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4 Side Effects Of Using Hair Gel And How To Avoid Them

Hair gel is a common product used to design and style hair. It can quickly and simply finish some hair styling. This advantage can save you a lot of maintenance time and money. But you should know that everything has two sides. Do you know the disadvantages of hair gel? You will have a better understanding of the side effects of hair gel if you read this blog carefully. You will also learn some ways to avoid and reduce these side effects. Start studying.

What is a hair gel?

Hair gel is a kind of hairdressing product, which can quickly shape hair. It can harden your hair and then shape it. Hair gel is mainly composed of protein, oil, moisturizer and conditioner, etc. You need to apply it to wet hair, and then the hair gel will harden and shape your hair. But there are also some bad chemicals in hair gel, which will cause some side effects and be harmful to your hair. You need to take some protective measures to better care for your hair.

Common harmful substances in hair gel


Because of its cleaning properties, sulfate usually dries the hair and scalp and can cause irritation.


Isopropyl alcohol in alcohol can make scalp very dry. Irritating, making hair more fragile and easier to break.

P-hydroxybenzoic acid:

P-hydroxybenzoic acid is the most common ingredient in hair gel. It is less harmful to the scalp and will irritate the scalp and produce dandruff.

Polyethylene glycol:

Although it can soften and moisturize the scalp, it will also take away the moisture in the hair to some extent, making the hair drier.

4 Side effects when you use the hair gel

1. Dry hair and other problems

Excessive use of hair gel or poor-quality hair gel will make your hair dry and fragile, which will cause many hair problems, such as splitting, shedding, tangling, roughness and itching. These are common wig side effects.

2. Hair texture and color

Another side effect of hair gel is that it will change the texture and color of your hair, making your hair dull, lifeless and even ugly. Your hair color will also be affected to varying degrees, sometimes turning gray or even turning white. This is mainly because hair gel can disturb the pH balance of scalp. The irritating chemicals contained in those Hair gels will make your hair fade or even change color.  

3. Dandruff and furcation

Long-term use of hair gel can dry your scalp, while some irritating substances in hair gel can cause inflammation and itching of your hair. After hair gel damages your scalp, some bacteria will also take advantage of it to harm your scalp and hair. Your scalp will produce a lot of dandruff. This side effect is mainly caused by irritation, improper sebum secretion and weak hair roots.

4. Affect hair growth

Long-term use of hair gel will lead to blockage of hair follicles, depriving your hair of its natural oil, and then your scalp will be forced to secrete more oil. The accumulation of oil will hinder the growth of your natural hair.

Tips to avoid the side effects

1. Prevent hair gel residue

After each use of hair gel, you must timely clean all hair gel residues, and refuse to accumulate hair gel and its harmful substances.

2. Choose a milder and healthier hair gel

You can use natural hair gel containing coconut oil or olive oil, which can reduce the damage caused by chemical ingredients to the hair. And this kind of hair gel is also good for moisturizing your hair to some extent.

3. Keep away from scalp and hair root

You should avoid applying hair gel to your scalp and hair roots, which will cause great damage, dry your scalp, block hair follicles and cause hair to become dry and fall off.

4. Correct cleaning frequency

You should not wash your hair too much at ordinary times. Excessive washing will also hurt your scalp, while drying your hair. You can usually wash it once or twice a week.

5. Select the shampoo without sulfuric acid

You should pay attention to the use of sulfate containing shampoo when shampooing. Anhui causes water loss in hair and scalp. You can use sulfate free shampoo containing some nutrient oil.

6. Avoid excessive use of hair gel

You should reduce the use of hair gel in your daily life. Moderate use will be better for your hair.

7. Choose a gel free wig

You can choose wigs to replace hair gel for your styling, especially non gel wigs, which avoid the use of glue, and are easy to install and remove.

8. High quality hair conditioner

You can regularly use high-quality hair conditioner to maintain your hair and keep it hydrated and nutritious.

9. Intensive care

You can spend some money to go to some hair salons regularly for in-depth care, which can provide professional and in-depth care for your hair, and the effect is better. At the same time, you can also consult and listen to some professional hair care professionals for the correct guidance of your hair.

Why choose a glueless wig?

Glueless wigs are installed quickly, and you can easily shape all kinds of hair without using hair gel. Moreover, glue-free wigs are breathable and comfortable, which can make your natural hair breathe freely and grow better. And you can install this wig without glue, which is very safe and healthy for your scalp and hairline. Meanwhile, high-quality glueless wigs are made of human hair, which can make your hair look very natural, just like your own hair.

Types of gluelesss wigs

Glueless wigs have many types you can choose. There are headband wigs, U-part wigs, V-part wigs, and glueless lace front wigs and so on in different colors, hairstyles and lengths. You can check all the wigs in our hair shop as well. They are all made by 100% human virgin hair, and you can wear them without glue. You can buy other lace front wigs or hair weaves in high quality 10A in our hair shop as well.

Popular styles of glueless wigs in our hair shop

1. Jerry Curly U Part Wig Glueless Cheap Human Hair Wigs for Women

Jerry Curly U Part Wig

This is a U-part wig with jerry curly hairstyle. There is an open U-part in the front of wig cap, through which you can blend your natural hair with the hair of wigs. The wigs are non-lace and gluelesss. It can protect your scalp and skin well.

2. Glueless Loose Curl Short Wave Wig 13×4 Undetectable Human Hair Wig Side Part


This wig is glueless lace wig that you can wear this wig with/without glue. The hair style is loose curly with short wave hairstyle. And the style is side part which can make you more gorgeous. You must have a try.

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