The Difference Between Loose Wave And Body Wave

If you are looking for a new hairstyle that can enhance your beauty and give you a natural and versatile look, you might be interested in body wave or loose wave hair. These are two popular types of hair extensions that can create stunning and voluminous waves for any occasion. But how do they differ from one another, and which should you choose? In this article, we will compare body wave and loose wave hair in terms of their features, advantages, disadvantages, maintenance and styling tips. By the end of this article, you will have a better idea of which hairstyle suits you best.

What is body wave hair?


“Body wave hair” is a type of hairstyle that is achieved through a chemical process that adds waves or curls to the hair. This style is characterized by loose, natural-looking waves that give the hair more volume and movement.

The process typically involves applying a chemical solution to the hair, which breaks down the protein bonds in the hair strands. The hair is then wrapped around rods of various sizes to create the desired wave or curl pattern, and a neutralizer is applied to help set the new shape. The end result is hair with a more textured, wavy appearance.

Body wave hair can be achieved on a variety of hair types, but it is especially popular for those with straight or slightly wavy hair who want to add more volume and texture without resorting to harsh heat styling tools. It’s important to note that chemical treatments can be damaging to the hair, so it’s important to follow proper aftercare instructions and seek the help of a professional stylist for best results.

What are the advantages of body wave hair?

Body wave hair refers to hair that has a loose, natural-looking wave pattern that adds volume and texture to the hair. Some of the advantages of body wave hair include:

1. Low maintenance

Body wave hair is relatively low maintenance compared to other types of textured hair. The natural-looking wave pattern means that you don’t have to spend a lot of time styling your hair to achieve a particular look.

2. Versatile

Body wave hair can be styled in many different ways. You can wear it straight, curl it, or leave it natural for a relaxed, beachy look.

3. Adds volume

The loose wave pattern adds volume to the hair, making it look fuller and thicker.

4. Long-lasting

Body wave hair can last for several months with proper care and maintenance. This means that you won’t have to worry about frequent trips to the salon for touch-ups.

5. Natural-looking

The loose wave pattern of body wave hair looks natural and effortless, which is perfect for those who want a relaxed, low-key look.

6. Easy to style and manage

You can curl it, straighten it, dye it or bleach it as you like. It can also hold curls well for a long time.

Overall, body wave hair is a great option for those who want a low maintenance, versatile, and natural-looking textured hairstyle that adds volume and texture to the hair.

What are the disadvantages of body wave hair?

– Body wave hair may lose its original shape over time due to washing, styling or environmental factors. You may need to use some products or tools to restore its waves.

– Body wave hair may get tangled or frizzy if not moisturized or conditioned regularly. You may need to comb it gently and apply some oil or serum to keep it smooth and shiny.

How to take care of body wave hair?

To keep your body wave hair looking beautiful and healthy, you should follow these tips:

– Wash your body wave hair regularly with mild shampoo and conditioner, preferably once a week or every two weeks. Avoid using harsh products that contain sulfates, alcohol or parabens, as they can strip the moisture and nutrients from the hair.

– Detangle your body wave hair gently with a wide-tooth comb or a paddle brush before washing it. Work your way up to the roots by beginning at the ends. Do not pull or tug on the hair, as it can cause breakage and shedding.

– Dry your body wave hair with a soft towel or a t-shirt by blotting it gently. Do not rub or wring the hair, as it can cause frizz and damage. You can also let your body wave hair air-dry or use a blow dryer on low heat setting if you are in a hurry.

– Moisturize your body wave hair with a leave-in conditioner or a serum after washing it. This will help to seal in the moisture and prevent dryness and brittleness. You can also use some oil on your body wave hair to add shine and softness.

– Protect your body wave hair at night by wrapping it with a silk or satin scarf or sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase. This will prevent friction and tangling that can cause matting and shedding.

Body wave hair is a great option for anyone who wants to have a natural, relaxed and versatile hairstyle. By choosing high-quality body wave hair and taking good care of it, you can enjoy its beauty and benefits for a long time.

How to choose body wave hair?

When choosing body wave hair, you should pay attention to the following factors:

– The quality of the hair

You should always opt for human hair over synthetic hair, as human hair is more natural-looking, durable and resistant to heat and damage. You should also look for remy hair, which means that the cuticles of the hair are intact and aligned in the same direction, which prevents tangling and shedding. You can also check the shine and texture of the hair to see if it is silky and smooth to the touch.

– The length and weight of the hair

You should choose the length and weight of the hair according to your preference and budget. Generally, longer and heavier hair will cost more than shorter and lighter hair. You should also consider how much volume you want to achieve with your body wave hair. If you want a fuller look, you might need more bundles or a closure or frontal to complete your hairstyle.

