Straight Hair? Tips For Better Care

Straight hair wig is the most purchased wig type, and straight hair can be redesigned into many different hairstyles. When you wear a straight hair wig, straight hair will suffer a lot of injuries, such as not using hair tools correctly, not using hair cleaning, styling and maintenance skills correctly and so on. So, if you want to take care of your straight hair wig, you need to deal with these problems.


Best four main tips to care your straight hair

One: use right hair tools

1. Sulfate-free hair care products

You should use the right hair care products when you maintain your straight hair wig, such as sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, etc. Because sulfate will make your straight hair dry and brittle, the right hair care products are important to keep your straight hair healthy.

2. Moisturizing conditioners

As the straight hair of wig dries easily, you should use conditioner regularly. Moisturizing conditioner can keep your hair hydrated.

3. Hair oil to moisten hair

You should regularly apply some hair oil to your straight hair, which can increase the luster and nutrition of your hair, keep and restore moisture in your hair, promote hair growth and repair split ends.

4. Silk nightcap

You can wear a silk nightcap to wrap your straight wig before going to bed, so that it won’t dry and tangle due to friction.

5. Thermal protection liquid

You can use heat protection liquid to protect your straight hair to reduce the injury when performing heat setting tools.

6. Sunhat to avoid ultraviolet rays.  

You should wear a sunshade hat in time to protect your straight hair wig outdoors with strong ultraviolet rays.

7. Wide tooth comb

You need to use the right comb. A wide-toothed comb and a special wig comb are the best choices. Narrow comb will increase the pull on the hair.

8. Professional hair scissors

You should use professional hair clippers to trim your straight wig, which you can buy at a beauty shop near you. Use sulfate-free hair care products.

9. Special wig rack

When you take off your wig, you can put it on a wig rack, which can help you keep your hair straight,


Two: use right washing skills

1. Avoid hot water

When you clean your wig, you should use warm water or cold water. You must know that hot water will make your straight hair lose water and nutrients. Your hair will become dry and tangled easily. You can use warm water or cold water to better protect your straight hair.

2. Avoid applying conditioner to hair roots

When you apply conditioner to straight hair, please be careful not to apply it to the root of your hair, which will make the root of your straight hair wig excessively dry and cause the hair to fall out.

3. Let the conditioner stand for a while

After you apply conditioner, don’t clean your straight hair wig immediately, let it stand for 3~5 minutes, and then clean the conditioner, which will exert the effect of conditioner more.

4. Choice of towels

After you wash your wig, you can use a soft towel with good water absorption to absorb most of the water in your wig. Be careful not to use a hard towel, friction will hurt your wet hair.

5. Avoid brushing your hair wet

You should avoid combing your hair when your wig is wet. Otherwise, your combing will make your straight hair overstretched, tangled or even broken. You can use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to remove knots when your hair is dry.

6. Correct drying method

You had better not use a heat setting tool, such as a hair dryer, to dry the wig, which will do more harm than naturally air-drying your straight hair wig.

Three: use right styling skills

1. Comb your hair too hard

When you comb your wig to make your straight hair more natural and supple, you should avoid overexertion, and your movements should be gentle to reduce the damage to your straight hair.

2. Formal heat setting tool

You should use regular quality-assured heat setting tools, such as good straightening and curling irons. Inferior products will bring a lot of danger to your straight hair.

3. Trim the split ends in time

Your wig will also have split ends in straight hair, so you need to trim your straight hair regularly. You can trim it yourself or go to a barber shop. Timely trimming split ends is a good way to prevent it from increasing.

4. Use minimum temperature

When you use heat setting tools, you should try to use the lowest temperature or gear, which will help to reduce the damage to your straight hair caused by temperature.

5. Avoid overdesign

Your straight hair wig can be styled for many times, but don’t overdo it. You should know that every styling is an injury to your straight hair.

6. Correct dyeing

You should use high-quality dye without sulfate, and you should not dye your straight hair too much, otherwise it will hurt your hair.

Four: use right maintaining skills

1. Avoid overuse

You should pay attention to avoid using your straight hair wig. You can buy multiple wigs for replacement, which can give your straight hair wig a full rest.

2. Avoid excessive cleaning

You should avoid over-cleaned straight hair wigs, which will accelerate the water loss of your straight hair and cause problems such as dryness, tangling and shedding. Usually, once a week is enough.

3. Avoid excessive use of heat setting tools

You can’t overuse heat styling tools, because it will have a destructive effect on hair. You should reduce the use of heat styling tools and use more heat-free styling methods.

4. Extreme weather

You should pay attention to the protection of straight hair wigs in extreme weather, for example, you can open an umbrella in rainy days, wear a hat when going out in sunny days, and so on.

5. Travel

When you travel, you can take a wig box with you to store and protect your wig in time.

6. Swimming

You should avoid swimming in swimming pools and in the sea with straight hair wigs. Chemicals such as chlorine in water can harm your straight hair. If you have to swim with straight hair wigs, you can wear a swimming cap.

7. Storage

You should store your wig in a cool and dry place, which will better protect your hair.

8. Anti-static

Your straight hair wig is prone to static electricity in winter, so you can spray a little antistatic agent to keep your straight hair from tangling.

9. Don’t overuse hair care products

No matter what the product is, you shouldn’t use it too much. Excessive use of hair care products will damage your hair and reduce its weight.

10. Seek help from a stylist

When you have hair problems, you can seek the guidance of a professional hairdresser. You can also go to your stylist regularly and ask their advice on maintaining your straight hair.


Final thoughts

Now we have introduced you four main tips to help you care your straight hair wigs better. If you can follow that well, your straight hair can be nice and keep in good condition for long time. Our hair shop is a great shop which has all wigs made of 100% human virgin hair. And There is a nice promotion now. You can get the 10A high-quality wigs of various styles in big discounts.

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