what does a transparent lace closure look like

what does a transparent lace closure look like

what does a transparent lace closure look like

We usually purchase medium brown lace closure or frontal before we know transparent. Maybe someone ask what the difference is between medium brown lace and transparent lace. After you made hair into a wig, you need to install it. So when you install hair, the medium is a little different from our owm skin, so you need to make up this lace, then let it close to our skin color,then let hair looks like more realistic.

What is transparent Lace ?

It consists of a transparent lace background. This lace is basically colourless. When you put it on your skin, it fits our skin perfectly. New Arrival Products: Transparent Lace Front Wig, Transparent Lace Frontal, Transparent Full Lace Wig and so on. If you like this, you can go check to buy hair from our official website.

How to make a full lace wig ?

The full lace wig have a full lace cap. The style of lace cap is very diversified, it is free parting, and this cap can make the lace wig more stylistic , natural and comfortable on the upper body or high ponytail. The full lace wigs with bady hair have a natural hairline and a luxurious finish. Some manufacturers make a full lace wig with lace on the front and back, which make hair put in a high ponytail. The Structure of the Intermediate Part is composed of orbits just like a regular wig. There are two combs on the front and back. Two adjustable straps with hooks on the back ensure a secure fit.

where can i buy a full lace wig ?

You can go local store to purchase, because you can feel the hair by touching. But the price is so expensive.

You can buy hair by website. For example you buy hair by Aliexpress, Brand Official Website, Amazon and so on. The advantage is cheap price.

You can go to buy it according to your consumption capacity, if you are wholesaler, you can contact customer service to get wholesale price online.

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