A Full Lace Wig vs A Lace Frontal Wig

What Is The Difference Between A Full Lace Wig And A Lace Frontal Wig

Lace frontal wigs and full lace wigs are two popular and similar wigs. Many customers often struggle with their differences when buying them. Which one will suit you better? Therefore, to help customers better choose their own wigs, this blog will analyze their differences for you and help you know them better.

What is a Lace frontal wig?

Lace frontal wig is a kind of wig with lace on the front of the wig. The size of lace is usually 13×4 or 13×6. The back of the wig is a soft and unbreakable net cap. The hair on the lace needs to be hooked in by hand, and the hair on the hair cap is woven in by machine.

Advantages compared with Full lace wigs

1. Lower price

2. Easier Installation

  • Lace front is easier to install and remove than full place wigs

3. More Volume

  • Lace front wigs have weft lines behind the hair cap to carry more hair, forming a fuller appearance.

4. Lower Maintenance

  • The maintenance of lace frontal wigs is easier than that of full lace wigs with large lace area.

5. More suitable for Beginners

  • Lace frontal wigs are more suitable for beginners to wear and use.

What is a full lace wig?

Full lace wig is a wig base composed entirely of lace, which can cover the whole head with a large lace area. Your styling design will be more diverse. Hair of the wigs is tied to lace by hand, so it takes a long time to make.

Advantages compared with lace frontal wigs

1. More parting and modeling

Full lace wigs can be separated anywhere, and there are more hairstyles to design and choose, such as high ponytail, high bun, etc.

2. Be more breathable 

Full lace wigs Because the lace area covers the whole head, it has better air permeability, which allows your scalp and natural hair to breathe and grow freely, without sweltering.

3. More natural

Full lace wig has lace on the whole head, which can tie a ponytail. It looks more natural than a front lace wig.

4. A larger lace area

Full lace wigs have a larger lace area, so you can design more hairstyles.

5. Higher stability

Full lace wigs have better stability after installation.

6. Lighter and more comfortable

Full lace wigs are lighter, you can wear it for a long time without getting tired, and it feels very comfortable to wear because it is soft lace.

Differences between lace frontal wigs and full lace wigs

DifferencesLace Frontal WigsFull Lace Wigs
StabilityNot as good asBetter
Free partingLessMore
Lace areaSmallerLarger
Air permeabilityNot as good asBetter
The diversity of hairstylesLessMore
ComfortNot as good asBetter
BeginnersBetterNot as good as
Natural appearanceNot as good asBetter

Here are the differences in detail:

1. Stability

The wig with full lace is more stable than lace frontal wigs, and it is not easy to fall off.

Lace frontal wigs has poorer stability.

2. Free parting

Full ace wig can provide you with more parting schemes, and you can even put the wig sideways and obliquely.

Lace frontal wigs has fewer typing schemes.

3. Lace area

Full lace front wigs have a larger lace area.

Lace frontal wig has a smaller lace area than the full lace area.

4. Installation

Lace frontal wigs are easier to wear than full lace wigs, and you need to deal with fewer lace areas.

The installation of full lace wigs is more troublesome than lace frontal wigs.

5. Costs

Lace frontal wigs is cheaper than full lace wigs, and it is less difficult to make.

The price of full lace wig is higher than that of lace frontal wig, so it is difficult to make it.

6. Air permeability

The air permeability of full lace wig is better than lace frontal wig, because it has a larger lace area.

Lace frontal wigs has poor air permeability.

7. The diversity of hairstyles

Full lace wig can create more hairstyles, such as high ponytail, double ponytail and so on.

There are fewer styles of lace wigs.

8. Weight

The full lace wig is lighter than lace frontal wig.

Lace frontal wigs is heavier.

9. Comfort

The wearing comfort of full lace wig is better than lace frontal wigs.

Lace frontal wigs is less comfortable to wear.

10. Volume

Lace frontal wigs can achieve more hair density and fullness, because the hair cap made by the machine behind the wig can bear more hair strands.

The fullness and density of full lace wigs will be lower, because the base of the hair cap is all lace, and the hair is hooked manually.

11. Maintenance

The maintenance of Lace frontal wigs is easier because there are fewer lace areas.

It is more difficult to maintain the full lace wig.

12. Beginners

Lace frontal wig is more suitable for beginners than full lace wig, because it is cheaper, simpler to maintain and easier to install.

All lace wigs are not suitable for beginners.

13. Natural appearance

The base of full lace wig is full of lace, which can give you the most natural appearance.

The appearance of Lace frontal wigs is not as natural as that of a full lace wig.

14. Manufacturing

The full lace wig needs a lot of labor and takes a long time to make.

The production of the front lace wig needs machines and labor, and the production time is shorter.

Which one to choose when you buy lace wigs?

Lace frontal wigs and full lace wigs are great wigs, both of which can give you a natural appearance and protect your hair from ultraviolet rays and other pollutants. They can all change the appearance of your hair quickly, so you don’t have to style your own hair. 

They are not very different. If you have no special needs, you can choose freely according to your own budget. If you are concerned about their differences and want to choose a wig that suits you better, you can choose your favorite wigs according to the 14 small differences mentioned above.

Popular full lace wigs and lace front wigs in our hair shop

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The body wave lace frontal wigs are pre-plucked and have various length from 10inch~30inch. And You can choose the wigs in different densities. There are 150% density, 180% density and 200% density for choosing. With the baby hair in front of wigs, you can own greatly natural hair look.

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