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Five Questions In 2022 To Make You A Better Maintenance Of Your Water Wave Lace Front Wig

Recently, the hairstyle of water wave has quickly become popular all over the world. More and more wig lovers like this product. In this case, there are also more and more topics about how to protect and maintain people’s cherished water wave lace front wig. So today we will help you maintain your water wave wig by answering five simple questions.


How to comb the front wig of water wave hair

  • When brushing the water wave lace front wig, use a wide tooth comb or a soft brush to comb the hair from the end of the hair, and then move it up smoothly.
  • When your water-wave lace front wig is tangled, remember, don’t comb it hard, otherwise, it may lead to hair loss or breakage. You know, even natural hair can’t stand rough care. It’s best to use some conditioner, which is specially for wigs, and then comb your wigs.
  • Avoid brushing the human lace wig when your hair is wet. Before cleaning, brush your water wave lace wig to remove all tangles.

How to do night maintenance of water wave lace front wig

  • Silk scarves are not so abrasive to your hair. Therefore, when you sleep, wrap your water wave lace wig with a scarf like silk, or use a silk pillow to reduce friction.
  • You can also apply a little oil on the wig before going to bed at night. As the hair ends tend to be harder and drier, the oil we apply will give the hair extra moisture, so that it can keep its luster and smoothness, thus making it the best water wave lace front wig.

How to store water wave wig when we put down it

When you don’t wear your water-wave-shaped lace front wig, distribute it in a special place, such as a wig holder or wig model head. If you don’t wear it for a long time, remember to do a good job of cleaning and drying it, and then use a silk wig.

Can we swim with the water wave wig

It’s best not to. If the adhesive is not waterproof, the wig may fall off our heads. Moreover, chlorine in the swimming pool will damage our wigs. It is also best not to wear wigs when traveling to the seaside and swimming in the sea, because the salt in the sea will also damage wigs.

What should you make notice on when doing the washing of water wave wig

  • Remember to use a wide tooth comb or a professional wig comb when combing our hair.
  • Avoid hot water to wash your hair. Use cold and warm water.
  • Use high-quality professional wig shampoo and conditioner.
  • Don’t dry your wig with a hair dryer. It’s best to dry it naturally after absorbing excess water with a towel.
  • Do not use heat setting tools to shape wigs. If necessary, please use the lowest gear.

Where to buy the best and water wave wig

RecoolHair Shop is a great hair product company in China, providing customers with cheap wigs, from where we can buy cheap and high-quality water wave wigs.

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