wide-toothed comb and olive oil to remove tangles.
  • You can wash your hair with high-quality sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner and be careful to avoid hot water.
  • You should use the method of natural air drying. If you are after speed, you can use the lowest gear hair dryer with diffuser. At the same time, you can also use thermal protection liquid to increase the degree of protection.

Tips to maintain correctly:

  • You should regularly take a deep care of your hair with conditioner, which will help restore the luster and nutrition of your hair, keep it hydrated and prevent tangles and falls off.
  • You should reduce the use of heat setting tools. If you use them, please take good thermal protection measures.
  • When you dye wigs, don’t use permanent dyes, and remember to use high-quality dyes with brand reputation.
  • You are using glue to install wigs. Please pay attention to using mild, high-quality and easy-to-remove glue that is not allergic.
  • When you remove the glue and take off your wig, please pay attention to using a mild remover, which will not harm your scalp and hairline. Avoid using alcohol remover.
  • You can use a wig box, wig bag or wig holder when storing wigs. Remember to keep them in a cool and dry place.

Popular 16 inch human hair wigs in our hair shop

13×4 13×6 Straight Lace Front Human Hair Wigs with Baby Hair Natural Hair


You can try this one 16 inch straight hairstyle human hair wigs with baby hair. You can do the baby hair easily. The hair is silky and awesome. You can choose the 16 inch wig in 150%,180%, or 200% density. The higher the density, the fuller your wigs will be. You can choose other lengths as well from 10 inch to 30 inch.

HD Lace Front Wig Brazilian Jerry Curly 13×4 13×6 Lace Wigs HD Lace 180% Density


The hair length is 16 inch~30 inch. It is Jerry curly hair style. The 16 inch length can be close to your shoulder. And the hair density is 180%. The lace is HD lace that you can get the most transparent hairline. And the wig will be more breathable than other wigs since the best HD lace.

Body Wave Hair 13×4 13×6 Full Lace Wig Brazilian Human Hair Pre Plucked Lace front Wig


It is body wave hairstyle. The length for choices is 10 inch~30 inch. You can choose the hair density from 150%,180% and 200% freely. The wigs are pre-plucked hairline and made of Brazilian human virgin hair. You must have a try.

Final reminder

Many wigs are for sales now in our hair shop. They have different lengths, styles, colors and textures. You can choose them what you like, and they are all made of 100% human virgin hair. You love them. Please just come and have an order dear.

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