How-To-Distinguish-Body-Wave-And Loose-Wave-Hair

How To Distinguish Body Wave And Loose Wave Hair

Hair is the most beautiful part of a woman’s appearance, and every woman should care and cherish her hair. The appearance of hair is varied, and you can change the shape and color of hair. Beautiful hair appearance will make you charming and charming. So, what are the fashionable and elegant hair styles? Two of them are very popular, one is loose wave hairstyle, and the other is body wave hairstyle. These two hair styles are somewhat similar, so that some customers can’t understand their differences and choose their own hair styles better.

If you are still troubled by this, please don’t worry. This blog will provide you with an introduction of these two hairstyles and some ways to help you better distinguish and choose them.


1. What is body wave hair?  

2. Pros of body wave hair  

3. Cons of body wave hair  

4. What is loose wave hair?  

5. Pros of loose wave hair  

6. Cons of loose wave hair  

7. Differences between body wave hair and loose wave hair

8. Why to try the body wave or loose wave human hair wigs?  

9. Great body wave or loose wave human hair wigs:  

10. Final reminder

What is body wave hair?

Body wave hair is a loose wavy hair like beach waves. The overall shape is S-shaped. This wavy hairstyle can not only show elegance, but also be very sexy, which completely highlights the beauty of curves. Body wave hair is like an excessive hairstyle with straight hair and curly hair. You can easily straighten or curl your body wave hair to create different hairstyles, and body wave also has some advantages of straight hair and curly hair. The smooth radian is charming, just like the waves undulating in the breeze in summer evening.

Pros of body wave hair

  • Easy to make
  • Easy to maintain
  • Elegant and sexy, leaning towards elegance.
  • Long visual effect

Cons of body wave hair

  • Not so good in holding curls of hair

What is loose wave hair?

Loose wave hair is a unique wave hair and a loose wave style. This hairstyle is a little curlier than Body wave hairstyle. The smaller and tighter curly hair makes it sexy and shows your passionate heart. The overall volume of loose wave hair is relatively large and has good elasticity.

Pros of loose wave hair

  • The hair is full and elastic
  • Hair is curly and loose
  • Large hair volume
  • Sexy and elegant, inclined to sexy
  • Can maintain high curl

Cons of loose wave hair

  • It is not easy to make and takes longer
  • It is not easy to maintain compared with body wave hair

Differences between body wave hair and loose wave hair

DifferenceLoose hairBody hair
Curl degree  Curlier  
The making Easier and less hurt
Keep curly  Better 
Be bouncyBetter 
Maintenance   Lower
The styleSexierMore elegant
Visual length Longer
Restyle Easier

Why to try the body wave or loose wave human hair wigs?

Now, according to the above table, you can recognize the difference between body wave and loose wave hair and make the choice you like. So, my dear friends, why do we have to create our own natural hair? You also know that styling your hair will hurt your hair. If you operate improperly, this kind of damage is even unimaginable. So why not choose a high-quality human hair wig? Body wave or loose wave human hair wigs can give you the outlook you want. And the human virgin hair can make your hair look very natural. You can also use the human hair wigs to restyle the hair styles you like freely after you get the wigs.

Great body wave or loose wave human hair wigs:

1. Glueless Loose Wave Short Wig Middle Part


The hair style is loose wave hair that is so nice for your charm body. The hair length is 14inch in 180% density which is full and dense.

2. Barrel Curls Loose Wave 13×4 5×5 Lace Front Wig


It is a lace front wig with loose wave hair. You can see how nice the model looks when you click the link. The hair lengths and densities are various choices for you.

3. 613 Blonde Body Wave 13×4 13×6 Lace Front Wigs


It is body wave hair wig made of Brazilian human hair with 613 blonde hair color. The hair texture is durable, and you can use the human hair body wave wig for long time. And it is a lace front wig with HD lace. You can get the most transparent and natural hairline.

4. Glueless Wig Body Wave 5×5 13×4 13×6 HD Lace Wig


It is natural black body wave hair style. You can wear the lace front wig with or without the glue. You can choose the wigs freely of different lace areas and lengths. The hair density is 180% to make sure you can get a full hair look.

Final reminder

Recool Hair is a reputable hair wig shop that you can trust. There is a 15+years hair making factory owned by the Recool Hair company. You can choose the human hair wigs with various styles. And now you can get big discounts for all the wigs. Don’t be hesitated anymore! Come and have a try.

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