– The color of the hair

You should choose the color of the hair that matches your natural hair color or the color you want to dye your hair. Body wave hair usually comes in natural black or brown colors, but you can also find other colors such as blonde, red or ombre. You can also dye or bleach your body wave hair if you want to change its color, but you should do it carefully and professionally to avoid damaging the hair.

How to style body wave hair?

– You can style your body wave hair as you wish. You can curl it with a curling iron or wand, straighten it with a flat iron, braid it, twist it or put it in a bun or ponytail.

– You can also add some accessories to your body wave hair such as clips, pins, headbands or scarves to spice up your look.

– You can also change the color of your body wave hair with some dye or bleach. However, make sure to do a strand test first and consult a professional if you are not sure how to do it.

What is loose wave hair?


Loose wave hair is another type of hair extension that has tight curls that are huge in size. It has a lot of volume and body and is ideal for someone who is looking for a fuller and bouncier look. Loose wave hair has smaller and tighter waves than body wave hair and more texture and dimension.

What are the advantages of loose wave hair?

Loose wave hair is a popular hairstyle that can give you a natural and effortless look. Loose wave hair has some advantages over other types of hair, such as:

– It can add volume and texture to your hair, especially if you have thin or fine hair.

– Loose wave hair is very attractive and eye-catching. It can make you stand out from the crowd and show off your personality.  

– It can suit different face shapes and skin tones, as it has a soft and flattering appearance.

– Loose wave hair is versatile and flexible. You can change its curl pattern with some water or heat. You can also curl it more, straighten it or dye it as you like.

– It can be styled in various ways, such as half-up, half-down, ponytails, braids, or buns.

– Loose wave hair is soft and silky to the touch. It has a lightweight feel to each strand and does not shed or tangle easily.

– It can be easier to maintain than tighter curls, as it does not require much heat or products to keep its shape.

What are the disadvantages of loose wave hair?

– Loose wave hair may require more maintenance than body wave hair. You may need to wash it more often, moisturize it more frequently and use more products to keep its curls intact.

– Loose wave hair may not suit everyone’s taste or preference. Some people may find it too curly or too voluminous.

How to choose loose wave hair?

Loose wave hair is a type of human hair extension that has a natural wavy texture and can add volume and movement to your hair. Loose wave hair is popular among women who want to achieve a glamorous and versatile look without damaging their own hair. However, with so many options available in the market, how do you choose the best loose wave hair for yourself? Here are some tips to help you make the right decision.

– Consider your hair type and texture. 

Loose wave hair works best on medium to thick hair that is straight or slightly wavy. If you have fine or thin hair, you may want to avoid loose wave hair as it can weigh down your hair and make it look flat. If you have curly or coily hair, you may need to straighten your hair before getting a loose wave perm to achieve a uniform result.

– Choose a suitable length and style. 

Loose wave hair can vary in length and style depending on your preference and face shape. Generally, longer loose wave hair can create a more glamorous and feminine look, while shorter loose wave hair can create a more chic and edgy look. You can also choose different styles of loose wave hair, such as spiral curls, loose waves, or beach waves.

– Find a professional stylist. 

Loose wave hair is not a DIY project. It requires skill and experience to apply the chemicals and rollers correctly and safely. You should find a professional stylist who has experience with loose wave hair and can advise you on the best options for your hair type and desired look. You should also follow the aftercare instructions from your stylist to maintain your loose wave hair and avoid damage.

Loose wave hair can be a great way to transform your look and add some flair to your natural hair. By following these tips, you can choose the best loose wave hair for yourself and enjoy your new hairstyle.

How to style loose wave hair?

Loose wave hair can be styled in various ways, depending on the occasion and preference. Here are some styling suggestions for body wave hair:

– For a simple and casual look, you can leave your loose wave hair loose and let the waves flow naturally. You can also add some accessories like clips, headbands or hats to spice up your look.

– For a more glamorous and elegant look, you can curl your loose wave hair with a curling iron or wand. You can create different types of curls, such as tight, loose or spiral curls. You can also pin up some sections of your hair to create an updo or a half-up half-down style..

No matter how you style your loose wave hair, make sure to use some products like shampoo, conditioner, serum or spray to keep your hair healthy and shiny. You should also avoid excessive heat or chemical treatments that can damage your hair. With proper care and maintenance, your loose wave hair can last for a long time and give you a versatile and beautiful look.

Which one should you choose?

It depends on your personal preference and the look you want to achieve. If you want a more natural and subtle look, body wave hair may be a good choice for you. If you want a more glamorous and dramatic look, loose wave hair may be a better option for you. Either way, you can find high-quality body wave hair and loose wave hair at our online store. Visit us today and get your dream hairstyle!

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