How to Install 6x6 Lace Closure Glueless

How to Install 6×6 Lace Closure Glueless

You need a 6×6 Lace closure this closure is very big and it’s very versatile it gives you the option or having of like a frontal on your hairline if you want to go for a frontal but you’re not sure how to maintain it or have to keep it going. This is the difference between the 6 x 6 closure and a regular full-back for closure okay you can see how small the regular closure is and you can see how huge the 6 x 6 crochets so you need to know how to achieve a flawless 6 times 6 closure install without using any glue you can see this hairline came free plug already and his hair is gorgeous alright so the model keep with her hair already washed and conditioned so especially wash okay we’re gonna get started with her and stuff she wants a middle part so we got and this is a closure so let us start off in the middle of her head by party a road to separate your section and then start with your raids every good soul and starts with a good base so you need your cornrows to be nice and intact so you have a good base once after party in a row in the front, because usually starts in the back with your first break going across nip area they just help you so a track on the back of your clients neck Internet area,so instill first doubt that they can be able to put up at some point if they choose all right so once first braid that goes across the nib is done you move on to the front, you need to breathe from parting space in the middle and you need to go down each braid and connect each braid as you go and continue braiding section by section on top your forehead is complete now.then take a little bit of got to be glue gel and slipping back her edges once her edges are out of the way this is a great method this way just helps her edges still in tag and secure edges from the lace and the stocking cap once there are slicked back now. Then placing the brown stockings over her head and you can see how perfect this brown stockings matches her skin – is mold like a seamless stockings which is perfect for her. You need glue spray do the half ball cap Matic a Closure. You need to use blow dry the stockings just to get it to dry quicker you can leave it to air dry if you choose to write just a waste of time, Then make sure that the stockings is secure and it doesn’t move.You need to cutting off all the extra stockings around her entire head and after cutting off the extra stockings you can see how beautiful nice and sinless that stockings to look on the top of her head all right. It helps you out a little bit more hair to your back to space alright so once my weaving net is secured in the back and stockings is secured in the front, then you can istall it.

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