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Do Human Hair Wigs Damage Your Natural Hair

Nowadays, more and more women are trying human hair wigs to get their favorite natural hair appearance. Human hair wigs are high-quality wigs, which are more durable and more natural than synthetic hair. Human hair wigs are also not easy to tangle and easy to maintain.

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Human hair wigs are comfortable to wear and breathable, which can protect your natural hair and help it grow. However, human hair wigs can also do some harm to your natural hair, which is mainly reflected in your wrong selection of wigs, improper installation, removal and failure to maintain your wig and so on. In today’s blog, you will learn how human hair wigs can hurt your natural hair and how to avoid it.

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How human hair wigs damage your natural hair?

1. The choice of wig

  • The wig is too small

The size of the wig is too small, and when you put on the wig, you will press your natural hair too tight, which will cause your natural hair to not breathe well and cause friction damage.

  • Fake human hair wigs

The human hair wigs you bought is not real. You chose a bad shop with bad reputation and were cheated. Poor quality wigs often have an unpleasant chemical smell and wearing them for a long time will harm your natural hair. You should confirm the ear reputation and wig quality of the wig shop before you buy it.

  • Glue wig

Choose the wig installed with glue. Glue will hurt your natural hairline. If you use too much glue or use inferior glue, it will easily lead to thinning and heightening of hairline.

2. Selection of hair care products

  • Inferior glue

If the glue you choose is inferior, then although you have installed your wig, it is harmful to your hairline and hurts your natural hair.

  • Alcohol-containing remover

If you choose glue remover containing alcohol to take off your wig, it will do harm to your natural hairline and skin.

3. Installation of wig

  • You didn’t wear a wig cap when you installed it, which will hurt your natural hair in some cases. The wig has a certain protective effect
  • When you fix your wig, it is too tight, which prevents natural hair from breathing better.
  • You overuse glue or use inferior glue to install wigs.

4. Removal of wig

  • You have used a remover harmful to scalp and hairline, which is too irritating.
  • When you remove the wig, pull it hard, do it gently without care and patience, and take it off in a hurry, which will hurt your natural hair.
  • You didn’t ensure the cleanliness and neatness of your wig, and a dirty wig will also have a bad influence on your natural hair.
  • You wear wigs too often. Wearing wigs for a long time will hurt your head and natural hair. You need to rest your wigs and make your natural hair more breathable and cleaner.
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How to avoid the damage of human hair wigs?

Now you already know the reasons why human hair wigs hurt your natural hair. Do you know how to reduce these injuries? This is related to three aspects, one is to pay attention to reducing the damage caused by wigs to your natural hair, the other is to take care of your wigs, and the other is to take care of your natural hair.

Reduce the damage caused by wigs to your natural hair

  • You should choose the wig size that is suitable for your head. During installation, you can also pay attention to using the adjustment belt behind the wig cap to adjust the correct wig position and tightness.
  • You should choose a reputable wig shop to buy. Don’t buy inferior human hair wig products. It would be better if you could try them on before buying.
  • If you are allergic to glue, you shouldn’t buy wigs that need glue to install. You can use glue-free wigs to avoid the harm of glue to your scalp and hairline.
  • You should choose a wig with good ventilation. The ventilation of wigs is the key to ensure the health of your natural hair.
  • Don’t wear your wig for a long time to avoid the sweltering and oppression of your head. You can take off your wig in time and let your natural hair have a full breath and rest.
  • You should choose high-quality glue to install the wig, and high-quality glue remover to remove the wig, which can reduce the damage to your nature.
  • When you install a wig, you should wear a wig cap, which has a better protection effect on your natural hair.

Keep your human hair wigs in good condition

  • You should clean your wig in time. It’s important for healthy natural hair to make sure it’s clean.
  • You can wear a headscarf or hat to protect your wig when you go out in bad weather, which also protects your natural hair.
  • You need to remove the tangles of the wig hair in time. Tangles will affect the air permeability of the wig. You need to ensure that the air permeability of the wig is good.

Keep your natural hair in good condition

  • You need to clean your natural hair regularly.
  • When you clean your natural hair, be careful not to use hair care products containing sulfate, which will harm your hair and scalp.
  • When you sleep at night, whether you wear a wig or not, you should wear a silk nightcap to protect your hair, which can reduce friction and avoid dry hair.
  • You should moisturize and supplement your natural hair regularly. You can use essence to restore the luster of your hair and conditioner to replenish and lock the moisture in your hair.

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