How to Sleep in Your Wig

How To Sleep In Your Wig, If You Must

Nowadays, wigs are popular in the world, and there are more and more questions about wigs. One of them is whether you can sleep with a wig on. Sleeping in a wig has both advantages and disadvantages. If you really need to sleep with a wig, you need to reduce or avoid its disadvantages, so that you can sleep with a wig. So how do you do it when you must sleep with a wig on?

Today’s blog will provide you with a good guide. You will know the advantages and disadvantages of sleeping with a wig and how to sleep with it, as well as some knowledge of hair care. Please keep reading, you will learn a lot of great knowledge about wigs.


Hair types of your wigs

For the hair types of your wigs, there are two main hair types in the hair market: human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs. The hair is easy to be dried when meeting the friction, especially synthetic hair wigs. The synthetic hair wigs are easier to be messy and tangled than human hair wigs.

Disadvantages of sleeping in your wig

You will first understand the disadvantages of sleeping with a wig, and then we will introduce its advantages and how to do it to reduce the harm when you sleep with a wig.

  • Increase friction, resulting in dry hair, the passage of water, and easy entanglement.
  • Increase the kink and squeeze of hair, which will easily lead to hair falling out.
  • Wearing a wig to sleep, the nutrition of your wig will be lost faster, and your wig will be much more maintained.
  • Wearing a wig to sleep easily increases the trouble, time and energy of your maintenance.
  • The wig may be loose or damaged, if your sleep is not stable.
  • If you take care of your wig before going to bed, the excess grease and pollutants on your wig will do more harm if you sleep with it.
  • If your pillow is made of cotton, it will increase the damage to your hair, because it will absorb the moisture of the hair and increase the friction with the hair.

Why many women want to sleep in wig?

First, you need to know that it is feasible to sleep with a wig if you take appropriate protective measures. Secondly, sleeping with a wig has some advantages, which is why many customers want to sleep with a wig, and find ways to reduce or avoid injuries.

Here are some benefits of sleeping with a wig:

1. Convenience

Sleeping with a wig can save you time and energy to remove it and install it again the next day, which is more convenient.

2. Have a good sleep

Many customers don’t want to remove their wigs after wearing them for a day, and they are used to it. If you take it off before going to bed, it may affect your sleep. Moreover, if you are tired all day, it’s also desirable to fall asleep quickly. It’s always unpleasant to take some time to remove your wig.

3. The most perfect gesture

Many customers want to sleep in the most perfect posture, and they want to put on their favorite wigs rather than take them off, which will help you feel happy, enhance the quality of your sleep, and increase your self-confidence.

4. Easy to work

Many women are going to work, study or cook the next day, and sleeping in a wig will undoubtedly make the morning more relaxed and leisurely, which can save time.

5. Protect your wig

In a way, if you frequently install and take off your wig, it will hurt your wig, which will affect the wearing effect and the life of your wig.

6. Reduce the risk of installation

The installation of wigs often requires glue, which is a complicated way to wear them. Even if it is installed without glue, it needs correct and careful skills. Sleeping with a wig can reduce your risk of re-installation.

7. Reduce the risk of demolition

As the installation of wigs is risky, so is the removal of wigs. And sleeping with a wig will undoubtedly reduce this risk.

8. More activities

When you save time for installing and removing wigs, you will have more time for other activities. You can spend more time maintaining and decorating wigs than installing and removing them.

9. Ways suitable for novice, lazy and working women

If you are a novice, you can sleep with the wig to reduce the risk of damaging your wig and save time.

If you are lazy, you can sleep with a wig to reduce trouble and energy consumption.

If you are a working woman, you can sleep with a wig to save time and energy and get a more pleasant and convenient experience.


How to sleep in a lace front wig with less hurts if you must?

1. Apply anti-static moisturizer

You can wear a wig before going to bed. Apply some anti-static gentle moisturizing cream to keep your hair hydrated at night, instead of drying out.

2. Braid your hair

You can braid your hair while sleeping, which will reduce the friction on the wig hair and better protect the wig.

3. Silk hair cap

You can sleep with a silk hair cap and wrap your wig hair with the hair cap, which can reduce the friction and distortion of the wig.

5. Silk pillows

You can choose silk pillows and sheets, which mainly have the effect of reducing friction, to protect the wig. It is a very simple but effective method.

6. Comb your hair after waking up

After waking up, you can comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb with the help of nourishing essential oil, remove tangles in your hair and make your hair more beautiful.

7. educe the frequency

You should reduce the frequency of sleeping with a wig, no matter how well you protect it. You shouldn’t sleep in a wig every day; the damage will accumulate little by little. You can rest your hair for one or two days a week.

8. Select human hair wigs

You should choose human hair wigs instead of synthetic hair. You must know that human hair wigs are more durable and less likely to tangle and dry compared with synthetic hair. Human hair wigs is the best wig for sleeping at night.

9. Learn to use wigs alternately

You can buy an extra wig, and then you can take turns wearing it and sleeping with it. This can make you fall asleep in a perfect posture every day and reduce the damage to your wig. They can all get enough rest.


Tips to maintain your wigs better

  1. Wash your wigs with mild shampoo and conditioner sulfate-free.
  2. Go for hairstylists to deep conditioner your wigs once a week.
  3. Dry your wigs by the air.
  4. Reduce the use of heat-setting tools.
  5. Use no-harm wig glue to do the installation.
  6. Use mild ways to remove your wigs.
  7. Be patient and careful when you do every step for the wigs.
  8. Store your wigs in cool and dry positions.

Final reminder

After reading this blog carefully, hope you can wear your wig to sleep safely and take care of your wig. Now our wig shop is doing activities. Human hair wigs with various styles, colors and different hair styles are selling well with very affordable wigs. They are all high-quality wigs in 10A. You will love them. Welcome to check and buy.

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