Having straight hair that appears like its been professionally done is that the goal of everybody. we tend to all wish hair just like the celebrities. Straightening natural hair, or waves hair extensions, are often troublesome now and then however this text can cowl it all. We’ll justify the way to straighten natural hair, flat ironing natural hair, and far a lot of. For starters, we tend to suggest the HSI skilled Second Generation flat iron.

Dos and Dont’s: the way to Straighten Natural Hair?

1. Do’s

Wash your hair with a elucidative shampoo before flat ironing to get rid of any build-up.

Deep condition your hair per week or 2 before straightening. this may nourish your hair and increase its resistance to heat.

Apply a macromolecule treatment among per week before straightening. this may strengthen your hair.

Apply a heat protectant before blow drying.

Blow dry hair downward. this may leave a much better quality flat ironing method.

Work with hair in sections.

Wrap flat smoothed hair with a silk or textile scarf before bed.

2. Dont’s

Don’t use over 450 degrees once flat ironing.

Don’t use oils or butter before blow drying and flat ironing

Don’t flat iron every section quite doubly.

Don’t flat iron daily.

Don’t use water-based moisturizers, avoid water normally.

Don’t forget to use a macromolecule treatment to your hair when flat ironing.


How To Flat Iron Natural Hair?

The first step within the method of getting straight hair, you wish to cluster your hair into specific sections so it’s easier to straighten. If you have got thicker hair, you ought to cluster it into a lot of sections so all of your hair gets heated.

Once you have got your hair classified up into manageable sections, guide the device to regarding an in. close to below your roots, and in a very slow, however swift motion glide the device down the shaft of your hair to the tip.

For any sections of your hair that you just could have incomprehensible , take the device as about to your scalp as doable, pull the device down your hair and aloof from your scalp externally.

After you are finished, you ought to think about using a shine spray to take care of a shiny look. this can be in fact simply a recommendation. Follow these steps whereas straightening natural hair to urge the most effective results. If you’re sporting frizzy hair weave, you’ll be able to use constant technique to urge the straight hair weave.


What Flat Iron must you Buy?

When you are buying a brand new flat iron, make certain to require note of the load. perceive that you will be holding that flat iron up within the air for minutes at a time and if it’s serious, you will be feeling the burn (pun intended) at the tip of your straightening session.

Now, every individual flat iron has its own heat settings. the feel of your hair can confirm what temperature you’ll have to be compelled to use.

Cheap flat irons you discover at your native beauty store can work with settings that mechanically begin on the next temperature than dearer flat irons. If the density of your hair is correct, then you will not have to be compelled to regulate the temperature the least bit. however if your hair is skinny the temperature may well be too high that might probably do a lot of hurt than sensible.


Straightening Natural Hair Myths

Those people World Health Organization area unit born with naturally wavy or frizzy hair area unit continuously trying to find ways in which to urge our hair straight and have it look as natural as doable after, however there area unit several myths within the beauty world once it involves straight hair.

These area unit things like split ends being reversible, some ladies awaken with utterly straight hair, which some simply have naturally sleek hair and notwithstanding what happens thereto, it will not kink up or look dirty. these items simply are not true and also the truth is told, we tend to all should work for that sleek, frizz-less vogue that we tend to clamor for.

Any girl World Health Organization has ever had that sleek straight hair understands that not solely does one ought to place effort into obtaining it however some heating parts area unit needed.


Avoiding Common Straightening Mistakes

One factor folks do after they area unit ironed for time however wish straight hair is that they use the device on wet hair. Avoid doing this the least bit prices, there is a high probability of you damaging your hair. notwithstanding it’s hair bundles or lace frontal closure. to not mention the smell. you ought to conjointly avoid exploitation any heating tools that area unit broken, chipped, or broken in any means as this may cause a fireplace, injury your hair thanks to dis-proportioned heat, or cause a brief. If you’d wish to avoid obtaining dry hair from employing a flat iron then attempt to limit use to regarding 3-4 times per week.

Cleaning your flat iron is additionally necessary to forestall product build up. There area unit special mixtures that area unit created for cleanup flat irons but you’ll be able to conjointly simply use heat water.

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