What do you need to do before you dye hair?

Nowadays more and more lady dye hair at home. It can save you a lot money and time. Some people can dye their hair to what they want, however, some people can not dye it to the expected status. So it is very important to learn the skill how to dye hair properly.

  • Clean your hair before dyeing.

Clean your hair , then put several drops oil can keep hair in a very good condition. In this way, The dye can blend with your hair more easily and naturally.

  • Choose your favorite color

If you dye your hair first time, u can do a test with a temporary dye to have a try. You also should use semi-permanent dye to damp hair.

  • Protect you and your home from dye stains

It is very easy to get dye on the clothes and floor, so you have to take measures to avoid it. Color the surface u may get dye on it. Put some newspaper on the carpet and do not wear your favorite clothes. It can let you and your home keep clean.

  • Keep your hair moisture and smooth

Comb your hair to keep hair moisture and smooth, it can let your dye apply easier and let your hair dyed evenly.

  • Use a bowl to mix dye.
  • Follow the instructions provided on the dye

Follow the instructions to combine the dye ingredients into the bottle provided. Then, shake the solution let ingredients combine well.

  • Mix your dye with a developer.The developer is generally included in the kit. If it is not, you can purchase it at your local drugstore.
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