Here's A Quick Way To Bleach The Knots On Your Lace Wig

Here’s A Quick Way To Bleach The Knots On Your Lace Wig

Have you been speculative the way to bleach the knots on your lace wig as a permanent answer to a scalp once you install the virgin human hair bundle weaves purchased from virgin hair company? I’ll demonstrate the way to bleach your knots in three straightforward easy steps!

Material You Need: Recool Virgin Hair Weave Bundles Sew In, Bleach, Gloves, Mixing Bowl, Mixing Spatula, Flat Application Brush, Knot Sealer  Recool hair bundlesRecool human hair bundlesStep 1
Put Recool thick virgin hair Wig on table and Pore the bleach in the bowl, and add the cream developer, combine the mixture till you get a toothpaste – like consistency. The consistency must be thick enough so it won’t ooze through the lace and bleach the

remy hair
Step 2
Smooth all the baby hair back out of the means. it should assist you to use water to swish them back.
Turning your lace wig within out, grab the flat application brush and therefore the bleach mixture and gently apply it to the lace. once you have completed covering the lace with the bleach, wrap your wig within the foil to method as mentioned on top of. Finally, set a timer for twenty minutes for hair bleaching process.

virgin human hair
Step 3
Grab a hanger with clips to carry your wig firmly for shampooing during the time when it is being processing. Hold your wig front facing downward to remove the bleach down into the drain. Rinse your lace wig twice and twice with cool until the water is clear with no shampoo or bleach, then use a neutralizing shampoo to prevent it from over-process damage which will cause dry, shedding and knot sealer is necessary if shedding.

remy human hair

Then came out a wig with a natural looking scalp! View the instructional video below to get more information. Enjoy!

water weave

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